Fundamentals of Healthy Dieting


Are you wondering what healthy dieting is? It is a way to slim down and keep your weight within optimal limits. It is safe and effective. It has long lasting results. Find out how to get all this and more.

Eat healthy foods and avoid calorie-rich ones. Healthy foods include vegetables and fruits, legumes, whole grain cereals, paste and bread and low-fat dairy products. Fish, boneless and skinless chicken and lean beef are also good for you in small portions. Avoid fast food, junk food, fried foods and sugary foods. These are the fundamentals of healthy dieting.

1. Downsize Your Portions

This healthy dieting tip has to do with calories as well. The smaller the portions you eat the lower the calorie count is, all other things being equal. You can readily enjoy smaller portions by having a three-dish meal with a fresh salad, a small main dish and a fruit dessert. Another trick is to have a glass of water or two before sitting at the table.

2. Have Four to Five Meals a Day For Healthy Dieting and Effective Weight Loss

When you starve for considerable periods of time, your blood sugar levels fall. In turn, you get to experience hunger pangs and strong cravings that are hard to handle. At your next meal, you tend to eat a lot more than you need to. The best solution to this problem is to enjoy one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon between meals. These can be very light. Low-fat sugar free yogurt, raw nuts and fruits are among the best choices.

3. Cook Your Meals by Yourself

This is essential for healthy dieting. In this way, you can choose only fresh and healthy ingredients. You will have the opportunity to use best recipes that require very little oil for cooking. You will enjoy healthy dishes instead of fried foods. Cooking your own meals will allow you to make any dish super delicious by using different herbs and spices. As you certainly know, delicious dishes bring you greater satisfaction and allow you to eat less.

4. Treat Yourself With Something Healthy and Delicious Every Once in a While

Healthy dieting is not about torturing your body and your mind. It is about slimming down and getting fit while enjoying life to the fullest. That is why you should not deny yourself a treat every now and then. Healthy food treats include dark chocolate, frozen yogurt and dried fruits. Also try to add medical cannabis to your diet plans.

5. Reduce Stress in Your Life as Much as You Can

Stress makes us eat more. That is why it is one of the main enemies of healthy dieting. There are numerous stress relief methods that produce excellent results and that you can readily enjoy. Some of the most popular ones include yoga, meditation, gardening and spa treatments. In general, any kind of exercise is good for relieving stress as well.

6. Exercise Regularly For Healthy Dieting

It is not only about the calories you intake with food but also the calories you burn. Cardio exercises, like jogging, swimming and cycling, are the most effective to burn calories and general fitness. It is best to work out for up to an hour every other day. In this way, you will burn fat and not protein that your body needs. You will let your body recover from the exercise stress effectively. Make sure you warm up and cool down to avoid injuries.

How to Stick to Your Diet Plan

Once you have chosen your ideal diet that you want to maintain over the long haul, you need to set realistic goals. Is the purpose of the healthy eating plan making you lose weight? Or is it to make you avoid certain chronic diseases? Only after you establish the goal of your diet plan can you set some reasonable achievable like losing 5 pounds at a time, for instance. This way, the journey towards your goal is fun and satisfying whilst you set new targets for yourself.

An excellent way of keeping a track of your diet plan is by recording everything you put in your mouth in a journal. This way you can gauge whether you are diverging from the healthy eating guide and make amends quickly. You can easily find the caloric amounts of food items in your diet chart or the nutritional information, of course you can use tools to automate this too, and then write them down in your food diary immediately to keep track of your progress.

More often than not, those around you are the reason you go off on a diet plan tangent because they tempt you into cheating on your health. You should surround yourself with people who have the same dietary requirements as yours so that you can keep each other motivated. Also, there are many online communities of weight watchers and calorie counters where you can interact with like-minded people and stick to your eating plan easily. Be smart with your diet, there are a lot of tools out there that will guide you with the exact foods that you need and all within your dietary requirements.

Besides friends that indulge you, the mind too craves for comfort foods when you are in a bad mood. One way to remain committed to your diet plan is to ensure that the bad-mood foods are healthy. For example, instead of reaching out for chocolate bars you can have fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Even if you slip off the healthy diet band wagon once in a while, you should not beat yourself about it. Don’t have an all or nothing attitude. Instead of regretting that bite of cheesecake and further delving in comfort food, you should keep a reminder of having steamed vegetables with a baked potato for the next meal.

It is important for you to reward yourself every now and then and appreciate the progress that you make with your healthy diet plan. Being intelligent on how you manage your diet also helps in alleviating the mundane and tedious part, use tools to automate your diet, only then you will be motivated to stick to the plan.  You may also consider to add  HCG drops to your diet. To find out more info just visit the site: best fat loss supplement.

Now you know how to go about healthy dieting. Remember that these are the fundamentals that will give you a head start and provide for getting excellent results. By learning more on the subject, you will be able to maintain these results for good.

Arlene is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Sports Nutritionist by The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). She completed an MSc in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University and a BSc in Food and Nutrition from The University of Alabama. Arlene has worked in supplement development, sports nutrition and is currently working in clinical nutrition counseling for a rehabilitation hospital. She is a 3-time Olympic swimmer and loves running and paddle boarding. With her expertise in the world of sports, she has been able to apply her knowledge of nutrition to help athletes improve performance and achieve their goals in different sports.


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