ProSolution Gel Review: Does It Really Work?


Sex is not overrated, it is essential. It is not just about having sex, but the quality of sex is what matters. Every sane man out there knows what good sex can do to a relationship. It strengthens the bond between two people who are in a relationship. However, things may not always go as expected. Because of various factors, the sexual performance of a man can go down.

Apart from not lasting in bed, another common problem that can inhibit your sexual performance is failing to get an erection (erectile dysfunction or ED). Such incidences will not only cause embarrassment but can also be frustrating.

Thanks to technology, men can smile again. Some solutions can be used to improve men’s sex life. Some of them have a reputation of delivering the best results while others can help one to get an erection but have adverse side effects. Other sex enhancement drugs have the guts to fail you in the hour of need.

One of the most effective and best male sexual supplements that you can use to revitalize your sexual prowess is the ProSolution Gel. Over 97% of its users have reported a massive improvement in their sex life, and this is why you should spend some time to check out on the male enhancement product.  So let’s read the full ProSolution Gel review.

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The Manufacturer

Behind every successful product is a reputable brand that’s worth mentioning. Leading Edge Health is the name behind ProSolution Gel male sexual lubricant. The manufacturer is known throughout the globe for coming out with innovative, safe and effective health products especially the ones that are related to sexual health.

The Gel belongs to the big family ProSolution powerful male enhancement products which also includes ProSolution Pills. The company is proud of owning an array of other sexual enhancement products which cater for the needs of both the males and the females. The brand’s name has also featured in some of the popular anti-aging and skin products.

ProSolution Gel Ingredients

From the company’s information, ProSolution Gel has been specially formulated with the best ingredients that one can get in sex-related products. It also prides of using an all-natural set of ingredients to produce this product. Most of the gel’s ingredients have also been used to generate other natural treatments.

Given that the ingredients are natural, users should not be worried about suffering from the side effects of artificial chemicals. The ingredients have also been certified and passed all the safety tests. Here is a breakdown of the elements that are contained in the ProSolution Gel male libido booster and orgasm enhancer.

L-Arginine: One of the key factors that contribute to healthy and long-lasting erection in men is the presence of nitric oxide in the body. The adequate supply of this acid especially moments before sex can trigger some drastic changes, especially to the penis. The manufacturers of this supplement took this factor into consideration by using this powerful ingredient which contains Amino acid that is responsible for stimulating the production of Nitric Oxide. The Nitric Oxide executes one simple task, to dilate the blood vessels in the penis hence increasing the flow of blood to sexual organs. This will result in a powerful erection hence better sex.

Aloe Vera: Is there any natural product that does not have some content of aloe vera? The powerful effects of this ingredient range from skin care, respiration health and even sexual health. Aloe vera helps the nutrients and ingredients to go to their designated destination. Under this circumstance, it helps the ingredients used to make ProSolution Gel work the penis so as to improve the erection. It also has some therapeutic effects on men whose sexual performance might have been affected by some types of diseases. It makes one feel healthy and energetic once again.

Algae Extract: Some types of skins can prove to be a hard nut to crack especially when interacting with gels. The role of the algae extracts to make the skin receptive to the contents of the ProSolution Gel. It also promotes a better penetration of the gel. The sensual feeling that a user will have while applying the gel can arouse sexual desires.

Bearberry Extract: This ingredient is also known as Uva Ursi. It is a special herb which has been used for many years to treat urinary tract infections. The herb promotes copious movement of fluid in the sexual organ which will not only lead to strong erection but will also result to a powerful climax.

Mango Butter: Many cultures from different corners of the world consider mango butter as a powerful aphrodisiac. It boosts the libido of a man which will lead to better sex sessions.

Menthol: The role of menthol is to set the fire on. It stimulates the genitals so that they get ready for sex. Once stimulated, the ingredient ensures that the penis remains powerful for as long as you wish. The issue of not lasting during an intense sexual action will be a thing of the past.

Vitamin C: One of the problems that many men suffer from is being unable to recover faster probably after the first session of sex. According to credible scientific studies, vitamin C can reduce the recovery time hence increasing the frequency of sex.


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How to Use ProSolution Gel Libido Enhancer

The success of any health product depends on how you use it. Using it as it has been recommended will increase its success rate and using it wrongly will not only make it ineffective but can also lead to serious health complications. This fact applies to ProSolution Gel. Good news is that using the gel is not complex as it is the case of most sex enhancement products. All that you need is to apply it on the penis then do a gentle massage on the area that you have applied. You can make the process better by letting your partner to do the massaging.

The effects of the ProSolution Gel will start taking a toll on you immediately. One thing that you are probably worried about is whether the gel is applicable during safe sex. According to the manufacturer, ProSolution Gel libido enhancer for men works perfectly with condoms meaning that you can apply it on the organ before putting on the condom.

