11 Creative Ideas to Cure Cancer Naturally


Cancer is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases today. According to a recent research, in 2016, approximately 1,685,210 new cases of cancer were diagnosed only in the US and 595,690 died from the disease. American Cancer Society published a report that highlighted that the chances of getting cancer are now 1 in 2 for men, and 1 in 3 for women.

Almost 5 decades have passed since President Nixon declared a war against cancer in 1971. But even after spending tens of billions of dollars on cancer research, no permanent medical cure, particularly for the last stages of the disease, has been found till now. There seems to be no hope for a cancer patient, by orthodox means.

Yet, each individual has the choice to empower himself with knowledge about natural cancer cures. There are countless researches on holistic therapies that support the fact that cancer can be reversed using natural remedies. A holistic approach towards life that addresses the imbalances of the body, mind and spirit can veritably cure cancer.

Let us take a look at 11 of the most creative ideas that can be implemented in your lifestyle to help you cure cancer naturally.

1- Nutrition

Pure drinking water and a proper nutrition are essential to live a cancer free life. Your diet has a lot of impact on your treatment, hence, it is important to know which foods feed cancer cells and which ones help in its healing.

Refined sugar and flour, and processed foods should be eliminated from your diet completely. These foods are the perfect breeding ground for cancer cells to thrive on. Also, stay away from mucus forming foods like dairy products, junk food, soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and chlorine. Also, fluoride intake has also been linked with cancer growth.

Conversely, if you switch to a healthy diet that is full of nutrient-rich foods, it will increase your body’s healing processes, hence, helping it fight cancer efficiently. Some of the proven foods that help in fighting cancer cells include all kinds of green leafy vegetables, fruits, especially berries and grapes, ginger and garlic, turmeric, green tea, milk thistle tea, and many others. A diet that contains an abundance of unprocessed whole foods can help your body in many ways.

Thus, aim for a diet that is based on maximum intake of raw foods. This will help produce an alkaline environment in the patient’s body and will provide ample supply of enzymes to quicken the healing process.

2- Detox

Detox is a tried and tested way to remove toxins and metabolic wastes from the body. It is essential to eliminate processed foods and minimize the intake of environmental toxins to ensure a successful detoxification process. Look up ways to cleanse the kidneys, liver and colon to jumpstart the healing processes. There are a lot of detox ideas and methods available online that can help you do it properly.

3- Intermittent Fasting

Fasting can help release the toxic build-up in your body. Toxins can hinder the rejuvenation process, so it is crucial to cleanse your blood and liver through the process of fasting.

Intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits.  It maintains the blood sugar levels, promotes cellular repair and cures cancer.

4- Supplements

To fight cancer effectively, your body’s immune system needs to be strong. A healthy immune system will stop the growth of any harmful cells within the body. This is why, you should opt for a nutrient rich diet and introduce cancer fighting supplements in your daily routine that can strengthen your immune system. Chlorella, aloe vera, vitamin D and curcumin supplements have shown a promising effect on cancer patients.

5- Oxygen Therapy

A toxic body restricts oxygen supply to all the cells. Oxygen starvation within the cells leads to diseases, and research shows that cancer cells cease to grow when blood and tissue cells are sufficiently oxygenated.

A highly alkaline diet can help oxygenate your body. Other methods to increase oxygen supply in the blood are regular exercise, effective breathing techniques, drinking ample water and intravenous ozone therapies.

6- Natural Chemotherapy

There has been a surge in patients opting for natural and nontoxic ways to treat cancer over the years. According to many researches, amygdalin or vitamin B17, acts a natural chemotherapy in cancer, and destroys cancer cells without any side effects to the healthy cells.

Amygdalin occurs naturally in apple seeds, bitter almonds and apricot pits. It is even available in the form of oral supplements. Similarly, shark liver oil and melatonin are also considered to be effective for treating cancer.

7- Restful Sleep

Deep and restful sleep helps our bodies to rebuild, detoxify and heal. The liver works to break down carcinogensS during the deepest levels of sleep. Similarly, melatonin is a hormone that is excreted in our body while sleeping which helps fight cancer.

There are countless benefits of a restful sleep. A healthy sleep cycle will ensure that your body is not compromising on any healing efforts that will help in cancer remission.

8- Ample Sunlight Exposure

Research shows that vitamin D helps in fighting cancer, and the best source of this is sunlight. Try to get adequate exposure of sunlight, especially during early morning or late afternoon hours.

9- Regular Exercise

Try to incorporate light exercise in your daily routine. Exercise helps in elimination of toxins and also provides increased oxygen supply to the body – both of which are necessary to beat cancer cells. Besides benefiting the body, exercise also refreshes the mind by releasing endorphins. It can help overcome depression and anxiety and help you achieve a positive outlook on life.

10- Positive Attitude

To embark on the journey of restored health, you need to develop a positive attitude towards life. A positive mindset can only be achieved if you become proactive in your cancer surviving research. Look for books or websites that offer alternative cancer therapies. Moreover, nothing can beat an empowered mind. Take inspiration from success stories written by cancer survivors. These stories can be a great source of encouragement, and spark hope, which is essential to beat cancer successfully.

11- Spiritual Healing

Spirituality is an often-overlooked aspect in healing strategies. A holistic approach towards healing includes your body, mind and soul. Try to achieve inner peace by resolving conflicts, loving and forgiving. Let go of toxic emotions like anger, bitterness and fear. Spiritual cleansing can be achieved through a variety of ways like meditation, prayer and affirmations, etc. Choose something that makes you happy and do it regularly.


If you have decided to take an alternative cancer therapy, try to follow a holistic lifestyle. Incorporate healthy foods and beverages and an overall positive lifestyle. As compared to conventional treatments, the above-mentioned strategies will show a lot more benefits to seep into all aspects of your life. A holistic environment that supports physical, emotional and spiritual healing will simply not support cancer.

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