Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges

Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges

Getting Your Body In The Shape You Want

Fully flourishing is easy to conceive, but difficult to achieve. All you’ve got to do is eat the right foods and exercise on a regular basis. Simple, right? Wrong! You’ve got psychological hangups, work, children, relationships, aspirations, hobbies, and procrastination to deal with! And that’s if you’re lucky and have no inhibiting medical issues.


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Rudy Mawer is a certified sports nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). He has a first class bachelor's degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health and a Master's degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science. Rudy has worked as a sports nutritionist and trainer for 7 years and has helped hundreds of people transform their physiques. He has worked with many professional athletes and teams, including the NBA, professional bodybuilders, world triathlon gold medalists, and Hollywood celebrities. Rudy bridges the gap between science and real-world application. He applies the latest research into his writing and consulting practices.


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