The ultimate guideline about growth hormone supplements: all you have to know

HGH releasers
HGH releasers

For those of us who carry out highly demanding physical exercise such as bodybuilding, human growth hormone, or HGH can make our internal clock slow down. Besides, it enhances the development of muscle mass, reduction of fat levels, and astonishingly increases energy levels. Did you know that it stimulates libido as well? Investigators and regular users —particularly those who implement injections— agree on all these benefits.

However, using somatropin is not precisely licit in the sphere of sports and weight lifting. According to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), it is not possible to it in these areas. Other substances, such as releasing factors, peptides, and more, are also illegal. And we will further explain why athletes have been using them in different contexts. However, incorporating natural HGH releasers is an excellent and legal alternative to boost our life in general.  

A quick overview of HGH and its function

In short, our organism, specifically our pituitary gland, liberates growth hormone. Hence, its role is to stimulate our growth and the regeneration of cells. Moreover, without it, our bones and muscles could not grow and develop adequately. On the other hand, HGH contributes to keeping all the tissues in our body healthy. 

Typically, grown-up men who enjoy excellent health have less than five nanograms of HGH per millimeter flowing in their bloodstream. On the other hand, healthy women can produce around twice that amount for procreation. Levels for both sexes reach their highest peak during puberty and drastically go down after their 20s-30s. Once secreted, HGH stays active in our bloodstream for some minutes, but the liver has enough time to turn it into growth factors. And the most important one is IGF-1 —insulin-like growth factor 1— which has lots of anabolic properties.

When athletes give it a wrong use 

Synthetic HGH appeared in 1985, and the FDA approved it for specific uses in children and adults. In the case of kids, healthcare professionals administer injections of somatropin to treat deficiencies of growth hormone secretion. In other words, they suffer from dwarfism, or maybe they do not grow enough. As regards adults, physicians administer synthetic HGH injections to treat several affections such as short bowel syndrome, and human growth hormone insufficiencies due to adenomas in the pituitary gland, among others.

Athletes and bodybuilders have implemented HGH in its synthetic form for many years. The problem? That is illegal because such injections boost their performance in competitions and other events. And the cause is pretty straightforward: our body secretes less HGH as the time passes. Hence, some individuals are desperate to overcome their adverse effects. They cannot grow more muscle, gain weight, and their skin starts to deteriorate, among others. 

It is always best to opt for natural alternatives

For those who want to remain within the legal framework of supplements, there is a solution to all these problems. Keep training as hard as possible, as studies have shown that athletes who work out regularly produce pretty decent levels of somatropin. Moreover, if you make use of natural HGH releasers, you will boost the outcomes of your exercise. 

But you should keep in mind that excellent nutrition is essential. Moreover, do not forget to have a marvelous rest, as that will cause the effect you want. Since we are not talking about synthetic HGH injections, our organism must be in optimal conditions to take advantage of such a supplement.

Beware of the results they will produce: there is no direct HGH administration here

Natural HGH releasers are not pills of human growth hormone per se, but stimulators for our pituitary gland to increase the levels our body produces when we sleep. Therefore, they will not have the same effect of injections. However, they are a perfectly legal choice and have a lot less adverse effects. And one is the fact that you will not use any needle at all, so thumbs up for the prevention of infections!

On the other hand, you must still ask a professional in health care about the possible side effects these products can cause. Every organism is different, and the best idea is to have a prescription before investing in HGH supplements. Moreover, you can also carry out some research about other user’s experiences and outcomes. It is the safest alternative, for sure. After all, there are no mysteries in their composition, and you can investigate as much as you want. 

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