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A Pure Source of Pure Energy - Zenwise Health's 100% coconut-derived liquid MCT Oil provides long-lasting energy, endurance, metabolic support, and overall health for men and women that want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This natural source of C8 Caprylic Acid and C10 Capric Acid enhances any food or drink with unmatched nutrition with none of the jitters, sugar crashes or headaches associated with caffeine or sugary supplements.; Goes Great With Your Favorite Foods & Drinks - Whether it's your coffee, a shake, an ice cold smoothie, juice or a tasty herbal tea, a single shot of this neutral flavored MCT Oil will give your body the boost it needs, and features no artificial flavor or sweeteners. A pump of this oil also goes well with various salad dressings, sauces and broths.; Supports Cognitive Function & Mental Focus - The medium chain triglycerides in this MCT Oil promotes the maintenance and production of ketones in the brain to naturally make people feel more alert and focused all day long from just a serving or two.; Weight Loss Control at Its Easiest - If your goal is to burn fat and trim down, this MCT Oil has been shown to be an excellent solution, as it supplements metabolism and blood sugar. Best of all, this product is free of wheat, milk, eggs, peanut and shellfish. That means it's an ideal choice for allergen-sensitive types who are eager to hit the size they want now.; Perfect for Any Workout & Diet - This oil is a great addition for any pre or post workout regimen, and ideal for anyone active in sports and physical fitness. Plus, is coconut sourced formula is safe for anyone on a vegan, paleo or gluten free diet. With persistence, you can look and feel like a whole new person!

User reviews

I love this product. I have been using since Jan. It was what I needed to kick my weight loss into gear. I use it as part of a ketogenic diet. I had started a ketogenic diet and just wasn't seeing any weight drop off and cravings weren't going away. Once I started adding MCT oil to my coffee every morning my body converted to fat burning in 1 week. I am now down 45 lbs. I add one Tablespoon to my coffee every morning and occasionally to salads and other sauces.I will not go without it. I put it in a smaller container for travel and use one of my old medicine cups to measure and use on trips.
I've been using dark glass bottled MCT oil as well as other pricey powered forms, and only decided to try this because of the less expensive price. I was skeptical of the plastic bottle container and assumed that it would affect the taste of the oil, but I'm actually SHOCKED that this is the most tasteless MCT oil I've tried to date!I hated adding other MCT oil to my coffee or other food because I was always able to taste the slight synthetic offputting taste, but this MCT oil has almost undetectable taste and I can actually enjoy my coffee and salad dressings infused with MCT oil. The dark glass bottled MCT oil is history, and I'm reordering this brand instead.
In fairness to this product, without knowing what's really going on, I am rating this higher than I might otherwise. I have been using this for about two weeks and initially thought things were going well. In an effort to be more participatory in my own health and well being I also purchased something called HCF, which is an amino acid that is supposed to assist in mood stabilization and increased focus. I've been taking both products for the same amount of time. The MCT oil states that you can consume 1-3 tbs of the product daily. Initially, I only consumed 1 tbs and seemed to have no issues. After a few days I increased the amount to about 2 tbs, which I added to my coffee - but did NOT spread out into two doses. About an hour to two later I got some of the worst stomach pain of my life! Almost to the point I felt like I was having a gall bladder attack, which I have never had before but have family members who have so I'm familiar with the symptoms. In addition to the severe pain I also became violently nauseas for about an hour. I did not throw up but felt like I could at any moment. I ended up feeling like I needed to use the restroom in a serious way and eventually did, at which point I began to feel better. I didn't equate the incident with the MCT oil until today, however, as I did not consume any yesterday and had no problems at all. When I got up this morning I added the MCT oil to my coffee, again probably 1 1/2 - 2 tbs, and within an hour had the same stomach pain and nausea as before.....has anyone else had this happen? Am I just taking too much at one time or could my body just not be responding to it correctly? Please advise as all of this is new to me and a bit frightening. Thanks for any info!
I really like this All Natural Coconut MCT Oil from Zenwise Health . I put it in our tea everyday. It not only tastes good but it gives us energy to get through the day. We are now senior citizens so any help we can get to increase our energy is very helpful. We love what it does for us. I have also lost weight while I have been using this MCT Oil. I will be ordering this product again.
This is still one of my favorite MCT oils. I'm not sure what they've changed, but I definitely notice more of a coconut taste, whereas with previous orders, it was tasteless. Depending on what you're adding the oil to, it may have a negative effect on the taste.
After some reading I decided to try and get more fat of this type. I use this mostly in smoothies, and sometime salad dressings. I find it doesn't add any flavor to the smoothy and seems to give it much more staying power. I would normally be hungry sooner without adding this.
Great price for product and i love how the product comes with a pump.When selecting an mct oil i always choose one that is derived from 100 percent coconuts. Which this one is. It is pretty easy to use to much mct oil so the pump is a smart addition to packaging. Only issue i have is the bottles are plastic. Which i been told that is not ideal for this type of product. Glass or aluminum would be preferred but those products pricing go into the 30 dollar range. This product is comparable to the other brands at this price Point. Only room for improvement is changing the bottle to something glass or aluminum.Great customer service from the company as well. Bottomline great price point for a good product.

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