However, you should first ascertain whether you or your partner is allergic to any ingredient that is in the gel. Some people are highly sensitive to some of the ingredients such that it can have some adverse effects on the skin. However, the natural characteristic of the gel minimizes any cases of adverse allergic reactions.

Male Enhancement Lubricant Side Effects

ProSolution Gel is made up of all-natural ingredients. It mainly contains extracts and products from natural but therapeutic plants which are safe when used on human beings. This means that the supplement does not have any elements of toxic substances which can trigger a series of negative effects.

This is unlike most of the sex enhancers in the market which has lots of artificial chemicals. Most of these chemicals are responsible for some side effects of the drugs. With ProSolution Gel male libido booster, neither you nor your sexual partner will suffer the repercussions of using it.

ProSolution Gel Videos

Where to Buy ProSolution Gel Male Libido Booster

You may not get ProSolution Gel in your local retail stores, but this does not mean that this sex booster is rare to find.

You can simply order for the medicine right from the comfort of your home through a phone call, mail, fax and even online: ProSolution Gel Website.

The ProSolution Gel website is the ideal place that you should visit so as to make an order. You can also be lucky to enjoy some amazing bonuses just by purchasing the product. The best thing is that your geographical location should not be the limit. This is because ProSolution Gel can be shipped throughout the world. When buying, you only need to select your country.

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Real User Reviews

Different users have warmly received ProSolution Gel, and many of them are happy with the product. Here are some real reviews of some of the users.

Saved my relationship

“Thanks to ProSolution Gel I was able to salvage my 2-year relationship which was at rocks. The sex life between my girlfriend and I was dead as I could not last for more than five minutes. The frustration on my girlfriend’s face was visible, and I started avoiding any situation that would lead to sex. I think I feel lucky to have discovered about the presence of the drug in the market. After reading some reviews, I decided to give it a try and purchased it. Since then I have been a pro on the bed, and my girlfriend loves me more than before!”

The safest libido booster

“My journey in searching for a safe and effective sex enhancement solution has not been an easy one. I have tried out different pills, and some of them have left me worse than before. Some of the side effects that I have been suffering from after using other drugs include an acute headache and severe chest pains hours after taking the pill. When I started using ProSolution Gel, I have never experienced any pain after using it, and my sexual performance has been good.”


Review Conclusion. Does ProSolution Gel Work?

To sum up the review: ProSolution Gel is a natural sex enhancement product for men from a highly respected manufacturer that has some of the best sexual supplements on the market. This means that men should expect nothing but the best out of this product.

The male enhancement lubricant can be easily absorbed fast into the bloodstream, and its effects will start to be experienced in almost an instant. When it comes to safety, the product scores all the points, and this is attributed to the fact that it mostly consists of natural ingredients.


There are no complicated procedures that should be followed when using it, in fact, it is enjoyable to apply it on the skin. It is a compelling libido boosting product that can help men to have powerful, even multiple orgasms and long-lasting erections.

To learn more about price and other info, visit the ProSolution Gel Website.

*Also read the full review of VigRX Oil penis enlargement lubricant.

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ProSolution Gel Summary Review and Overall Rating













  • Very easy to use with really fast results
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Produces bigger and harder erections
  • Causes a noticeable increase in semen volume
  • Less expensive than other male enhancement supplements


  • Only available online
  • Has to be handy when you need it!
Arlene is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Sports Nutritionist by The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). She completed an MSc in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University and a BSc in Food and Nutrition from The University of Alabama. Arlene has worked in supplement development, sports nutrition and is currently working in clinical nutrition counseling for a rehabilitation hospital. She is a 3-time Olympic swimmer and loves running and paddle boarding. With her expertise in the world of sports, she has been able to apply her knowledge of nutrition to help athletes improve performance and achieve their goals in different sports.


  1. A friend of mine uses ProSolution and I had no idea it was a gel. I thought he was taking a pill. I am glad I looked into it. I would much rather use something like a gel that gives me instant results then having to wait. Thanks for the review, it actually helped me understand how this gel works.

  2. This gel is so easy to use. I used it a few times and already seen decent results. I will continue using it to see if I can get a bigger erection. I have not tried it out with my wife yet. I want to make sure it does it all for me before I show her my improvements. She is out of town for the next month taking care of her mother. I look forward to surprising her.

  3. My boyfriend used this and didn’t tell me. I actually found the bottle and started looking up what it was online. He knew something was up. I told him that I found out what was going on. I swear it was like his erection was so much firmer and he lasted so much longer. ProSolution Gel works and I had no idea until after finding it. The before and after, mind blowing.


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