Tired of going to the gym? Better have a look at insanity workout online

Insanity workout online-Photo by form
Insanity workout online-Photo by form

Many of us find it almost impossible to train due to the overload of obligations and responsibilities we find ourselves immersed in. Of course, we are talking about work, family, and other interpersonal relationships. Thus, in some cases, we have such a limited time availability that we do not even have 30 minutes to go for a walk. So, we should forget about going to the gym. If that is your case, there is an excellent home alternative: an insanity workout online.

Yes, such a workout method has been around for many years. Do you remember those famous training videotapes and TV shows from the 80s? Well, now we have their renewed version thanks to technological advances. Thus, while our parents used to train by standing in front of their TV, we now can do it by using our smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, of course.

Video exercise programs have nothing to envy to other training methods

The main difference between an online workout program and a traditional session of physical exercise is that your trainer will not be in front of you. Apart from that, you count on a professional to guide you in your technique and set up a weekly or monthly workout plan. Moreover, he/she will inform you about your evolution as well.

In other words, such an alternative method for on-site training can give you the same results. Therefore, you only need are a set of goals (which you can establish together with your trainer) and the perfect motivation. Having these facts into account, you will be ready to make extraordinary changes to your lifestyle and begin shaping your body like never before!

Insanity personal workout Online programs: which is the right one?

Well, the answer to this question depends on several aspects. One is your lifestyle and the objectives you have in mind. On the other hand, you have to be sure that you decide to go for a program that keeps you excited and entertained. So, it does not mean that a training routine that works for a friend of yours will also be apt for you. In any case, you can always research as much as you want and look for other people’s opinions.

However, the best part is that there are lots of personal training programs at home available out there. And you can adapt your choice based on your budget, availability of time, etc. Moreover, some insanity workout online programs also offer a dietary plan to boost your results to the top. Hence, you will skip going to a nutritionist if you were thinking about your eating habits.

Dailyburn workout programs

If your idea is to get rid of some weight, this kind of training plan can suit you perfectly. It consists of combining strength and cardio exercises to maximize the elimination of those extra pounds. Thus, during a session, you will go through intervals of different intensities that will test and perfect your cardiovascular capacity. Also, you will have to do strength exercises in the form of a circuit that will tone and define your muscles.

Moreover, it usually takes short periods and does not require any special equipment. Among the most elementary items, you will find dumbbells, a jump rope, and mats. Hence, you can set up your training space at home. Of course, it is possible to replace some elements you may not have at first.

Core training is one of the favorites of many fitness fans, and it is also available online

If you are looking to enhance your balance and equilibrium, this kind of training is for you. Core training focuses on perfecting the strength and resistance of a group of muscles located in the center of our body. Therefore, if you are an athlete, it could be the perfect idea to make your performance reach astonishing levels.

Besides, the great news is that you do not need any equipment at all. You can use only your body to carry out many exercises and then supplement the rest with weights and more. Besides, the key to core training is to work on muscles in the back, hips, abdomen, and legs. Therefore, you will improve your posture and acquire more excellent resistance. A curious fact: In case you did not know, Pilates is an example of a workout that has its basis on core training.


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We have often been asked by our customers what the suggested rotation was for our workout DVD’s.  We asked Lacey (one of the trainers in the videos)  what a good rotation for the DVD’s would be and she said:“My opinion is to start with;  Beginner, Then intermediate, Followed by advanced. At that point you should be ready to mix and match the others. When we begin a challenge, we always follow that pattern, which is why we created the beg, int, and advanced. Next we will do pure cardio and abs (great combo), pure cardio and upper body (also a great combo), power and balance covers every muscle group so it can be coupled with anything. Circuit is a great workout that our clients love to pepper into the mix.

Are you interested in knowing more about online workout programs? Have a look at the link below.




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