9 Therapeutic Ways To Speed Up DOMS Recovery

Red led lights
Red led lights

We all know how it can strain your muscles when you work out after some time, or you pick up a new move that your muscles aren’t used to, or even doing some normal activity like helping a friend move, or play a sudden football game can lead to high levels of muscle soreness.

Now some of us would like to go through the pain the old fashioned way and just bear with it, however, if you wish to recover even faster, then it can be done quite quickly. Simply follow the below instructions and you will be all set.

Light Therapy

If you have been living outside of a cave or a rock, then you may have heard of light therapy. Light therapy is the new fitness trend in town, and it works as well. Plus, the lights come big and hefty, so some might find it cool. Now, light therapy has many variants. Basically, different lights come with differing effects.

For instance, red light therapy will speed up your recovery. In contrast, the green light has a tranquilizing effect on you, which is anti-inflammatory as well.

Red light therapy is the one you are looking for as it comes with a robust set of properties. It will help you recover fast, improve hair growth in androgenic alopecia, reduce the effects of psoriasis lesions, and much more.

Water Therapy

Water Therapy involves drinking around 5 glasses of water when you wake up, and some more water throughout the day. It will help you by driving up your metabolism, which means your muscles will have increased blood flow. So you will feel less pain and will recover fast as well.

Plus, drinking water can only be good. Another form of hydrotherapy you can turn to is warm baths, which significantly speeds up the healing/recovery period.

Pro Tip: Get Epsom Salt Baths for the best experience.


Acupuncture is an alternative technique, which is a critical part of traditional Chinese medicine where you take small needles. As the name suggests, you puncture them into the skin, in critical points of the body, which is said to hold many health benefits, among which is the relief of muscle soreness.

A lot of people question the authenticity of acupuncture, so there’s no need to worry as it works, and it has gained world recognition. Plus, it’s perfectly safe


A sauna is basically a room heated with steam. The room will make you sweat a lot, and it’s designed to be occupied by multiple people.

So the mechanism of sauna and how it helps to reduce pain is simply by flushing out toxins from your system, through the sweat. Plus, the increased metabolism helps ease the pain through increased blood circulation.


I have heard this before by many individuals, that the healing process can be accelerated through meditation.

According to this research here, meditation increases the brain activity of the region that controls the sensation of pain. In another study, they also found that people who meditate experience reduced chronic pain.

Meditation will also bring mindfulness and clarity in users, which too helps with pain and faster recovery, amongst many other great health benefits.


Massages are one of those few limited sources of bodily pleasure that can get addictive. However, there are times when we are in actual need of it. Massages can work wonders, from relieving stress to relieving pain.

By applying blunt force to your muscles, you are relaxing them as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine levels in your system skyrockets. One could say that massages can be addictive.


This may seem unconventional at first, but trust me, walking can be a healing process at times. For starters, walking signals your brain to release endorphins, which is basically a natural painkiller produced and supplied by your body, to your body.

There is also the fact that walking can have meditation like traits. For instance, walking will open up the mind, help it refresh, and then eliminate your stress. Not to mention how you get added confidence with decreasing body fat.

Increase Protein Intake

When it comes to working out, it always seems to involve protein. And that’s great, as protein is the building block of our bodies, so protein will help fight off all bodily pain by increasing the rate at which protein synthesis progresses.

You need surplus protein to start building muscle tissues so you can recover from the delayed onset muscle soreness faster.

Wear Compressions

This may come new to some, but wearing compressors can help manage the pain of DOMS better. This is again because the tightly fitted compression suit will constrict your veins to some extent to intensify the blood flow.

So the higher your blood circulation rate is, the higher your chances of making a speedy recovery. The increased blood flow will automatically help with the pain, as blood gets pumped and channeled throughout the entire system, ensuring a quick recovery.

The Verdict

Muscle soreness isn’t that serious unless, of course, the said soreness is a byproduct of injury or an accident. Make sure to consult a full-fledged physician or contact the appropriate authorities if you think you have torn a tendon or be involved in an accident that has injured you.

So follow the above tips, and I’m positive you will be able to experience comfort before long, with this list alone.

Plus, most of these tips are super fun and enjoyable, so you should be able to do them all with ease.



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