The best ways to stimulate your growth in a natural way

Growth hormone supplements-Photo by Thomas Kelley
Growth hormone supplements-Photo by Thomas Kelley

Human growth hormone (HGH) is an essential hormone produced in our pituitary gland. Some people identify it as growth hormone (GH) as well. It plays a crucial role in growth, the composition of our body, the repair of cells, and the stimulation of metabolism. On the other hand, HGH also takes muscle growth to the next level, while improving strength, and allowing us to develop a more powerful workout performance. Furthermore, it can give us a hand in recovering from injuries and affections.

Conversely, when the levels of the GH are low, your quality of life may worsen. Moreover, you may be more prone to get ill, and gain weight as well. Thus, the best way to reach the best results during a weight loss plan, a recovery from some injury, and when carrying out our training sessions is to have excellent levels of such a hormone. Therefore, many individuals opt for growth hormone supplements. And, in case you did not know, your nutritional plan and lifestyle decisions can incredibly influence your HGH levels.

To start: reduce your body fat

The levels of fat in your belly has an immediate relation to your body’s production of HGH. Moreover, persons with increased levels of fat in their bellies will possibly have deficient production of growth hormone. Therefore, they have a more prominent risk of getting ill. 

According to some studies, people who have unusually superior levels of belly fat compared to the normal have a decrease of HGH amounts in more than 50%. On the other hand, other studies that controlled the release of that hormone during the whole day identified that the decline of its production was enormous in people with more abdominal fat. 

For some reason, an exceeding amount of body fat has more impact on HGH levels in men. However, reducing body fat is nevertheless essential for women as well. Additionally, some studies suggest that after losing weight significantly, people who used to suffer from obesity acquired normal levels of growth hormone once again. HGH supplements are an incredible aid in reaching such objectives. Some amino acids are of excellent help to support growth hormone secretion and eliminate fat. That is true when you take them before resting or after training.

It is better to start ingesting less sugar

If your insulin levels go high, your human growth hormone levels go down, and that is a fact. Sugar, together with refined carbohydrates, take your insulin levels to its highest peak. Therefore, reduce its consumption if you are thinking of using growth hormone supplements to acquire optimal HGH levels and sculpt your body.

According to available information, healthy people’s levels of growth hormone are 3 to 4 times higher than the levels of diabetic individuals. Moreover, diabetic people’s levels of poor tolerance to carbohydrates and insulin function were much worse as well. 

And, apart from having a direct effect over insulin levels, excessive ingesting of sugar represents a crucial factor for gaining more weight and becoming obese. That also affect growth hormone levels. You can still consume some candy once in a while, though! The idea is that your nutrition is as balanced as possible.

Arginine is one of those options you should surely consider

Every time you incorporate it on its own, arginine can be a booster of HGH. However, many people have the costume of using amino acids, such as arginine, while training. Furthermore, many studies indicate that the levels of HGH almost do not move anywhere. Conversely, by incorporating supplements that contain arginine and not carrying out any exercise at the same time, you can impressively elevate such hormone levels. 

Specialists carried out a study that evaluated the effects of incorporating between 45 to 114 mg of arginine per each pound of corporal weight (100-250 mg/kg). On the other hand, they also administered 6 to 10 or 15 to 20 g per day, respectively. They did not identify any effects by implementing the lower dose. However, individuals who took the higher dose obtained an increase of almost 60% in their levels of GH during their night rest.

Why not including additional natural supplements?

There is a broad list of extra growth hormone supplements that can probably improve the secretion of HGH, which include glutamine, creatine, ornithine, L-dopa, and glycine. Glutamine, administered in doses of 2 g, can elevate HGH levels to almost 80% for a specific period. On the other hand, creatine, in 20 g doses, can incredibly boost the levels of growth hormone for periods of 2 to 6 hours. 

Furthermore, according to some research, some individuals took ornithine half an hour after they finished their workout. Their HGH levels went up significantly. In the case of L-dopa administration, the secretion of the hormone in persons who had Parkinson also raised. Finally, according to some studies, glycine can also boost physical performance in athletes.

Anyways, apart from considering these data, you should remember to ask your physician before taking growth hormone supplements.He/she will advise you excellently.

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