What Are The Advantages Of Protein Supplements

advantages of protein supplements

What are the advantages of protein supplements? Protein is one of the three macronutrients required by the human body to maintain the physiological functions.

Proteins represent the essential macronutrients that are the foundation of muscle as it consists of amino acids. It is generally used among athletes responsible for muscle growth and enriching the tonicity of the muscles. 

Protein ingestion triggers the movement of amino acids into the muscle that helps in muscle protein synthesis. Several studies are available that claim different pros and cons for the protein supplements, and consumers can purchase these bulk nutrients online. The following are some of the advantages of protein supplements. 

Managing Body Weight 

Generally, some people consider that protein intake may increase overall body weight and increase body mass. But we now know that protein-rich food and supplements help us feel full for a longer duration of time.

This feeling of fullness reduces the size of the meal, and the frequency of meals also decreases. The reduction in food intake helps to manage body weight. And it can also help people to minimize body weight and maintain proper body posture through exercise. 

Muscle Growth  

Consuming protein is one of the most critical factors for muscle growth. Athletes consume protein through different sources, like protein shakes and direct protein supplements. Studies claim protein supplements have notable effects in enhancing strength and size of the body muscle in young people.

Some suggest that the results of protein supplements may reduce with age as the need for protein decreases. Somehow, the effectiveness of protein supplements is highly dependent on the total quantity consumed. If the body protein exceeds 1.6 gram/kg, the consumer may not experience additional benefits. 

Speedy Recovery To Muscles  

Other than helping the body to grow muscles, protein supplements help the body to repair and maintain body muscles and tissues. Athletes consume protein supplements for the speedy recovery of their muscle soreness.

Additional Nutrition

According to research studies, sportspeople and athletes going under intense workout and training sessions can benefit twice than the usual effectiveness of protein supplements. As discussed previously, more than 1.6 grams/kg; body protein does not provide any additional benefit. However, the training regimen can increase this number up to 2.01 grams/kg/day. 

The recommended daily consumption of protein should not exceed 46 grams in females over 19 years of age and 56 grams in males over 19 years of age. Heavy weight lifters, athletes, older adults, and people with severe illness may need to increase the general protein count. Some people may face difficulties in meeting these amounts of required protein.

Lowering Cholesterol 

In general, people assume that protein intake is one of the reasons for increasing total body cholesterol levels. According to a research publication, published in The British Journal of Nutrition, protein intake has a notable effect on overall body cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Protein intake decreases LDL cholesterol and Total Cholesterol in people who are overweight and have imbalanced insulin levels (helps maintain body insulin levels). 

Blood Pressure And Cardiovascular Disease

One of the research studies published in the International Dairy Journal claims that protein supplements intake helps to prevent hypertension or hypotension. It also helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. 


Asthma is a condition where the breathing mechanism is disturbed, and the lungs do not acquire sufficient oxygen. The airways swell, and the body enhances mucus production. This secretion directly triggers the body and affects the lungs that cause coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition suggests that protein supplements enhance the immune response of the human body that helps to subside the effects of Asthma. The research suggests that 10-gram protein can improve immune response if taken twice daily.

Antioxidant Defense Mechanism

Anti-oxidants are the substances that act and react against the oxidation happening in the body, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and reducing the chances of oxidative stress. One of the significant natural antioxidants is glutathione that helps us to counter the effects of oxidants developing the body.

Glutathione production is highly dependent on other amino acids, such as cysteine, for which supplements are used to fulfill the needs of the body. A significant number of studies claim that protein supplements help in reducing stress and enhance glutathione levels in the body. 

Advantages Of Protein Powder – Conclusion 

Several studies and research publications have demonstrated the benefits and advantages of taking protein powder or supplements. These benefits are not only restricted to athletes for post-exercise metabolism. They also help the general public, including older people.

Noteworthy effects have been achieved in evidence-based research and published in several research journals. These portray the correct image of protein supplements.  

There are many sources through which protein intake can be improved and enhanced, but the most common source of protein intake is through protein supplements.



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