The importance of being a certified personal trainer: qualifications are indispensable

Certified personal trainer-Photo by Form
Certified personal trainer-Photo by Form

As has become evident in the last 20 years, an increasing number of people are becomingmore fit. Many people want to stay in shape and have the best image of themselves. On the other hand, some others have not been in good physical condition for many years or maybe ever. Therefore, they decided it is time to change what they see in the mirror. So, how well prepared are personal trainers to take care of these potential clients?

Being a certified personal trainer  is crucial if you want to expand your business and be trustworthy. Such activity has gained considerable weight in the work sphere. Besides, new professions such as athlete’s coaching, sports nutrition, and more emerged in recent years. Customers need proper assistance to help them safely reach their objectives.


How do personal trainers get their certifications?

To be able to access a certification program, any person has to be at least 18 years old and have completed his/her secondary education. Additionally, the future professional will have to acquire the required study material and take part in a small number of workshops and seminaries. Moreover, the person in question will have to sit an exam to get the qualification.

Why are study materials and workshops necessary? Because these are tools that instruct the student. Among the instruction fields, there is the development of training programs as well as nutrition and weight control. Also, the potential personal trainer will be able to evaluate his/her client’s health conditions and anatomy.


Where can personal trainers become specialists in what they do?

Many colleges and universities offer degrees in exercise science. In general, it is not essential to have a degree if you want to work as a personal fitness coach. But having such a level of education can undoubtedly give you more resources to progress and specialize in the future years of your professional growth.

Students of exercise science take lessons on subjects like human anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, and biomechanics. Furthermore, they also study potential body injuries, sports and sports psychology. Of course, exercise evaluation and configuration are also part of such an education program. Last but not least, apprentices can also take part in internships at rehab, sports, or training facilities.


But do not worry, you can also bea personal trainer without a degree

If you are looking forward to taking a university course, but you do not feel ready to take a degree, there are many options. Several universities offer certification programs via their Division of Continuing Education.

For sure, students who take part in these programs learn about many crucial subjects. Such subjects include anatomy and physiology. Also, the courses cover topics such as the assessment of health, legal, and safety issues, and students can also participate in internships.

Generally, certification programs last one or two semesters and include the option of sitting exams via a certifying organization.


Fitness certifications are the best way to show you are a professional

Good education sets the basis for excellent professional development by providing essential knowledge to be a great specialist. Some of the most popular and reliable certifications available are exceptional in their way, as each offers a different application framework.

Hence, some of the best qualifications you could ever obtain include at least five programs. Such programs —identified by their acronyms— include ACE, NASM, ACSM, NSCA, and ISSA certifications. As you can imagine, each covers a different focus of use, and the entities behind their development are prestigious.


Obtaining an ACE certification

Having a high position of respect and recognition, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) gives accreditation to thousands of physical trainers every year. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies accredits such certifications, which makes them ultimately professional. Moreover, the basis of such certification boosts your competences as a certified personal trainer and trains you to instruct a specific set of potential clients. There are many specializations you can choose besides getting a certification from ACE. Besides, the best part is that the grounds of this council consist of functional movement training and scientific investigation.


Consider NASM accreditations to become a certified personal trainer as well

NASM, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is another prestigious organism of physical wellness in America. Under its course for personal training certification, this academy includes a model called OPT (Optimum Performance Training) model.

As such, this system focuses its attention on five crucial concepts. Such notions are endurance of stabilization and strength, maximum strength, hypertrophy, and power. NASM also has its fundaments on historical, scientific research.

There are many plans to obtain NASM certifications, including standard and premium versions of the self-study method, a guided option and an all-inclusive option. The most popular one is the guided option.


The American College of Sports Medicine, an excellent choice

The ASCM has recognition due to its solid scientific basis and the broad scope of professionals that take part in it. Among such, there are expert coaches, physicians, athletic instructors, and more. Besides, the ASCM provides with a reputable certification of personal training that includes four key domains. According to these, an excellent personal trainer must consult and assess the client, program and implement exercises, and be a leader as well as an educator. Moreover, a professional trainer has to be aware of his/her legal and professional responsibilities.

The most important domain is the second one because it guides future experts in designing an efficient exercise program according to the customer’s medical history, objectives, lesions, preferred exercises, etc. Moreover, you will learn a lot about physiology, anatomy, exercise adjustments, and plenty of essential information to provide the best service.


The benefits of becoming a professional personal trainer

In short, there are different alternatives to get certifications. Each has different prices and durations. But with wisdom comes success, and it is worth both the time and the money spent. Certifications give trainers the power to enhance their products and services!

In case you have more doubts about certifications’ prices and duration, here is a link:




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