How to Get Rid of Extra, Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Get Rid of Extra Skin

With invasive and non-invasive skin procedures, it is possible to tighten loose or excess skin. Dermatologists may suggest the kind of skin treatment that you will need to undergo depending on how much loose skin you have.

In cases of having mild to semi-moderate loose skin, non-invasive procedures can be done like Ultheraphy, IPL, and RF treatment. Here’s additional reading about one of these non-surgical procedures that help with the body’s natural collagen production to gradually tighten and lift the skin.

Getting rid of loose skin can be difficult, especially for those who have moderate to a much more amount of excess skin, that’s why dermatologists would suggest undergoing surgical treatments like liposuction. To prevent yourself from developing excess skin, specialists would suggest to gradually lose weight so your skin can adapt and tighten little by little while you burn some fats.

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

The aftermath of weight loss is a more defined body, higher energy levels, and smaller or better-fitting clothes. But losing weight can also cause sagging folds all over the body. This can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Good thing there are ways to solve this kind of problem.

Medical Procedures (Invasive and Non-Invasive)

There are two ways your dermatologist can get rid of your loose skin, surgical or non-surgical procedures. Patients with mild to semi-moderate amount of loose skin are an eligible candidate for a non-surgical or a non-invasive procedure. These procedures may include ultheraphy, which is an ultrasound type of treatment that encourages collagen production to your skin to help tighten it. It is also one of the safest non-invasive treatment.

Another one is RF treatment that may go with a micro-needling procedure which produces heat energy to the dermis that also triggers the collagen production that will help improve the skin’s elasticity.

Lose More Weight With Exercising

Many things can cause excess skin or loose skin. One is from weight loss due to working out. If you are following a program that makes you lose tons of fats quickly, this may happen to you. What you can do about it is, just continue working out. Build muscles through weight training exercises to help lessen the appearance of loose skin.

Excess fat that has been expanding your skin for a long time may cause your skin to lose its ability to shrink while burning those fats. Replace those fats cells with muscle mass to fill in those excess skin. If you have recently just given birth and you want to get rid of those loose skin, best to seek advice from your dermatologist as some exercises can be too heavy for you. Loose skin can also happen due to poor nutrition, too much sun exposure, your lifestyle habits, and ageing.Eat Properly

Two of the major substances that help keep your skin plump are elastin and collagen. Dermatologists and nutritionists recommend that you consume enough amount of protein-rich food like milk, tofu, fish, beans, and cottage cheese as they all contain collagen and elastin components.

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