5 Things That Could Be Interfering With Your Fitness

Interfering fitness

Although most of us strive for physical fitness and self-improvement, only a few are disciplined enough to do they are supposed to do and avoid the things they are supposed to avoid. The journey towards physical fitness is full of hindrances, some of which are self-inflicted.

In order to get the most out of your fitness regime, you need to evaluate yourself and come up with a list of the things that can interfere with your fitness. A big part of a fitness plan entails making some adjustments to your daily routine.

Here are five things that could be interfering with your fitness:


Alcohol is one of the first things many people turn to when they want to unwind. But did you know that alcohol use has adverse effects on almost all aspects of fitness? It is very difficult to stick to a strict workout program and indulge in alcohol at the same time. In fact, alcohol doesn’t just hurt a workout, it kills. Alcohol inhibits athletic performance and muscle growth. At the same time, alcohol is high on calories that contribute tremendously to weight gain.

A few months ago, Dr. Sanjay Gupta wrote an article in “Time” magazine in which he explained that although there are some benefits that can be derived from moderate drinking, excessive consumption of alcohol is a huge barrier to overall fitness. Moderation is vital if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.


Everyone knows the dangers of exercising too little and eating too much. But still, sometimes the mere thought of getting up to exercise can leave us offering all sorts of excuses. There are several things you can do to make it easier for you to get moving.

Setting realistic expectations is important. If your goals are too high, you are likely to give up very quickly. Start small and then increase your exercise level as you move along. Eventually, you will find yourself doing a lot more without feeling too worn out.

Lack of Confidence

Being too self-conscious can make you feel too uncomfortable to exercise around other people. It is important to always be aware of why you are exercising in the first place. You are not just improving your physical appearance but your cardiovascular health as well. Pat yourself on the back for putting your health first.

If you are uncomfortable exercising with other people, an exercise video offers a great solution. You can also invest in a treadmill, stationary bicycle or any other equipment that you can use within the confines of your house.

Busy Schedule

Sometimes, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. But with a little creativity, it is possible to squeeze some time out of your busy schedule for exercise. For example, walking for 15 minutes several times in a day can benefit you tremendously.

You can also choose to walk more and drive less if your circumstances allow. Getting up a little earlier is another way of creating some time for exercise.


A workout plan that is too repetitive can easily make you weary, especially if you are doing it alone. The best way to avoid getting bored is to vary your routine. You can do this by rotating among different activities such as walking, cycling and swimming: https://hottub.net/top-ratings-whirlpool-baths-reviews-best-outdoor-spas-hot-tubs-for-2-people/

You can also join forces with friends or neighbors. You will definitely get some encouragement while also enjoying the camaraderie.

In summary

Fitness contributes highly to overall wellness. That is why it is important to find the barriers that can hinder you from getting fit and come up with ways to get around them. With discipline and commitment, you can overcome any obstacles and make progress in your fitness journey.

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Trevor is a freelance writer and recovering addict & alcoholic who's been clean and sober for over 5 years. Since his recovery began, he has enjoyed using his talent for words to help spread treatment resources, addiction awareness, and general health knowledge. In his free time, you can find him working with recovering addicts or outside enjoying any type of fitness activity imaginable.


  1. I work nine hours a day and spend another four hours on the road getting to and fro work. And so I get lazy to wake up a little extra early in the morning or do some workout at night. Do you have exercises to recommend for people like me? Keep up the good work!


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