Hypnosis And ED: Can Hypnosis Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Hypnosis Help Erectile Dysfunction?

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Most of us have heard about erectile dysfunction but did you know that there can be psychological causes that lead to ED? What is psychological ED and can hypnosis help erectile dysfunction? ED can be either caused by medical reasons or have psychological causes. How do you know which is which? It’s simple:

 If you can get an erection at any given time (when you sleep, masturbating, etc) but there are problems getting one before sex or during it then there’s a psychological cause behind it. 

When you’re struggling to perform in bed you might think you’re the only one but that’s not the case. ED is present in 50% of men of 40-70 years. If you’re a smoker are overweight and/or drink, you have a bigger risk of ED. 

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What is ED? And what are the physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction? 

ED is experienced when there isn’t sufficient blood flow to the penis so that it can stay erect for sustained penetration. Any condition that can affect blood flow can lead to ED: high blood pressure and cholesterol for example. Nerve disorders can also cause ED. Diabetes can also be a cause as are antidepressants. 

What are the psychological causes of ED?

Are you feeling ashamed about sex? Do you have one or more “bad” sexual experiences that you keep focusing on? Are you lacking intimacy with your partner? Are you very stressed (no matter the reasons)? 

All of these can lead to ED. And if you’d had ED once and you focus on it too much it can happen again and again just because you’re focusing on it. 

More and more doctors are recommending hypnosis as a way to cure ED. Whether it’s in person, with a licensed hypnotherapist, via video conferencing or via audio, hypnosis works for psychological ED. And even if there are some physical cause to your ED there may also be some psychological ones that you’re not aware of. So hypnosis can almost always help. 

How does hypnosis help ED?

Stop smoking. Back in 2006, a study done in Australia found that ED has a 27% bigger chance of happening in people who smoke. Quitting smoking is essential and hypnosis is one of the best ways to help do this. 

Hypnosis helps alleviate stress and feelings of anxiety. We’re all bombarded with stressful situations at work, at home, etc. The question is how do we manage stress? Hypnosis helps us manage it better so it doesn’t affect your sexual life. 

It helps you feel better about yourself. Are you feeling inadequate when you’re preparing to have sex (or during sex)? Do you lack self-confidence when it comes to sex? Low self esteem can lead to ED and with hypnotherapy you can find your insecurities and solve them, allowing you to live a much better sexual life. 

It helps with psychological issues or all sorts. Sometimes, because of psychological issues people start to over-eat, drink a lot or/and don’t want to exercise. A hypnotherapist is able to find the issues and tackle them so that you get back on track. Because of this, your libido will be increased and your erections stronger. 

It gets you to think about the present. Feeling like you might be judged on your performance while having sex? Feeling stressed you won’t be good enough? These feelings of anxiety will lead to ED and instead of feeling good about sex you’ll want to run away from it. Hypnosis will help you live in the now and be present without fearing anything. 

Conclusion: Can Hypnosis Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, hypnosis has been shown to help and even cure ED. Hypnosis is becoming more of an option for most people with ED and not only because people want a safer, non-medical option. They want something that works without the need for drugs. 


Can hypnotism help ED?

Yes. Hypnosis does help ED because there’s almost always at least one psychological cause behind it. 

How can I help my partner with erectile dysfunction?

Keep learning more about ED, how it manifests, what you can do, how it can be treated. Be there for him. Talk to him, offering your support. Let him know that you’re there and he shouldn’t feel judged or have any negative thoughts about this. Adjust your sex life so he becomes more confident and starts enjoying it (again). Make sure he sees a doctor and offer to go with him if needed. 

Can erectile dysfunction be cured permanently?

Some studies have found that in around 30% of the cases there were no signs of ED after 5 or more years. This number could be higher if more people would use hypnotherapy and stick with it until ED is cured. 

What is the best pill for erectile dysfunction?

You should not take any pills without a doctor specifically telling you this. And no matter what pills you end up taking we always recommend trying hypnosis as it always helps if not cures ED on its own. 

Can infidelity cause ED?

Unfortunately, yes. Infidelity is never easy and you should talk about it and try to make things work. In most cases, you will need to see a specialist that can guide you through this period. 

What is a natural alternative to Viagra? Is it good to take Viagra daily?

Viagra can be dangerous if taken in large amounts over an extended period of time – so don’t take it daily. Be very careful with it especially if you suffer from any cardiovascular affection. Again, a natural approach, without pills and with hypnosis is the best way to cure erectile dysfunction. 

Can Apple cider vinegar cure erectile dysfunction?

Apple cider vinegar can help treat some of the causes of ED but this doesn’t mean it can, on its own, cure erectile dysfunction. 

Are bananas good for ED?

Yes they are. Again, on their own, they won’t cure ED, but they do help. Bananas have plenty of potassium which helps the circulation and our heart. This in turn, helps with ED problems.  

Is coffee good for erectile dysfunction?

This is not certain. There are some studies that show this could be the case but it’s not certain whether or not coffee alone is good for ED. 

Can Ashwagandha cure erectile dysfunction?

Ashwagandha is known to help with sex life and ED by raising the level of testosterone but it doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction. 

Are Cucumbers Good for erectile dysfunction?

Cucumbers shouldn’t be disregarded when dealing with ED. They will help, but like any other single food, it can’t do wonders on its own. It should be combined with other foods and hypnosis so all the causes of the ED are addressed. 

Can Hypnosis Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes. It always helps. 

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