To those who like to try innovative workouts: we present the bar method online

Bar method online-Photo by Sule-Makaroglu
Bar method online-Photo by Sule-Makaroglu

Fitness trends are constantly changing, giving us fresh alternatives to check out and maybe practice for many years to come. For instance, this last decade has brought us different training methods such as CrossFit (which became very popular in recent years), Zumba, and many more. Moreover, all these alternatives are even available remotely, either from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. In other words, nowadays you can train whenever and wherever you want!

On the other hand, you may be one of those persons who get bored effortlessly when it comes to traditional training methods. And we refer to people who prefer dancing lessons over weight lifting, classic cardio activities, etc. Well, guess what? The bar method is the ideal combination of a broad range of traditional and dancing methods to get in shape. It sounds astonishing, right?

The bar method is a perfect mix of ballet and muscle toning up

Of course, having a combination like that can sound a little bit odd to you. But the bar method consists of implementing ballet techniques/moves together with flexibility activities such as yoga or Pilates. Moreover, weight lifting is also a part of its sessions, and the incredible thing about it is that it only lasts 60 minutes at the most. On the other hand, you will not believe how effective it is to shape your body like never before.

As surprising as it may sound, it is only a low-impact training routine, as the bar method divides its sessions into four parts. In the case of the first stage, your trainer makes you exercise the upper part of your body for 10 minutes. Secondly, the focus moves to your thigh for 15 minutes, to later dedicate another 15 to feet work. In the end, the session finishes with 15 minutes of core workouts. Do not get the calculator; you have trained for 55 minutes. In other words, you have not even spend an hour of your day! And trust us, you have done a lot.

Reasons why many women opt for the bar method online

Ok, how many of you have dreamed or fantasized about becoming a ballet dancer? That may be the central motivation for many people who started to train using the bar method. What is more, lots of practitioners and fitness fans have reported that their bodies have radically changed. They lost weight, perfected their posture, and even have been feeling increasingly energetic.

And for those girls who are afraid of getting a bulky body, do not worry; the bar method even makes your muscles longer and leaner. Regarding its online availability, it makes it perfect for those passionate adepts of physical wellness who enjoy the flexibility of training in multiple places at any hours. Moreover, it is notably right for travelers and busy people. You can access your bar method’s training routine online in the blink of an eye!

What is the structure of a bar method training session?

As we mentioned before, the class divides into four modules. On the other hand, the exercises consist of three types of working out: interval training, burning of calories, and muscular mass shaping. Thus, your body will go through a whole process of cardiovascular and muscular conditioning.

During HIT or interval training, your instructor will make you carry out movements of high intensity followed by stretching. As regards the burning of calories, thanks to this previous training, the bar method helps you get rid of those extra pounds that have been annoying you. Moreover, the isometric workout included in it is excellent to shape your abs, arms, glutes, and of course, thighs.


The bar method online is astonishing, and you should give it a try

After starting to take part in sessions of this physical activity, you will realize how mixing routines of ballet bar and other practices can be the ideal option for you. Besides, plenty of studios offer a first try free of charge so you will see the basics of this training. Hence, you will not have to pay for the whole course if you do not feel comfortable.

Please remember: On many occasions, it is a matter of how trainers motivate you, among other things. Having all these factors in mind, what are you waiting to start training with the bar method?

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