Benefits of In-Office Medication Dispensing for Your Patients

Dispensing medication-Photo by National-Cancer-Institute
Dispensing medication-Photo by National-Cancer-Institute

If you are looking to implement in-office medication dispensing, you’ve probably already familiarized yourself with the potential benefits to your practice. In-office dispensing can increase patient satisfaction and retention, but how? It is important to understand the benefits of in-office dispensing for your patients so that you know how these benefits will indirectly influence your practice in a positive way. Read on to find out more about the benefits to your patients of in-office dispensing.

Better Outcomes

Possibly the most important benefit of in-office dispensing for both physicians and patients is the increased likelihood of a better outcome for the patient’s condition. The better outcomes seen with in-office dispensing are mostly due to increased adherence to the physician’s plan of treatment. This is possible because the patients do not have to go out and get their medication from a pharmacy, which they may not end up doing. Instead, the patient gets the medication straight from the physician at the time of their appointment.

 Decreased Amount of Wasted Medication

One underrated benefit that patients can see from in-office dispensing is a decrease in the amount of wasted medication. This benefit is often seen because physicians can dispense exactly as much medication as the patient will need to get to their next appointment. Patients often end up throwing away wasted medication, which could be against the law in some cases. Also, leftover medication is a safety hazard for pets and small children. Additionally, environmentally conscious patients will be happy to know that they are not polluting the ecosystem with toxic medications and non-biodegradable pill bottles.

Dispensing medication-Photo by Laurynas Mereckas
Dispensing medication-Photo by Laurynas Mereckas

More Accurate Health Records

This is another benefit that is important for both physicians and patients. Obviously, accurate health records will enable physicians to treat their patients more effectively. Patients will appreciate that any medical care provider that they go to will know the details about their condition. This may even save the patients time, as they may not have to fill out as much paperwork regarding the medications that they have been on in the past. This could also help avoid any incidents where the patient unknowingly takes a medication that they have had an adverse reaction to.

Greater Convenience

Patients can also benefit from the greater convenience of in-office dispensing. These service allows them to get their medication at the same place that they get their healthcare. They don’t have to make another trip to the pharmacy in order to obtain the medicine that they need. For most patients, this will simply be a little easier. However, some very sick patients will benefit greatly from avoiding the strain of another trip. As previously mentioned, the greater convenience of in-office dispensing allows improves patients outcomes because they are more likely to actually get their medication.

Reduced Costs

One possible benefit to patients of in-office medication dispensing is reduced costs. Not all patients can benefit from reduced costs. In the end, it depends on how the physician prices their medication. Many physicians see in-office dispensing as a potential revenue stream. The patients of these physicians may not be able to save money. However, more and more physicians are using their in-office dispensing services to improve patient retention and market their practices through word of mouth. These practices often price medications at cost, which enables patients to save a great deal of money.

Closer Relationship with Physicians

Many physicians are too overloaded to spend as much time as they would like with each patient. Patients often complain of only getting to see their physician for a few minutes during each visit. If the physician offers in-office dispensing services, they will be able to spend more time with each patient. This will increase patient satisfaction because they will feel a closer relationship with their physician. Of course, this is also a benefit for the physician, because their practice will have higher patient retention rates.

Implementing In-Office Dispensing

If you are interested in implementing in-office dispensing, you should take the benefits to your patients into account. It can be tempting to look at in-office dispensing as nothing more than an additional revenue stream. It certainly can be an additional revenue stream, but in-office dispensing is much more than that. If a physician instead focuses on the benefits to their patients, the increased patient satisfaction and patient retention rates will benefit your practice greatly in the long run. Most importantly, in-office dispensing allows physicians to offer their patients a higher standard of care.

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