How to Stay in Shape

How to stay in shape-Photo by Alora-Griffiths
How to stay in shape-Photo by Alora-Griffiths

Everyone wants to stay fit. Whether you want to start running marathons, trying to get a summer body or just conscious about your physique, there is no alternative to exercising.


Lack of motivation is the biggest obstacle to a healthy and fit body. Remember, you can always try to get into shape no matter where you are in life. It is never too late.


Basics of Exercising: Boot Camp


If you have never seriously considered exercising, it may be a good idea to acquire some basic knowledge. The benefits of exercising are tenfold. Normally, the first benefit that comes to mind is a healthy body. It goes much deeper than that however.


Exercising regularly has been shown to increase blood flow through the organs, elevate your mood, ensuring a sound sleep etc. It also bolsters your immune system thus helping you fight off more diseases without you even knowing it! Not many people know this but engaging in physical tasks routinely can work wonders for your sex life. These are just a few of the many benefits of exercising.


Running is considered as a basic form of exercise and it can help anyone of any age. You would be amazed at how better you feel physically and mentally by just running 20 minutes a day. It helps to lose weight, combat heart diseases and strengthen muscles among other things. 


A good pair of running shoes is essential if you want to get the most out of your routine. These shoes are specially manufactured and help you maintain traction. Additionally, they provide comfort and help your feet breathe properly. If you are looking to invest in some running shoes then click here for some fantastic options. 


The Various Types of Exercises



Broadly speaking, exercises can be divided into 4 major categories. They are cardio, strength training, free-hand and high-intensity workouts. 


Cardiovascular Training


Cardio training attempts to elevate your heart rate and get more air into your lungs. It can be moderate or intense cardio. Depending on your current shape you may have to do either or both. Walking, running, cycling, swimming etc. are all considered as cardio training.


Strength training


Strength training is focused on building and repairing muscles. The human body has around 700 skeletal muscles that can benefit from strength training. Deadlifting, pull-push training, muscular isolation workout are all parts of strength training.


Free-hand training


Any kind of exercise that does not require the help of equipment can be considered free-hand training. Yoga, pilates, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups etc. are considered as free-hand exercises. These workouts aim to strengthen your core and improve your flexibility.


High-Intensity Interval Training


HIIT is done in short bursts. Usually this kind of exercise is intensive and done intermittently. The main goal of this training is to keep your heart rate elevated constantly. A higher base rate equates to more oxygen in your system and it also helps to lose weight fast.


How Much Should You Exercise?

How long you should train depends on how much time you can actually spare. It is a good idea to set aside a specific amount of time every day for exercising. The important thing here is to not deviate from that schedule.


On a weekly basis, you should aim for at least 150 minutes of cardio. You can mix and match between moderate and intense cardio depending on your goal. 


Strength training is recommended for building up the core muscles that make up your body. During this training, it is important to focus on all parts of the body. As the popular saying goes, ‘Never skip leg day’. If you are looking to build your muscles, you should spend a minimum of 2 days each week on them.


Generally, you should increase your training time in small increments. Doing a lot of exercise in a short amount of time will lead to muscle fatigue.

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How to Get Started?


First and foremost, you should aim to reach a point where you are comfortable with your training. Below are some more tips to help you train better.


Setting a Goal


What do you want to achieve by exercising? Do you want to increase your stamina? Build muscles? Lose weight? These are important questions because it will help you decide on the kind of training you need. Start slow and build your way up.

Inspiration can play a key part in your routine. Maybe you want to get that perfect beach body before summer hits. Or maybe you want to fit into that wedding dress before the big day. Whatever your goal is, it is important to not lose track of it. Motivation is the key to success in anything.



Tracking Your Progress


You want to start off with something small. If you can meet a realistic expectation, then it will be much easier to continue your training. Afterwards, you can look back and see how much you have achieved. Track your progress daily and weekly.


There are many apps you can download tailored to your specific kind of training as well. Also it is a good idea to always have a track to see how much time you have exercised. 


Always Have a Plan B


Setbacks can be common. You may catch a cold or have to go away on a trip. Anything can happen. Always keep a plan B in case things go sideways.

You can feel stressed by working out too much. Simply skip a day and focus on recovering. If you skipped a couple of days and feel bad, ask yourself why it happened. Be true to yourself and pick up where you left off.



A Proper Diet is Essential


Exercising should not be your only goal. It is important for you to have a healthy and balanced diet. There are many diets available catered to your specific needs. You cannot exercise if you do not have the energy for it. You may also consider talking to a nutritionist for a better understanding of diets.


Relax and be Confident


It is important to relax so that you do not burn yourself out. Continually exercising may lead to problems instead of benefits. Try to enjoy your training because in the end, it is about the journey, not the destination.




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