Bathmate Pump – The Most Effective Way to Enlarge Your Penis Length and Girth

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A penis pump can help you if you have trouble maintaining your erection while having sexual intercourse. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction and it is one of the main cause of high divorce rate in United States of America. Older men and people who had a prostrate surgery are the usual victim of this condition. A penis pump is an effective way to fight this condition if other treatments like medications and supplements fail and it has no side effects.

Bathmate and HydroPump penis pumps are specifically designed to increase the size of your penis. It consists of a tube which is made of plastic, a battery or a hand powered pump which is connected to the plastic tube, and a band or a constriction ring which fits around the bottom of an erect penis. A penis pump is also known as a vacuum constriction device or a vacuum pump.

Using the best penis pump has its own advantages. Firstly, as we have already mentioned, it has no side effects. Secondly, using a penis pump is very simple. With a little bit of practice, anybody can use it. Thirdly, using a penis pump is a very cost-effective way to enlarge the size of your penis. Surgeries and medications for penis enlargement are usually costly and has a lot of side effects.

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What is a Bathmate or HydroPump?

Bathmate/HydroPump offers unique male enhancement devices like penis pump for penis enlargement. The state of the art designs of Bathmate products makes them unique and effective. Bathmate/HydroPump is the first company to introduce hydro penis pump in the market. As soon as the product was launched, the world of male enhancement embraced it as it was effective in increasing the size of the penis both length and girth.

To accommodate larger size penises, HydroPump later introduced Goliath and Hydromax X30. The latest addition to the Bathmate penis enhancer pump series is Hydromax X40. In the future you can expect more efficient penis increasers from Bathmate/HydroPump.

What Are the Various Models of Penis Pump Offered by Bathmate?

Bathmate has been in the market for years and mainly has 5 varieties: Bathmate Hercules, Bathmate Goliath, Bathmate HydroMax X30, Bathmate and HydroMax X40. If you search for reviews and feedbacks for Bathmate products, very rarely you will find any negative comment. This implies that Bathmate actually works when it comes to penis enlargement. Hydropumps from Bathmate are water assisted which is more effective than conventional air pumps.

The force which is generated by using water to create a vacuum is more effective for enlarging the girth and length of the penis. Moreover, it gives the user of the device a chance to comfortably relax while in shower or bath. Bathmate is helpful for developing the Corpora Cavernosa, making the penis grow stronger and larger. During erection, the blood vessels around your penis becomes tight due to increased blood flow. In the same way, Bathmate hydro pump helps you to achieve rock hard erection by drawing blood into the blood vessels.

The gaiter pumps are designed in a particular way to allow minimal and safe compression force. The results of using this device depends on person to person. The results depend on how often the penis pump is used. If you use the pump regularly, you will get noticeable results within thirty days.

Bathmate Pump Specifications and Models

The Hercules – It has the potential to increase the size of your penis up to 5 cm or 2 inches. If you use this enhancer, you can expect 40 percent increase in girth size. You will get noticeable results almost instantly. This device is helpful for achieving harder erection which lasts much longer. You can use it both in bath tub or shower. It is twice more effective than vacuum air pumps. People from adult industry use products made by Bathmate/HydroPump penis pumps. The Hercules is very light and only weighs around 250 gm. It is 296 mm long. You can increase your penis girth up to 46 mm and 200 mm in length. It generates maximum of 0.17 bar air vacuum and 0.40 bar water vacuum.

The Goliath – It has the potential to increase the length of your penis up to five inches. Just like Hercules, it is preferred by people from the adult industry. It is more effective than Hercules. The device weighs around 330 g. The length of the device is 350 mm. With this product, you can increase the girth size up to 65 mm and penis length up to 260 mm. It generates maximum of 0.17 bar air vacuum and 0.40 bar water vacuum.

The Hydromax Xtreme (X30 and X40) – It incorporates a soft-sealing bellows system and a full support comfort ring which provides reduced pressure and comfort for both penis and testicle area. It is very easy to clean the device since it is removable. It generates up to thirty-five percent more suction power. Its unique design and bellows penis pump system helps you to achieve better and faster results. It incorporates the latest Super Flow Latch System (SFLS) which means you can fill it by only using one hand. This helps in positioning of the pump. It includes a metric and imperial guidance scale so that you can measure the difference. The lower and upper areas of the tube are textured to ensure better control and grip.

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How to Use?

There are mainly three ways to use the hydro penis pump. You can use it in shower, bathtub or on air. However, we recommend that you avoid using it on air since it is not an efficient way.

To use it in a tub, first you have to fill your bath tub with warm water enough to cover your waist area when you are seated. Relax and bath for at least five minutes. This enables the area around your penis and testicles to become flexible and loose. Make sure you don’t use the penis pump during the relaxation period.

The five minutes relaxation period ensures maximum comfort while pumping. Engage in a bit of foreplay to loosen the penis before inserting it into the pump. After that, submerge the pump into water to fill it completely. Once the hydro pump gets full, insert your flaccid penis inside the pump while it is still submerged. Position the sealing ring carefully on the beveled area at the base of the testicles, By doing so your testicles will endure less pressure and the pump will get completely sealed against the pelvis region.

