Rebounder Trampoline: The Health Benefits

Rebounder trampoline
Rebounder trampoline

Are you tired of the walk to the gym, or need a different routine from the usual cardio and weights? You will be amazed that the humble trampoline, which gave you so much joy as a child, can offer a very exciting alternative in achieving your fitness goals. The American space agency NASA may know a thing or two about these benefits seeing as it is that cosmonauts do not have a lot of exercising space, and have found the trampoline to offer very effective workouts. NASA says that trampolining is 68% more effective than running and that you can get the equivalent of a 10-kilometer run jumping on a rebounder for 20 minutes. Here is why you should look at your outdoor rebounder in a different light.

Cut weight

A bungee rebounder from is a very good alternative or supplement to your other workout routines including weight lifting and aerobics. A man can burn about 12 calories per minute, and a woman 9 calories per minute which can vary due to different factors. Losing weight comes with added benefits including reduced risk of developing hypertension and type-2 diabetes, lower cholesterol levels and overall self-confidence.

Improve your cardiovascular fitness

Many people are surprised when they start sweating after a few minutes on a rebounder, but your muscles are hard at work with the simple motion of launching yourself up and resisting when coming down. Your heart will be working extra hard to pump oxygenated blood to these muscles, which in turn demands more efficiency from your lungs. Regular workouts gradually improve your cardiovascular efficiency and make you last longer.

Better motor coordination

Sedentary lifestyles and advancing in age take away the edge in action-reaction times; you trip easier, move out of harm’s way slower and generally find that your limbs move slower than your brain commands them. Exercising on a rebounder trampoline rebuilds motor coordination because your body is forced to react to unexpected movements on the trampoline. Your brain has to work out where you are and communicate this to your limbs for balance. You will find that your awkwardness on the rebounder gradually gives way to sharper movements

Better bone and muscle density

Maintaining bone and muscle density keeps you safe from simple muscle injuries and bone fractures, which are very common in older people. Your body retains its strength, which also keeps your posture upright as you can support your weight more effectively.
The best thing about a rebounder trampoline is that it needs very little space, and its workouts are low impact and safe.



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