How Working Out Makes You More Attractive


The benefits of working out clearly make you muscular, but also more attractive. Your skin glows, you have more “good hair days”, your posture improves and most importantly your confidence levels boost. If that’s not enough for you, you can also look forward to your sleeping patterns getting better.

Even if you are a diehard fitness buff, there are things you may forget to take care of before or after your routine.

One of the most important things to remember about working out is your body is going to change internally as well as externally. A great benefit of exercise is that your body will start to detox, and rid itself of toxins built up in the muscles and tissues.

What happens when the body starts to detox?

The sweat you produce expels toxins found in your body by excretion through the pores in your skin, found all over your body. This process gets the toxins out of your body, but then what? These toxins stay with your sweat as it dries on your body.

Sure, not right away, but as you start to cool down, your sweat dries, and those toxins that just came out of your body, will stick to your skin. This can cause skin irritation, and sometimes infection, leading to boils on the skin, or even acne problems.

Make sure you follow these quick and easy steps to make sure you stay clean and free of toxins:

  • Showering immediately following your exercise routine cleans the skin, and finally rids the body of the expelled toxins.
  • Make sure you vigorously clean ALL your hair. Hair follicles are porous and will hold on to sweat and toxins even after they are washed off the skin.
  • Shampoo head and condition hair thoroughly.
  • Use a face wash specific for your skin type (oily, dry, combination).
  • If you have a long beard, consider using a beard shampoo and conditioner to clean your beard. Also make sure that you are applying a healthy beard oil made with essential oils right before you go out.

Preparing For A Workout

Prepping for a workout? Well, so many of us wake up and the first thing we do is exercise, after sleeping all night. While this seems like getting your day off on the right track, it is actually not completely beneficial for your beauty routine.


Skin sheds at night while you sleep. What happens to that skin once it sheds? In simple terms, it stays on your body until you bathe. If you don’t at least rinse off before exercising, once you start sweating and excreting toxins from your pores, that dead skin, plus all the sweat, is going to really smell. Definitely not attractive in public.

A light shower before working out is recommended. This will cleanse the body of dead skin, and overnight sweat, which will alleviate unnecessary odor.

Similarly, if you work out at the end of your day, a light rinse before working out can save you from a B.O embarrassment at the gym!

Cleanliness is super important if you are starting, or maintaining your workout routine, but what about grooming? How many men consider the priming of their hair, skin, and nails?

Exercise improves circulation, and good circulation means better and faster hair growth! This is not limited to head hair; you will experience a higher rate of beard hair growth and body hair growth. Plan to look at your facial hair a little more often, and trim accordingly.

Trimming Your Hair

Now that your hair is growing quicker, you may want to consider trimming your body hair. I know most men “man-scape” below the belt, but what about all over the body? If you aren’t super hairy, then you will not have much to worry about, however, if you are a hairy guy, and notice your hair getting a little thicker, consider trimming.

Not only will it reduce the chances of bacteria build up in the hair, leading to odor, it will make you look more attractive as well.

  • Keeping hair growth in check will minimize the chance of bacteria growth.
  • As you sculpt your body, make sure your hair is quaffed to compliment your new physique.
  • Consider cleansing more often now that you are producing more sweat and eliminating more toxins.

Regarding Sweating and Hydration

As you continue to work on your body, you may notice that you will continue sweating after you work out. Improved circulation in the body and the elimination of toxins may cause your sweat glands to continue working after your workout!

This is good in that you are amplifying your fitness, but it can also be dangerous in terms of dehydration. Increased sweat production means the water you are used to taking in will need to be adjusted.

  • Normal water intake should be at least half an ounce of water for every pound you weigh. 180 pounds= 90 oz of water a day.
  • Adding in vigorous exercise and one may need to bump that up another quarter ounce per pound.

Staying hydrated doesn’t only benefit your body internally, but your skin will continue to look radiant. This is very true as exercise has been found to stimulate your body’s production of collagen and elastin, essentially helping your skin to look younger, unless you don’t hydrate properly; lack of hydration will make your skin and lips look dry.

Dry cracking skin and lips are very unattractive, and you owe it to yourself to keep your body hydrated if your goal is trying to be more attractive.

  • Improved hydration keeps your body working efficiently.
  • Keeping skin hydrated with moisturizers and lotions will reinforce the hard work you are doing.

Regarding Nail Health

Keep an eye on your finger and toenails; overgrown nails can be one of the biggest turn-offs. No matter how fit you are, how much product you put in your hair, how pretty your smile is, if your nails look longer than the woman you are trying to talk to, she may lose interest, and fast.

A well-manicured man speaks volumes to his level of care, and cleanliness. One can assume by looking at nice even, clean fingernails, that the owner also keeps the rest of his body clean, and tidy as well. On the same note, toenails are just as important; just because they aren’t seen as much, doesn’t mean they can be neglected.

Remember, our circulation is increasing now that we are working out, and nails grow quicker when circulation increases. Keep them trim, clean, and nice looking. Don’t cut them too short, keep a little of the white edge to the fingernails – very professional appearance.

To recap:

  • Increased physical activity means more sweating.
  • Clean thoroughly, and more often.
  • Consider a light shower before working out.
  • Showering after is an absolute must.
  • Keep hair extra clean.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • Take care of your skin with a regimen of emollient based moisturizers, creams and lotions.
  • Keep finger and toenails neat, trimmed, and clean

Now get out there and start working towards a fitter, more attractive you!

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