Can Any Unpaid Medical Bill Impact Your Credit Score?

Unpaid Medical Bill

The rising cost of health care systems is a problem that many people are facing across the world. With the advent of new technology, the cost of health care has also gone up because implementing these technologies costs a lot of money. It is for this reason that a lot of people are not able to afford to get proper medical facilities and to access good health care systems. A lot of people have plenty of unpaid medical bills pending which results in them being under a lot of financial strains. This affects their personal life also and can affect their credit scores too which will prevent them from getting loans to help them fulfill their other aspirations too. In this article, you will be learning about whether credit scores would be affected by nonpayment or delay in paying off your medical bills.

Medical bills and Credit Scores

It is crucial to realize that your specific medical history will not be a part or a factor in how your credit reports stand out. However, if you have had any previously accrued medical debts which are unpaid, then it will go on to affect your present credit reports and also thereby your credit score.

In the event that you have left your medical bill completely unpaid, then that the medical service providing facility may go on to sell that debt to an external debt collecting agency. This agency will have the legal power and authority to go and report your account to the agencies that assess and makes the credit reports and credit scores. But the names of the doctors and the medical offices that made the initial complaint to the debt collecting agency will not be given away, and you will not be able to find out who made the first complaint at all.

If the credit report features the fact that you have got medical bills unpaid, then the medical collections might go on to stay on your report for a period of seven years starting from the first and initial date of delinquency, and this will go on to affect the credit scores that you get in a negative way. This process will be similar to any other type of collection amount which you may owe.

There are certain credit rating agencies which do not display the unpaid medical bills and collections on the credit report, but this is only in instances when the unpaid medical bills have not crossed the upper limit of a hundred and eighty days past their due date. This new grace period will be giving the individuals who have a medical debt at least six months to try and resolve their insurance and their billing problems and then make some arrangements to make the payments as quickly as possible or else their due balance would get reported to the credit reports.

Once you delay the payment of the medical bills for more than a period of six months, then the medical collections will go on to become featured on the credit reports. It is thus essential that you should find out ways and methods to arrange for funds so that you can repay and settle your medical debts as quickly as you can.

It is crucial to understand that you will not be getting any extra amount accumulated to your unpaid medical bills specifically, but if you were to take a new loan for repaying these amounts (medical bills), then you will be accruing interests on this new loan amount which you are required to pay up. It is this new loan amount which affects a lot of people and puts a lot of financial strains on their lives because being unable to repay this debt will put them in serious trouble.

Debt relief measures

You can avail a lot of debt relief measures to help you in repaying your unpaid medical bills. Debt relief measures include those like debt consolidation loans. Taking a debt consolidation loan is an extremely effective way to repay your medical debts. In these types of loans, you will be required to take a new loan which will help you to repay your previously unpaid debts. All these debts taken from different creditors for different purposes would be consolidated into a single loan amount which you will have to pay to a singular creditor, the debt consolidation loan providing agency in this case. The interest rate which you will have to pay will also comparatively quite lower when compared to the amount that you had to pay previously to the individual creditors. You can use this method to repay all your loans successfully.

There are other different debt relief measures available also, but a debt consolidation loan is by far the most popular method used by a lot of people.

If you want more information regarding the various ways and methods by which you can settle your debts and the various debt relief measures that you can make use of then it is important that you should visit and learn from the most professional and successful experts in the industry.


One of the most common problems that a lot of young and old people alike face these days is the number of rising debts that they have on their shoulders. These debts can come because of a lot of factors, and all of these add up to create plenty of problems on the individual. One of the most common reasons for which people fall into debt is because of unpaid medical debt and because of unpaid medical bills. The rising costs of health care systems all across the world have ensured that affordable health care facilities are out of reach for most people and hence, a lot of people have to take up loans to repay these bills. Unpaid medical bills can also affect their credit scores. You can take a debt consolidation loan to help you repay these loans. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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