How to Select the Right Growth Lights? Factors to Consider

Right Growth Lights

If you have marijuana grow room, then you know the benefits of LED Lights. LED lights have been one of the most innovative solutions that growers are turning to for growing their plants indoors.

For one, LED lights can provide you with an opportunity to influence all the environmental factors hence bettering your yield. Second, they offer the amount of light required by the cannabis plant.

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Light is a necessary element that enhances photosynthesis and budding in a cannabis plant. It is a food to your plant, and if you want a higher yield during the next harvest season, you need to get the proper lights for your grow room.

Unfortunately, there is a plethora of counterfeit products, which makes choosing the best led light for your plants tricky. However, this does not justify the reason why you do not own one.

With that said, you need to consider as variety of factors to ensure that you get the best and efficient lights for your grow room. These factors include:


Price is one of the biggest determinants of the quality of lights that you get. Remember that the cheaper you pay for LED lights, the more expensive they will be to maintain and replace.

Most cannabis farmers are shocked at the price tagged on the LED lights. You need to first do research and identify the type that will work for you then start saving for it. Preferably, you should buy low maintenance LED lights.

Most people jump into buying led lights with a long-term guarantee only to realize later how expensive they are to maintain. However, the bottom line is that you should not compromise too much on quality.

The Wavelength Output

Not every light is adequate for cannabis plants since most plants grow in a particular wavelength, especially in blue and red led lights.

When buying LED light for your plant, you should ask or test the wavelength output of the lights. Ordinary LED bulbs used in your office or kitchen will not provide the necessary light needs of the cannabis plants. They have designed for human vision.

Plants only need red and blue lights to promote flowering. So, avoid stunting the growth of your cannabis plants by using appropriate growth lights.

Electricity Output and Consumption

Here, you need to make a wise decision when selecting the type of LED light that have the most efficiency. Usually, most led lights operate for 10 hours in a day. You need to check and know the total output from every unit. Go for something that has an output that goes up to 1000w. This will be determined by the space and light requirement. However, do not buy something that is 300w and below.


Space is one of the most important things you need to consider while choosing led light for your plants.  If your space is big, it means you have to buy many grow lights. Alternatively, you can look for grow lights that can cover a large area. Still, if your area is too spacious, you could benefit by combining different grow lights for different stages of growth.

The Angle of the Light

With modern technology, most of grow lights have been made in a way that you can adjust the angle of a particular view. A good grow light allows you to adjust the strength of the dispersion, that is, you can set it to focus on a certain area.

Plant Growth Phases

Majority of the grow lights nowadays contain dimmers that can help your plants in every stage of growth. If you want better yields, these options can help you to achieve it. It is up to you to choose the kind of growth light that is suitable for your plants.

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Choosing the best grow light is one of the crucial decisions that can help you directly achieve the exact production you fancy. Wirth that said, LED grow light are necessary for indoors cannabis growing.

If you are looking towards building your marijuana grow room, the above factors will help you to select the right growth lights to maximize the yield form your cannabis plants.

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