Also, ensure that the penis is positioned evenly inside the pump. Before pumping or compressing the Bathmate vacuum pump, hold the testicles back to make sure it is comfortable. Pump or push the Bathmate/HydroPump penis enlargers towards your pelvis for a couple of times to increase the pressure inside the pump. The excess water gets released onto the pressure valve during pumping. Usually, a vacuum is formed with four to five pumps or till there is no excess water to release. When you have reached this stage, we suggest that you relax since it states that optimum pressure is achieved.

When you feel the pressure has decreased, pump the device a few more times again to achieve optimum pressure. If you feel the pressure is too much, just press the pressure valve to release some of the pressure. After fifteen to twenty minutes, release the pressure by pressing the pressure valve. You can remove the pump while standing to see noticeable outcomes at once.

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Bathmate Before and After Results

bathmate-before-and-after-hydromax penis enhancer review
Real Results. Before and After Using Bathmate

bathmate-before-and-after-hydromax pumps- penis enlargement review

hydro max pumps- reviews- bathmate-before-and-after resultsbefore-and-after-using-bathmate-results and reviews

Does These Devices Actually Work?

HydroPump is an effective penis pump and there is no doubt about it. However, it is not possible to get noticeable gains overnight. Although you will notice an immediate growth in penis size after the first use, noticeable and real results can only be achieved after using it for a couple of months.

There are many users who have been successful in increasing .25 inches in penis length within a period of four months while some have gained around one inch in length in 1 year to 2 years, with regular pumping. In respect of girth, there are people who were able to increase the girth of their penis by .5 inch within four months to five months.

The Bathmate and HydroPump increase the size of your penis instantly and this gained sized can be used instantly. This implies that before having sexual intercourse, you can use the enhancer for penis enhancement. However, keep in mind that this increase in size is not permanent and to get substantial results you must use the pump on a daily basis.

Where to Buy?

For now, you can only purchase Bathmate and HydroPump through online: Official website.

Bathmate is the world’s #1 selling pump. It’s safer than air pumps and the most comfortable penis pump on the market. Plus, the Bathmate is so easy to use – simply use it while you go about your normal bathing routine. 

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To ensure that you are buying the original product, buy it from their official site. At present there is no coupon or discount code available but who knows, by the time you read this article and proceed to buy one, they may offer some discount. Bookmark the official page so you get time to time updates about the product and discounts.

Conclusion – Does Bathmate Work?

Now that you know the potential of Bathmate penis enlarger, how it works and the science behind it, it is time that you go ahead and buy one to successfully enlarge the size of your penis. Before using the device, determine what size you want to achieve and then work on it. We suggest that you put it in writing and place it somewhere visible and then work for it.

For prices and more information check out the official Bathmate website.

*Also read the full review of VigRX Oil – the topical male sexual enhancement.

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HydroMax Pump Summary & Overall Rating

HydroMax Pump Summary & Overall Rating












  • Only requires 15 minutes per session
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Provides immediate short-term results and permanent size increase with repeated use
  • Uses water instead of air for added efficiency, safety and comfort


  • Must be used on a daily basis
  • Requires a few months use for long-term benefits


  1. While the BathMate Pump didn’t make my penis huge (which I wasn’t expecting anyway) it did help it grow by almost 0.3 in the past 7 weeks so I am happy with that. I know I have to do this for at least a year to see some real progress so…











    I’ve managed to gain half an inch in the last 3 months so I’m very, very happy with this! I can’t believe it actually works. I don’t really believe all the hype surrounding these types of products and I’m very shocked to get these kinds of results so quickly. It’s like I’m a new guy, with better self esteem. I can now talk to any woman without feeling bad or ashamed because I know I’m not a “small penis guy” anymore.

  3. I almost got a divorce because of my problems in bed so I know how that feels… BathMate Pump wasn’t at the top of my list when I started looking for ways to fix my relationship with my wife. It was probably on spot 5 but it’s shown the best results so I’m going to continue using it for the foreseeable future. It took me a month to get to a decent level (considering where I had started) and now, after month 4, I feel much more confident and happy with my size and performance.











    I used The Hercules and was very pleased with the results I got. I managed to increase my penis size by 1.5 inches in a few short months. I wasn’t expecting it to grow this much this fast. And I didn’t even have to do much for it to get this way. I think I’m going to wait a few months and then use The Goliath and see what kind of increase I can get from it. I’m expecting great things from it.

  5. I was very skeptical any of these pumps would work but since I had nothing to lose except some money I said what the hell. Fast forward 1 month and after about 30 15-minutes sessions I was already on my way to 7 inches from the 6 I started at. Pretty sweet! 2 months in I was at 7.5 inches. 4 months in and I was at 7.8 and after 6 months I was at 8.1!!! This works if you stick to it!


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