How To Get traffic With Backlinks

how to get traffic with
how to get traffic with

There are many tasks that I have done to get the much-desired traffic. One of the tasks with more impact is to insert backlinks in favor of your website.

What are backlinks and what is their function?

The company Moz discovered that a high percentage of the websites indexed by google in the first 50 results had at least one inbound link to your website. This means that creating backlinks is a very valuable strategy when it comes to ranking.

Moreover, content management is active nowadays and is one of the best means to insert backlinks.

In short, backlinks are instruments to promote search engine rankings.

What is a backlink?

It is a link that makes a website directed towards one of our web pages. That is to say, if a website other than ours mentions us and also inserts the URL address of one of our web pages, we can consider that this inserted link is called a backlink.

Generating backlinks is very important because Google gives authority to websites that have many inbound links or backlinks. If you wanted to know how to get traffic with backlinks, the systematic creation of backlinks is one of the most natural strategies to attract visitors as soon as your article is ranked in very visible positions.

Are all links the same?

It is important to differentiate the types of links that we can manage: internal links link several URLs within our website. The links that we create on our website and that seek to expand the information pointing to external URLs are known as external links and finally, backlinks or inbound links pointing to our website. Why are backlinks important in published articles?

The number of inbound links to a website is an indicator of authority for Google. The more websites that refer to your website, the better for Google’s algorithm, which considers your site to be important, so it will receive more value and will be considered more relevant to many people. Therein lies the importance of backlinks. It is very important to create a strategy of creating inbound links to your website to bring you traffic and give you authority in the eyes of search engines.

Get backlinks to your website.

The best way to get them is naturally. In any case, you must keep in mind that the quality of the content will be relevant. If your content is of quality, it will be shared by readers and will be accepted by search engines like Bing or Google.

I describe two ways to get links to your website.

Sponsored posts or guest posting: contact blogs or websites with a good level of traffic and ask them to publish an article in which you insert one or two links to your website. Some websites charge you a fee for publishing your article for a certain period of time.

Look for broken links on websites with a high page rank and a similar subject matter to yours. When you detect a broken link, you can contact the owner and propose to change the broken link with a link to your website. This strategy answers in a simple, yet time-consuming and patient way the perennial question of how to get traffic with backlinks.

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