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Shilajit seeps from crevasses in the Himalayan Mountains and is traditionally used in the ancient Indian medicine practice known as Ayurveda.; In its raw form, Shilajit is a black / brown tar–like liquid, composed almost entirely of trace minerals, humic and fulvic acid. Our powder extract supplement is much easier to handle than any resin you may find. Buy in bulk and enjoy all year long.; Found in rocks at high altitudes in Himalaya and delivered to the USA, Shilajit is known to improve lipid health. Studies have shown a significant decrease in lipid peroxidation.; Used for its super healing abilities. Shilajit has been shown to actively raise HDL Cholesterol (good), and lower LDL Cholesterol (bad). This is essential in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.; Shilajit is a great testosterone booster! Known to improve virility by increasing follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) by over 9%. Put it to the test and watch your sex drive skyrocket. We are so confident that you'll love our product, that if you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will give you a no questions asked full refund at any time you decide. Place Your Order Now

User reviews

I have only been taking this now for 2 days. I like it so much that Ive already ordered another package. The only way I know how to describe it is that it makes me feel like sweet angel babies are giving me forehead kisses. I did some research on shilajit, and don't remember seeing anything about its effects on anxiety, but I think that is what it is helping me with the most, and the fact that it helped so much upon first use blows my mind. It is an off switch for my OCD, apparently. I have loads of energy, but not a cracked out hyped up energy. A super mellow, happy energy. I have chronic pain that may only slightly dull sometimes. Right now it is so minimal, that I think the last time I felt this pain free I was in high school. I'm almost scared to feel this good about a product so quickly. But my mood, lack of pain, and energy level speak for themselves. This stuff is a winner in my book!
Have you ever licked an orangutans arse? Me neither, but I imagine this taste about the same. I am not so darn easily offended by bad or odd tastes. I like truffles, deer, stinky cheeses, mutton even. This stuff is a challenge to get down. Deep and musky does not even begin to describe it.I do take it daily, not sure I will reorder since I've not noticed any real difference. It is supposed to be good for you, and perhaps it is? I ordered 2 at the same time and they both taste about the same, this one is lighter in color (the other is Sunfood brand is darker) supposedly the darker is more prized? This I do not know. I take it with triphala, and pine bark at the same time to get all the not so tasty things out of the way quickly. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to notice a great difference, wish I had.Update: one star added for totally awesome customer service! I do use other bulk powers and will certainly check out WHC next time I need to order more.And I did find a better way to take it that masks the flavor/ smell. I put it into a cup add about 1 TB of cream and stir (this does not totally dissolve, just give it a whirl) then add about the same of hot water and stir again. It will be mostly dissolved and somehow the cream really masks the flavor and it is much easier to get down. But the taste is nothing to due with a bad product by any means, this stuff is just that way.
I have been using shilajit powder now for a few weeks.A friend happen to run across it for use in his garden and also for personal ingestion to provide fulvic acid and many trace minerals. There also is a long tradition of its use in Ayurveda medicine. I had heard about the importance of humic acids and wanted to try it.I like this powder form rather than the paste. Also, it is third-party tested for contaminants/heavy metals. Most economical. And great customer service.
The taste of this shilajit is better than any other kind I have had and it gives me great energy and focus power!
I was excited to discover Wholesale Health Connection 100% Pure Shilajit 12:1 Powder. I have been using Shilajit for 3 years now and have had amazing results. It makes me look and feel younger and more energetic. Wholesale Health Connection's Shilajit is tastier and the packaging is easy to access for my daily doses.
I just received it this morning, and put it in my shake. I have to say that I was surprised that it did not change the flavor because I had prepared myself for the worst. Keep in mind that 25g is not a lot of product, but I feel very comfortable ordering from WHC because of their Quality Guarantee so I am willing to pay for the small amount.
So far this is only the second shilajit product i’ve worked with in my life, deviating from purblack mineral pitch to experiment with it in it’s extract form here. So far the consistency, flavor profile, and my reception of great certificates of analysis has me feeling confident about the nature and potency of this product. Only a day or two in so it’s a bit early to gauge how it stacks up in comparison, however from using it in my colonics the past couple of times i’ve felt a massive increase in their nutritive potential. Will follow back with more details as they develop

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