3 Unique Benefits of Using CBD Oil – Know About the Side Effects as Well

Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Nowadays, cannabidiol or CBD is considered to be a very popular and organic remedy for many of the physical and psychological ailments. CBD is one of the 104 compounds categorized as cannabinoids, which are extracted from the cannabis or the marijuana plant (Cannabis sativa). Another major cannabinoid that is extracted from cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which has psychoactive properties to give the users a ‘high’ sensation as like usage of marijuana. However, CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC.

Not being psychoactive makes CBD a highly appealing choice for those who suffer from pain to get considerable relief without any cognitive effects like marijuana of other psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs. CBD oil is considered to be the most affordable and popular format of this compound made from the CBD extract from the cannabis plant. The extract is diluted in a carrier oil as the hemp seed oil or the coconut oil.

Usage of CBD oil

Using CBD oil for various ailments is largely gaining in momentum in the healthcare sector, and there are a lot of scientific studies also confirming the effectiveness of this product in treating a wide range of physical and mental conditions like arthritis pain to anxiety disorders. Further, we will discuss the major health benefits of using CBD oil, which is backed with scientific evidence.

  1. Relieving pain

Marijuana had been used in pain relief from ancient times onwards, and there is evidence for its use back from 2900 BC on. Recently, scientists also discovered that many components in marijuana as CBD are responsible for its pain-relieving properties. The human body consists of a unique system named as the ECS (endocannabinoid system), which is responsible for regulating various functions like appetite, sleep, pain, immune responses, etc. Our body has the capacity to produce endocannabinoids, which act as neurotransmitters to bind the cannabinoid to the receptors in the nervous system.

Researches show that CBD has a positive impact on reducing chronic pain and also impacts the receptor activity of endocannabinoid, which can further reduce inflammation and also interact with the neurotransmitters. A sample study done on rats had shown that the CBD injections helped to reduce pain response to the surgical incisions made while another study had also shown that oral CBD could significantly help reduce the sciatica pain and inflammation.

Various studies conducted as described at renasorganic.com/what-is-cbd also found that a balanced combination of THC and CBD is effective in pain treatment in case of arthritis and multiple sclerosis etc. There are oral CBD sprays available now, which are also a combination of THC with CBD to treat pain related to MS. Another study conducted on 47 individuals who have multiple sclerosis, the ones who were treated with oral CBD showed a significant improvement in their gait, pain, muscle spasms, etc. in comparison to the placebo group. Another random study also showed that CBD also helped reduce pain during movements, pain during rest, and also help improve the sleep quality of people with arthritis.

  1. Treating anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety are very common mental health issues nowadays, and people are affected by various consequences of these in their daily life. Having these chronically will have a devastating impact on the well-being of human beings. According to WHO statistics, depression is the single biggest contributor to disability globally while anxiety disorders are also there on the top 10 disability rankings.

Usually, psychiatrists treat depression and anxiety with pharmaceutical medications; however, these may have further side effects like agitation, behavioral disorders, drowsiness, insomnia, sexual debility, headache, etc. Medications like benzodiazepines may also be addictive and further can lead to other substance abuse too.

On the other hand, CBD oil had shown some promising results in the treatment of anxiety and depression in affected persons. It helps many of them to live a normal life through this natural compound and also without any severe side effects. In a study conducted on a group of individuals with anxiety disorder receiving 600 mg of CBD oil and another group receiving placebo before a stage speech:

CBD oil has been used very safely to treat the insomnia symptoms also in children having PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). CBD also had shown reassuring antidepressant effects ins studies conducted on many animal species too.

All these qualities are linked to the ability of CBD do act on the motor neuron receptors producing serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter regulating the social behavior and mood of individuals.

  1. Positive impact on cancer treatment

CBD can also help reduce the symptoms of cancer, even though it is not fully proven. However, it is known that CBD can control the cancer-related side effects like vomiting, nausea, pain, etc. One study to evaluate the CBD and THC effects in a group of cancer affected patients who were not experiencing any relief from the pharmaceutical pain medicines showed that those who used the consisting of both these compounds had significant pain reduction compared to others.

CBD also has proven benefits in reducing chemotherapy-related symptoms like vomiting and nausea, which is most common among those who receive continuous chemo bouts. Even though there are drugs which help with these symptoms, many of them are ineffective in most of the people and also lead to some sort of other side effects. So, for those who are seeking for alternatives for these, CBD can be an ideal choice.

Many of the studies conducted on animal and test-tube experiments have shown that CBD has some anticancer properties. Say, for example, a test-tube study conducted had shown that concentrated CBD further killed the cancer cells extracted from human breast cancer sites. Another similar study had shown that CBD inhibited the aggressive spread of cancer cells in mice. However, there are only limited studies conducted on human cancer cells to date with CBD, so we may have to wait for more time to ensure its effectiveness in human cancer treatment before making any solid suggestions.

CBD also has proven effects in reducing acne-related symptoms and also found very effective in treating arthritis pain in older adults etc. More researches are being run all across the globe to unveil the magical effects of CBD in the treatments of various other ailments too.

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Alisa Wu is a health and fitness writer and works at Cusabio, a biotech company that serves the field of life sciences research and offers protein production service. She shares articles on how to live healthier.


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