How GymShark Became on the Fastest Growing Companies in the UK


GymShark, the fastest growing company in the UK founded by a 19 years old college student, Ben Francis, is an inspiring story for many young entrepreneurs.

Founding a million dollar company in just a couple of years was not an easy job for Ben Francis. He is an entrepreneur by heart, website creator, a fitness-focused digital marketer which made him possible to establish such a giant E-Commerce apparel Store.

The idea of GymShark was born in the mind of Francis when he used to struggle to find the right size of fitness clothes to wear when he went to the gym and was searching for fitness apparels on online e-commerce portals. And then he discovered that selling gym apparels can be a very good startup.

The struggling days of Francis were very tough. He used to deliver pizzas at night and saved every Penny of wages from his job to establish such a big company like GymShark. Francis established his first official GymShark offline outlet in the year 2012 with the help of his college friends in the basement area of his mother’s house in the UK.

Building blocks that form GymShark’s marketing strategy

GymShark put all its marketing strategy into its campaigns, right in the first place. Here are three building blocks of GymShark’s marketing strategy which made it fastest growing brand of UK:

  • Make the most out of social media

We all know how social media leverage is the marketing campaigns and boost the sales in no time. Similarly, GymShark was also focused on social media campaigns. Francis and his team utilized social media marketing by promoting their sales on special occasions like black Friday sales or by providing discount coupons of GymShark on For GymShark, social media was the shortest and easiest marketing than any other marketing gateways. There and their campaign on giant social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and reached millions of customers. They also used social media to make the relationship between them and customers a lifelong connection and converted their customers into loyal and active customers.

  • Leveraging the power of influences

Influencer marketing is considered a great marketing strategy for your product or services. We people actually follow and listen to our favorite influencer. They have a great impact on our lives and if marketers use influencer marketing, then they will definitely see a rise in their sales and return on investment.

When Francis started GymShark, he already found his influences for his influencer marketing – some bodybuilders – to spread positive word of mouth about his products among the consumers. At that time, influencer marketing was not practiced by any other companies and this helped GymShark ingrown much well as a brand.

  • Build a community that has profound impacts

Before GymShark, there were many good gym wear brands available in the market but GymShark went beyond the quality of their products and differentiated them from all their competitors both offline and online.

GymShark builds a community of profound athletes and a community forum where people with common values share their experiences and opinions. This thing made the GymShark a unique brand not only clothing but in establishing a strong customer relationship.


With these three marketing strategies, GymShark became the fastest growing e-commerce gym apparel brand in the United Kingdom.

GymShark develops it’s on technical fabrics and outsource its most of the manufacturing units in China. Through various coupons and lightning sales, you can get a very good deal in gym apparels from GymShark and you can carry out your workout in the most stylish and effective way.

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Alisa Wu is a health and fitness writer and works at Cusabio, a biotech company that serves the field of life sciences research and offers protein production service. She shares articles on how to live healthier.


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