Don’t Panic! Here’s Your Brief Guide To Varicose Veins And Treatments

Varicose Veins

Technology and science are improving every day which directly affects medicine and its ability to treat various conditions with less time and effort, new procedures and surgeries are created to bypass long and tiring surgeries or recovery times, which just wasn’t possible 5 or 10 years ago.

Varicose veins are something roughly 35 million people suffer from in the USA and so far they just had to make peace with the fact that they would have to live with that.

Miracles are still not possible, but with some useful pieces of advice shared by Dr. Brooks of Beverly Hills Vein Institute, you can help battle this problem or even avoid it completely.

What are varicose veins and what are the symptoms

Varicose veins are caused due to high pressure on legs which makes them dilate and bulge and become very visible on the surface of the skin giving them a sort of ‘’spider’s web’’ look. It’s not just an aesthetic issue.

There are also various symptoms that occur. The feeling of pressure and heaviness is pretty common but itching and burning sensation are also usual. Skin also suffers here as it gets drier, thicker and irritated, which can lead to chronic wounds. Hemorrhage and blood clots are usually connected to varicose veins, and people who suffer from that have an increased risk of venous thrombosis.

Affected population

Just about anyone can be affected by varicose veins, but older people or people who have a family history are more susceptible. It is also worth noting that women are more affected probably due to estrogen. Varicose veins in pregnancy are very common and may happen to women after they give birth.

Blood clots can also often lead to varicose veins. Physical activity is very important in the prevention of this condition and people who sit or stand a lot due to the nature of their work, or just people who lack physical activity followed by extra weight are much more susceptible.


When it comes to your lifestyle the answer is pretty simple. You need to make sure you lead an active life, and if your job consists of a lot of sitting or standing, make sure you take breaks, and simply walk around the office if time doesn’t allow more and just let your blood flow normally. A simple exercise of elevating legs while sitting might help. Stockings with compression might help as well as they stimulate muscles to pump blood evenly.

If you notice symptoms you need to talk to a physician and do a thorough analysis to determine what exactly you are dealing with. Ultrasound is also recommended in order to see the state of veins in your legs.


As I already mentioned in the intro, medicine advances every day and when it comes to varicose veins it is now possible to treat and remove them without any surgical procedure and long recovery.

There is a new procedure called endothermal ablation which takes about an hour or two to complete in mild sedation and local anesthesia. The procedure consists of heating the veins to cause damage and inflammation to the vein and close it, thus making it easier to remove through small cuts in the process that follows called microphlebectomy.

Another process for smaller veins is done by injecting a drug directly into the vein and it’s called chemical ablation.

If you wish to learn more Beverly Hills Vein Institute surely can answer all of your questions and help you go through the process of healing as comfortably as possible.

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