BrainPill Brain Booster: Is It Really a Wonder Pill for Your Brain?


BrainPill is a type of nootropic supplements that are capable of improving memory and cognition. However, that’s not all, it also has a number of benefits that made a lot of users love this brain supplement even more.

One of which is that it could also help in processing the information quicker and it also has a positive effect on one’s cognitive thinking. Those who have tried it have claimed that it also cuts through the brain fog, allowing them to perform better, even when tired or under extreme pressure.

For most, these claims seem to be too good to be true, but a lot of people, even celebrities have attested to this. One of which is the 74-time Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings. He’s one of the famous celebrities who has been using BrainPill powerful brain booster for several months now and it has been helping him function to the fullest.

He also claims that before taking this brain enhancement supplement, he has been experiencing memory gap every now and then, but BrainPill brain-boosting supplement was able to bring back his brain power – just like when he was ten years younger.

brain pill review

On their official website, BrainPill mental enhancer also promises that it’s the best nootropic to date. It could help all parts of the brain to function to its fullest, and we are here to discuss what made this possible. So let’s read the BrainPill review.

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Brain Pill Nootropic Supplement Ingredients

BrainPill smart pill is comprised of the following ingredients that are proven to be all-natural:

Citicoline, or CPD-CHoline, is a water-soluble compound present in every cell of the body. Over the years, this has been praised by a lot of health experts because of its ability to provide exceptional brain nutrient. It also promises to protect the brain from deterioration brought by aging and the environment.

Synapsa. Synapsa is taken from the standardized extract of bacopa monneiri and it has been tested and observed in a number of clinical trials and experiments for more than a decade. Based on findings, it has the ability to improve one’s cognitive function, as well as mental performance. That means the user would be able to improve his learning rate, process information faster, reduce the tendencies of being forgetful, improve memory consolidation, and best of all, enjoy a remarkable improvement in multitasking. Thus, it’s perfect for both students and professionals.

Huperzine. Huperzine is taken from the club moss, and it has been considered as one of the essential ingredients in BrainPill smart drugs because it protects the brain’s functioning as it prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine – this is a neurotransmitter that improves mental alertness and it also plays a vital part in one’s memory.

Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine is taken from the periwinkle plant and it’s used to improve one’s memory and concentration. Aside from that, some of the benefits you can enjoy include dilation of the blood vessels, improvement of blood flow to the brain, better support on the functioning of red blood cells, lessened blood viscosity, and better energy production in the brain.

Gingko Biloba. Gingko Biloba is taken from the gingko tree and it has the ability to expand the blood vessels. This is very important when it comes to brain functioning because this allows better blood circulation to the brain, which means that the glucose and oxygen would be able to move and circulate flawlessly towards the brain. Aside from that, gingko biloba is also a very powerful antioxidant that fights against brain deterioration as well as muscle breakdown.

Vitamin B-12. B12 has been known for its ability when it comes to rejuvenating and improving the circulation of red blood cells to the nerves. It also helps in protecting the brain from shrinking due to aging.

Vitamin B6. According to health experts, Vitamin B6 helps in the production of the neurotransmitter, which is the chemical that allows the brain and nerve cells to communicate with each other.

DHA Complex. Aside from its main importance regarding the cell membranes, DHA also has another function when it comes to brain cells. Wherein, long-chain omega-3 encourages the growth and development of the fetal brain and the essence of DHA to one’s brain is a lifelong cycle – it’s needed as long as we’re breathing.

Phosphatidylserine. PS is derived from a substance known as lecithin and it is responsible for one’s concentration, mood, and short-term memory. Aside from that, it’s also what allows us to function to the fullest as we are doing our day-to-day activities because it supports the function of the neurotransmitters.

Tyrosine. Tyrosine is a type of amino acid that promotes dopamine production – which is very helpful when it comes to improving one’s focus. Additionally, based on research, soldiers who took tyrosine have exhibited better performance and greater stamina during strenuous activities even when they’re sleep deprived.

L-Theanine. This is another type of amino acid commonly present in green tea. There have been historical findings that consider this substance as a relaxing agent which also stimulates the brain waves – the same one that’s active during meditation.

Pantothenic Acid. Pantothenic acid is also known as Vitamin B5. It’s made up of two substances, the acyl carrier protein, and coenzyme A – both of which play an important part in supporting all the important neurotransmitter. Thus, it has gotten the name of “the memory chemical.”

Folic Acid. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Folic acid is important when it comes to proper brain functioning – this plays a very important role in both mental and emotional health.


