Know the Popular Bra Types to Choose the Best

Popular Bra Types

There are various types of bras to suit your feminine shape and curvaceous upper body. A proper idea of the various bra types would help you select the right one as per your outfit. The bra must be complementing your breast shape and looks as well as the outfit. Lines and seams on the bra or spillage of breast tissues around the bra line create some ugly looks which are quite embarrassing. Hence you must avoid it by choosing the right bra type and the right bra size.

A comprehensive guide on various bra types

Here is a comprehensive guide on the various bra types. The generic type names stay the same but get a little dash added by the different manufacturing brands. If you go by brands, then you would see that every brand have their list of types, and the number of designs would vary from one to another. But these commonly found designs would be existent in all brands. A precise idea of the various commonly available bra types would take you prepared to your next bra shopping session.

T-shirt bras

T-shirt bras are also called contoured bra. They are generally wife free and are light to heavily padded. The purpose of wearing these bras is to make the breasts appear smooth and contoured. Breasts need to appear without seams and smooth in appearance in certain types of dresses. T-shirts, certain types of tops, shirts, etc. need you to wear such bras which would hide all fabric seams and stitch lines. In t-shirt bras, the bra strap and folds are unnoticeable and disappear. The bra cups have such a mold that they hold the breasts totally in shape and also gives a nice rounded shape to the breasts. Also, the padded molds give great nipple coverage.

Underwired bras

Underwired bars, as the name suggests are bras which have wire under the breast line under both breasts. The wire is to support the weight of the breasts and help hold the shape of the breasts. These bras are specially suggested for heavy and developed breasts, and also for breasts which are sagging or tend to be sagging. Underwired bras come in several cuts and styles like Demi cup, plunge, and full-coverage cups, and also comes as nursing bras. Some women find underwire supportive, and some find them uncomfortable.

Push up bras

These are bras to push up the breasts and give them a lift in height. They are a good choice in case you want to make your cleavage look deep, or want the breasts to look perky, or want to remove the disparity when your one breast is bigger than the other.

Balconette bra

A balconette bra gets its name from the word balcony. The straps and uppercut of the bra I made such that this creates the widest and deepest neckline with a total rectangular shape. That makes the straps being placed at the farthest ends of the shoulders, and the bra cups expose the upper part of the breasts to create a sexy look. The full coverage bra is molded to bring this style.

Demi Bra

The demi bra has a sexier look than the balconette bra. The demi bra has the tops of the cups in a different cut with a lower neckline. This exposes the breasts and cleavage even more than balconette. However, it does not create a deep cleavage but gives breasts a nice gentle life.


Bralettes are like tops with the function of a bra. They can be worn from over the top of the head by just sliding them in the body. No clasps are needed, and no open ends are there in them. They are trendy, fashionable, and the newest style in bras. They can be worn as a bra, and also as upper wear on such occasions where you can dress like that. They are flexible for use as sleepwear, as beachwear, on vacations or trips, like sexy lingerie, and so on.

Convertible bras and strapless bras

Convertible bras and strapless bras tend to fall in the same category. The basic difference between them is that strapless bra, as the name suggests doesn’t have the straps, and can be worn like a tube top. Convertibles are bras with straps which can be fitted or taken off. You may wear the straps in the traditional style, or wear them in a crisscross way from the back, or detach them. Convertible bras can be converted into strapless ones, but strapless ones cannot be made into convertible bras.

Plunge bras

Plunge bras are the ones which have a furrow on the cleavage line between the two breasts. The furrow goes deep down, and the cups make a snug fit so that any outfit with a very low neckline can be worn over them. The plunge bras are to allow the visibility of a very low neckline and a deep cleavage.

Sports bras

Sports bras are extremely useful for workouts and exercises. During brisk activities breasts may jiggle and make you uncomfortable. Sports bras give breasts, strong support by fixing them to their position and holding them straight without wobbling. There are two types of sports bars. One is to hold both breasts under a single fabric like a top. They hold it by compression. Another type has two cups for either breast and fits snugly with a tight grip.

Know the bra size chart too

There are some other bra models like backless bras, nursing and maternity bras, and also minimizer bras. And to pick up the right bra it’s not just important that you know the bra type, but you also need to know the bra size chart US. Then only you can pick the right bra and feel nice and comfortable, and look good.


To show off your feminine appeal, it’s very important that you choose a good bra and use it with proper knowledge of size. There are several sources from where you can buy it.

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