Herbalife Educates Through Coaching, Nutrition Clubs, and Trained Distributors

Herbalife nutrition club

Finding accurate nutrition information is difficult. The Internet is filled with conflicting claims, and discerning the truth can be challenging. Herbalife believes nutrition education is critical to weight loss and general health. It readily makes factual information readily available to its customers and potential customers through various sources.

Herbalife Wins Awards for Nutrition Education

One way Herbalife educates its customers about nutrition is through the mobile app available to its independent distributors. The app educates these business owners through materials developed by registered dietitians and medical doctors. The independent distributors learn the answers to questions such as:

  • the benefits and misconceptions about protein
  • the benefits of dietary supplements
  • how to choose healthy sources of dietary fat and carbohydrates
  • the importance of fiber and how to incorporate more in their diets

The independent distributors can then share these materials with their customers. The Brandon Hall Group, a global research and analyst firm, recognized the app for “Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program” in 2020.

The Brandon Hall Group also gave Bronze awards to Herbalife’s training program for its coaches in two categories: Best Use of a Blended Learning Program and Best Advance in Coaching and Mentoring.

Herbalife Educates Through Coaches

Whether in sports or for life changes, good coaches highlight and draw from individuals’ strengths to help them achieve their goals. Coaching is both an art and a science. Coaching is an art because it is creative and personalized. It’s a science because it is based on principles of human behavior.

Nutrition is personal. Herbalife distributors coach their customers, empowering them to develop healthy habits and reach their own unique goals. They help customers build confidence and to transform their lives. The company regularly invests in the training and nutrition education of independent distributors to help them become better coaches. Registered dietitians, doctors, and fitness trainers often lead these trainings, whether virtually or in person.

Herbalife Transforms Lives Through Nutrition Clubs 

Herbalife also provides nutritional information and wellness motivation through it Herbalife Nutrition Club. The primary purpose of the clubs is to provide balanced daily nutrition. They provide an opportunity for members to focus on nutrition and a wellness lifestyle in a community setting. Independent entrepreneurs operate the clubs and set their own hours and programs, and they receive extensive training through Herbalife.

The first Herbalife Nutrition Club opened in Mexico in 2004. When two independent Herbalife distributors realized people in the community wanted the shakes but couldn’t afford a full canister. So, they broke them up into individual servings. Members would visit the club daily to enjoy a protein shake, tea, and aloe and meet with their distributor. After a while, club owners realized that adding group exercise classes helped members to adopt a fitness lifestyle as well. Now more than 70,000 of these clubs operate globally.

Community and behavior.

Psychologists have known for decades that communities of like-minded people help members to change their behavior. They call this the principle of social influence. Social influence refers to the way individuals change their desires and behavior. It lets to meet group norms or in response to authority. Nutrition clubs are built around this premise.

Researchers also have found that just forming social ties can improve overall health and wellbeing. Strong social ties are linked with longevity, while isolation is linked to depression and the risk of early death. Social relationships also help reduce stress and heart-related risks.

Dr. Sydney Cohen, is a psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He found that the more diverse a person’s social network, the less likely they were to catch a common cold after exposure. He and his team also found that those with diverse social networks were less likely to adopt unhealthy behaviors.

Nutrition clubs set Herbalife apart from other companies in the field. The motivation customers receive from the community and the independent distributors at the clubs help them achieve their goals.

Herbalife nutrition club Herbalife provides education,  coaching, and information from independent distributors. Also provides nutrition tips that consumers can access on the company’s website



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