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The influence of marijuana on health, psychology, and mood is still a little bit controversial. Some people show positive aspects, but others remind them about addiction and a weed from unverified sources. However, for example, the situation with the CBD is different. Almost nobody talks about the negative side, so the main question is about something else.

Does CBD help or just do not hurt? There are a lot of opinions of specialists so I wouldn’t give you a final thesis because I don’t have such in-depth medical knowledge. I want to touch a different aspect – a situation of marijuana in one of the most liberal countries. And how to buy weed online in Canada?

Justin Trudeau and marijuana 

The great victory of Justin Trudeau in the election (2015) has entirely changed the political situation in Canada. The leader of The Liberal Party of Canada is showing a modern style of being a prime minister. He is young, handsome, liberal and tolerant, he doesn’t like wars and doesn’t divide people into categories. Of course, in the beginning, the whole world was delighted with him, but now after a few years, people see also weaknesses of his choices. But in this article for us is essential his attitude to marijuana and information on how to buy weed online in Canada.

From the beginning, he was a great fan of the legalization of marijuana. He knew that a lot of people apply it, but the country doesn’t have any possibility of regulation or tax earning. So he decided to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use. After the decision in June, all provinces had four months to prepare all the rules and stores. Now almost everyone can buy weed online in Canada, and some people can do it in the physical stores. Yes, this sentence is correct – it’s easier to buy weed online in Canada. At least now – because politicians and shop owners haven’t been prepared for these changes.

The other rules in every province 

The situation in Canada is different than in the USA. In the United States, the main law prohibits recreational marijuana but some liberal states can legalize it. In Canada, the government agreed to buy and cultivate marijuana, but some provinces can organize restrictions. And now only in Alberta, you can buy a weed when you are 18 years old. In the rest of the country you have to be 19 years old (or in Quebec even 21). The government agreed to cultivate plants at home, but in Quebec and Manitoba, it’s not possible.

As I wrote above, there are not a lot of physical stores, so it’s easier to buy weed online in Canada. A majority of shops are in big cities like Edmonton, Winnipeg or Calgary but in every province, there are not enough stores. A relatively good situation is, e.g. in New Brunswick where you can buy weed in more cities. But in Yukon, there is only one shop. So when someone lives far from the town with a shop – the best option is to buy marijuana on the Internet. There are plenty of options, and a lot of them can deliver a package to a buyer’s home.

So who is the owner? 

The most complicated situation is connected with ownership of stores. Almost every province has other rules for owners. In New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island all shops are in the hands of the government. In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, all shops are private and in Alberta and British Columbia online sale is organized by a government, but physical stores are private and public. Ontario is (except Nunavut where situation still is not clear) the only place where you can buy weed online in Canada, but you won’t find a shop on the street. But it will change in April 2019 when it will be open first physical store.

So you can see that it is very complicated and when you will find a website with a weed it is better to read about this company. Because among the right suppliers might be illegal shops. When you know that in your province legal suppliers are organized by the government, but you see a website of a private company, something is wrong.

Always be careful 

As we can see, it is not hard to buy weed online in Canada. But above all, you must remember all the restrictions and rules. And the second thing is that you have to read all the details and opinions about the company carefully. A lot of suppliers are reliable, but the legal side of this business is still very young in Canada. Buying some unknown marijuana products can be very risky not only for your budget but for your health too.

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Alisa Wu is a health and fitness writer and works at Cusabio, a biotech company that serves the field of life sciences research and offers protein production service. She shares articles on how to live healthier.


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