Benefits You Can Enjoy From Taking BrainPill

  • Better working memory
  • Process information quicker
  • More focus
  • The ability to be mentally prepared for exams
  • The ability to be able to execute sound decisions
  • Perform at a high rate in both school and work
  • Say goodbye to brain fog
  • Eliminate stress
  • The ability to perform better even under pressure or fatigue
  • Learn new skills easily

Overall, it’s safe to say that the brain pill can be described as a miracle pill for the brain. It heals the brain in a number of ways, allowing you to perform better in almost everything you do.

Too good to be true? Well, there are even memory tests posted on the website that would help you determine if this is really the pill for you or not.

BrainPill Brain Booster Side Effects

Ultimately, despite the fact that it’s indeed the ‘wonder pill‘ for the brain, it still has its fair share of disadvantage.

For one, although it’s a very safe mental boosting supplement for the brain, and there aren’t any major side effects reported, if you have an allergy in one of its ingredients, you’ll probably feel something out of place as you take the drug.

Other than that, it’s completely safe. No doubt about that, as it’s made up of natural ingredients and not chemicals. The ingredients for this are approved by the FDA. In addition to that, this nootropic supplement has also met the standards set by the cGMP.

Though, just like with any other drug, it’s highly advisable to consult a medical practitioner first before you start taking it, to ensure that you wouldn’t be experiencing any negative side effects at all.

How to Use BrainPill Nootropic Supplement

To experience optimum results, it’s ideal to take one capsule upon waking up and one in the afternoon with a glass of water (8oz.). Likewise, don’t take more than 4 capsules within 24 hours or you’ll be experiencing some side effects.

Ideally, it should be taken with meals and if you’re under medication or has a history of allergy to certain drugs, it’s better to consult a health practitioner first.

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Brain Pill User Reviews

There are a lot of BrainPill reviews circulating online, and most of which are positive. These feedbacks encourage other people to give BrainPill memory booster a try, considering that it also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the results.

Then, there are those who also testified that with its list of natural ingredients, there’s no wonder that it really works. Some users even said that after taking this nootropic supplement they learning ability has improved dramatically.

Should You Really Be Using These Nootropic Pills?

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, more and more people are starting to praise this wonderful product; even famous celebrities! One of which is Ken Jennings. He has been taking BrainPill daily as it improves not only his memory but cognitive ability as well.

Perhaps, the only con about these nootropic pills is that it’s a little expensive, considering that you can buy nootropics for a lower price. However, if you are willing to spend and would love to see the positive effects it can bring to your body, it’s definitely worth trying.

BrainPill Mental Booster Video Reviews

BrainPill Review – Does it Really Work?

BrainPill Review – Ingredients & How Does it Work?

Where to Buy BrainPill Smart Drug 

BrainPill cognitive booster supplements can be bought from their website,

Ideally, you should only be transacting with the official website to avoid being scammed by online vendors, who would try to con you saying that their product has the lowest price there is.

So for cheaper deals, consider purchasing the smart pills from the manufacturer’s official website only.

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Review Conclusion – Does BrainPill Work?

To sum up the review – unlike other nootropic supplement and cognitive enhancer that have come and go, BrainPill smart drug is proud to say that it’s more than just a passing fad. It has gained a good reputation for a couple of years, due to the fact that it’s all-natural, safe, and effective.

Brain Pill working process directly affects the brain. The need to maintain long periods of concentration is the main reason why nootropic agents are gaining popularity.

People aspiring to increase their production levels or work for long hours are the main customers of this brain enhancing product. The brain handles and controls many tasks. When the brain power is lost, a stimulant can be used to boost its functioning. Brain Pill is among the best nootropic agents available on the market currently.

For athletes, students, and professionals who need a boost in energy, concentration, and focus, this is one of best nootropic supplements!

You can find prices and more info on the official website.


*As a final note, keep in mind that the best nootropic supplements, cognitive enhancers, brain boosters, biohacking pills, and smart pills are designed to provide maximum results in the long run. While you’ll receive the benefits in about a month or two, you’ll get permanent, long-lasting results if you take them in the recommended 3+ month time frame.

BrainPill Overall Rating and Review Summary













  • Good product recall
  • Extensive body of scientific research supporting effectiveness of ingredients
  • Bulk purchase discounts and savings
  • Expansive range of ingredients, including proprietary components


  • Only available online
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  1. I heard about BrainPill on Youtube and wanted too look into it more. I traced back here and I loved the info you gave. It was honest and not some silly sales pitch. I am going to maybe order some next week. I will have to see if there are any other options out there. Thanks!











    I am in my late 40’s and run a business and this pill has helped me a lot. At first, BrainPill made me feel uneasy and off but after a few days I was not forgetting things. I stopped having brain fog. I actually felt like I was able to think for myself! Highly recommend it!


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