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SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - SIMPLE BENEFITS - GREAT TASTE Crush GO!® BCAA's define what an amino product should be: simple. In a market of complex explosions and claims, our simple amino product sets a new flavor standard. We skip fake colors, stomach aches, chalky amino aftertaste, and fillers. 5G of high quality BCAA's for recovery and hydration 1G of Vitamin-C for an immune system jumpstart 1G of Carnitine for fat loss, endurance, and energy FLAVOR MATTERS Our job goes beyond making something taste good. Crush GO!® Aminos were flavored to the mark of approval by mom's, dad's, grandmas, and grandpas. Crush GO!® BCAA's taste great, period. They do NOT taste great for a supplement, and we're eager to put an end to that complacent attitude and challenge it regularly. Flavor matters, and we hear you loud and clear. Stack with Crush YOLO® Pre-Workout for 2 grams of total intra-workout Carnitine and 1.5 grams of total intra-workout Citrulline Malate. Why? Promote more fat loss, deliver more energy, create more bloodflow, experience bigger pumps, and help reduce muscle fatigue.* Suggested Use As a dietary supplement, mix each scoop of Crush GO!® BCAA's with 8-10oz. of water, varying the amount of water to achieve your desired flavor level. Consume during exercise on training days.

User reviews

I'm OBSESSED with Crush Go!, as is my husband. I have to slap him away from it with a fly swatter to keep him from making it disappear too quickly. Using these BCAAs definitely help me with both my recovery and endurance. Both flavors are delicious; I love the lemonberry most but citrus sunrise isn't as heavy of a flavor and more subtle if that's your preference. In the past I've tried About Time, Cellucor, and PE Science and the taste of Crush is far superior to other brands. Like I said, I gotta keep my husband in check to not use it all the time just to flavor water... and sometimes talk myself out of it as well.
So far this is the only BCAA mix I've tried that doesn't leave "floaty particles" when I mix it OR settle at the bottom of my bottle during my workouts. It's really smooth without any gritty texture, and the flavor isn't overwhelmingly strong like others I've tried. Tastes a bit like lemonade! Also the customer service of this seller is without a doubt the best I've ever experienced - quick replies, helpful, informative, and completely willing to work with you whatever your situation. Overall I'm definitely buying again and would recommend it to any first-time or experienced buyers.
Not sour! I expected this to have a sour flavor to it and it doesn't (in a good way!) It's sorta like a pink lemonade flavor without the tart. Love the taste and am soooo happy there isn't aspartame and a ton of ingredients in it. Also so happy there's a hefty amount of vitamin C in it as well - won't need to keep buying emergenC. This is not my first product bought from crush and definitely won't be my last. *Will update once I've been using it more consistently for the effect on my DOMS, but so far so good*
I bought the Lemonberry BCAAs and they are absolutely fantastic! I dilute them a bit more than the packaging says to and they taste absolutely delicious. It's also great that they contain Vitamin C, so they're good to have to boost my immune system, too. They're not gritty at all and have a great taste! I will for sure be purchasing again
I love Crush GO!! Great taste, and they really make me feel good. I've tried all the Crush flavors and Lemonberry is by far my favorite. I'm not too into preworkout - I'm already too hyper as it is - but GO! is a daily staple in my life as a gym owner!Packaging and delivery was great - got it in two days safe & undamaged. In the past I've gotten packages in boxes wayyy to big but this one was just the right size for the small(ish) item.All in all great company and great product!
Crush Go! has helped quite a lot after my workouts. I take it right after exercise and it's improved my recovery considerably. Also, Lemonberry tastes really good and doesn't leave any weird aftertaste. It's easy to mix and kind of reminds me of fruit punch! I might try Citrus Sunrise next, can't go wrong with any Crush flavor! 😀
These BCAA's are great! I was fairly new to taking supplements when I tried these, but the flavor is incredible and you don't even really need a shaker because they blend so well. I've noticed that I recover faster from workouts and am making great progress. I have these both in Lemonberry and Citrus Sunrise and you can't go wrong with either flavor!! I will definitely be using these from now on.

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