8 Most Common Adverse Effects of Over Exercising on Health

Over excercising-Photo by Victor Freitas
Over excercising-Photo by Victor Freitas

We all know that exercise has myriad benefits on human health. Its importance multiplies even more in the current era because the sedentary lifestyle has become the norm of our time. Therefore, many workout enthusiasts spend a lot of time and money, hitting the gym, or looking for the best home personal trainer.

But, excess of everything is terrible. That goes for the exercise as well because many people develop an elaborate compulsion to exercise beyond the requirement. As a result, they develop various medical conditions, and eight of the most common ones we´ll discuss below.

Performance Downfall:

Over-exercising can lead to a downfall in performance, especially while doing cardiovascular exercises. For example, if you feel that your stamina has dipped in routines. Activities such as cycling, running, and swimming, then it is a clear indication that your body is being pushed too hard and needs a rest.

Deterioration of mental health:

If you are carrying a tired body for days, then your mind is going to get adversely affected as well. You will develop mental health issues like grumpiness, mood swings, and focus issues. According to recent studies, people who exercise for more than 7.5 to 8 hours a week are more likely to develop illnesses. Specifically, anxiety and depression due to chronic exhaustion.

Disruptive sleep:

A session of workout can put you into a merry sleep. Over-exercising will strain your body so much. You will keep on tossing in your bed at night due to restlessness. As a result, disruptive sleep will further strain your body and burn you out.

Constant pains:

Exercise is meant to increase your agility and flexibility. Not to develop continuous strains on various pressure points of your body. Over-exercising will lead to muscle soreness and joint aches. That will not only make you cranky but will also hamper your daily routine activities.

Excessive load training puts immense pressure on your joints and can cause frequent joint injuries. In extreme cases, this constant battering of joints may also lead to severe medical conditions like arthritis.

Exacerbates Hernia:

A hernia is an incredibly painful condition in which a part of the upper stomach pushes through the muscles. It is quite tricky to treat as several medicinal botch ups have led to Lawsuits over Ethicon Physiomesh, which was once a validated treatment for hernia patients.

Many studies have stated that exercise can alleviate the effects of hernia, but there are some common abdominal exercises like sit-ups, squats, and push-ups that must be avoided because they exacerbate hernia.

Malfunctioning kidneys:

Over-exercising can lead to a condition called rhabdomyolysis, which is indicated by dark reddish urine. It happens because muscle tissues damaged due to excessive pressure release substances that leak into the blood and mess up the functioning of kidneys

Over excercising-Photo by Victor Freitas

Now that you know about the adverse effects of over-exercising and understand that exercise is fruitful only in the right proportion, it is time to develop a healthy workout routine and reap all the benefits associated with exercise.

Heart Issues:

It may not sound right because all we know is that exercise reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. But, those with existing heart issues must stay away from overdoing exercises because they can stress their heart unhealthily. Moreover, it is reported by a recent study that those people who do aerobic exercises five times a week are likely to develop arrhythmia in old age.

High heart rate:

Your body develops a high resting heart rate because excessive exercise puts a tremendous amount of stress on it. Therefore, if you have a high resting heart rate, tone down your workout routine and give your body some rest.



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