Review of Profollica Hair Treatment System For Men

Review of Profollica Hair Loss Treatment. Male Pattern Baldness

Grow Thicker Fuller Hair No Matter Your Age!

The Profollica® System contains a powerful, clinically-proven formula for combatting hair loss and aims to provide an explosion of new hair growth for men and women!

Here’s what the Profollica® System is designed to do in 60 Days:
  • It helps to stop the conversion of 5-alpha-reductase to DHT!
  • Stimulates blood circulation & nutrient availability to follicles.
  • Fortifies the body with vitamins known to prevent hair loss.
  • Increases hair’s elasticity, quality, and texture.
  • Improves hair body, suppleness, & sheen.
  • Provides relief from dry, itchy scalp conditions.
  • Promotes the growth of healthy NEW hair!
  • Regulates scalp oiliness and sebum production.
  • Awakens dormant hair follicles back into the “growth” phase.
  • It helps to prevent premature greying and may restore hair color.

One of the most dreadful scenarios for men is when they look in the mirror, and they notice their hair is thinning and the hairline is noticeably receding. Thankfully, we have progressed enough that we have a good idea why this happens in most men.

More importantly, we have already found the best solutions to combat such a problem. One of the most popular hair loss treatment out there is Profollica hair loss cure for men.

So, what’s Profollica male hair loss solution all about? What are its ingredients? Does it have any side-effects? And most importantly, does it really work?

If you are curious to know the answers to these questions, then read as this article is going to be an in-depth Profollica review.

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Profollica Hair Loss Solution – What You Need to Know

At its core, Profollica is a hair loss treatment for men. While you may have heard about hair loss treatment for men before, Profollica is different because of its method of treatment. Before we get into that, it’s best that you know what’s the real cause of balding or hair thinning so you will know how Profollica will prevent or even reverse the problem.

You can say that 95% of hair loss in men can be traced back to hormones, genetics or a combination of both. Specifically, the main culprit behind hair thinning is the hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

It is possible that because of your hormone or genes, your body has increased levels of DHT. When this happens, DHT will start attacking the follicles of your hair. When the DHT levels reach a certain point, it will start blocking the follicle’s proper nutrition. Hence, your hair will start going through a process known as miniaturization; which results in your hair growing finer, shorter, thinner, and dwindling in numbers. Profollica is a unique hair loss treatment system as it’s a complete package to tackle the source of the problem.

Profollica’s real power is its two-step system, which is specifically designed to stop and prevent male pattern baldness. With continued use, it will reverse the common problem of male-pattern hair loss (MPHL) among men. So what is this two-step process?


Inside the Profollica package, you find a hair loss supplement and a gel. For the Profollica gel, you will have to apply it to your hair. The gel is designed to block the effects of DHT that’s already in your follicles. The daily supplement is designed to do two things.

First, the daily supplements are intended to prevent the overproduction of DHT in your body. It’s also designed to properly nourish your body so your follicles can receive more blood flow. Profollica is a two-punch combo that helps you knock out that hair loss problem. However, these are just not just mere claims.

According to a clinical trial done by the engineers behind Profollica, 90% of men who used the product reduced the hair loss problem, and almost all of the subjects experienced hair regrowth. This is after 112 days of continuous use of Profollica. One of the reasons why Profollica such an effective hair recovery is due to the ingredients.

Profollica Ingredients

Profollica hair fall cure for men contains a number of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that work together to help you get the best hair treatment possible. However, below are the most prominent ingredients.

Pantothenic Acid. Also known as Vitamin B5. This vitamin is responsible for regulating the amount of sebum found on the scalp. It’s also responsible for nourishing the hair follicles. Deficiency of Pantothenic acid has been linked to premature hair loss and hair graying.

Cyanocobalamin. Also known as Vitamin B12. This vitamin plays a very crucial role in the formation of your red blood cells. The deficiency of this vitamin will result in a decrease in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells.

Trichogen. This is the active ingredient found in Profollica gel. The ingredient is clinically tested to reverse hair loss.

Panax Ginseng. An ingredient that encourages protein synthesis and improving the blood flow in the hair. It’s also another ingredient found in the Profollica gel.

Kigelia Africana. A fruit that is found to reduce the production of Dihydrotestosterone in the body.

Arctium Major Root. This specific ingredient helps in the proper regulation of the sebum and strengthens each hair strands.

Ginko Biloba. Increases the blood flow to the hair which allows the scalp to re-grow the hair much faster.

Salvia Sclarea. An ingredient that helps in decreasing the activity of DHT.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the many ingredients that are found in Profollica. With so many ingredients, it’s easy to ask yourself – is there any side effects?


Profollica Side Effects

To put it blatantly, there’s no such thing as a supplement, medicine or drug that has zero cases of side effects. This is because some people’s body is simply prone to react to a certain compound, ingredient or chemical.

Also, there are certain cases that a person might have an allergic reaction to a specific ingredient. Having said that, Profollica contains ingredients that are officially considered as “Generally Recognised as Safe” or GRAS.

Keep in mind that all of the Profollica’s ingredients are all-natural. Hence, if in a rare case that you get a side-effect, it’s nowhere near similar to the side-effects that you get from prescription medications. Now that you know what’s the cause of hair loss in men, and how Profollica combats the problem, the next obvious question is – how to use Profollica male pattern baldness treatment?


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How to Use Profollica Hair Loss Cure For Men

As mentioned before, the Profollica hair treatment kit has two major parts. These are the supplement and the gel.

The supplement works just like any other hair loss supplement, and that means taking it orally. The pill acts internally. You can take the pill either after or before you apply the gel.

profollica-before-and-after-resultsThe tricky part is the gel. The first step is to wash your hair with water and shampoo. This removes the dust, debris, and excess sebum in your hair. After this preparatory step is done, the next step is to apply that gel.

To use the gel, put it directly on the scalp. You’d want to apply it to all areas of the hair, but you can also increase the application in areas in which the hair loss is severe. After the application, massage your scalp for a few minutes. DO NOT wash off the gel. You allow the gel to sit on your hair and let it dry. Right now, you may be asking, where can I get Profollica?

Where to Buy Profollica Hair-Regrow Solution

Your best bet is to visit the official website at and order it from there. 

Keep in mind that Profollica hair fall prevention solution is not as big compared to major pharmaceutical companies. Hence, their distribution system is not that wide. If you can find it in the local drugstores or alternative medicine stores in your area, then consider yourself lucky.

You may also find Profollica in major online stores like, but there are cases that the sellers run out of stock.


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Review Conclusion – Does Profollica Work?

To sum up the Profollica review: There are a lot of hair loss treatments on the market right now. What makes Profollica different is because of its treatment method.

Some hair loss treatments out there provide you with a shampoo-type of treatment, while others are providing you with a supplement pill. Profollica hair-regrow solution is different as it provides you with both. Furthermore, the supplements and gel complement each other, further boosting the effectiveness when working in unison. You can say that Profollica hair fall treatment is more than the sum of its individual parts.

In other words, you may choose to get a hair loss topical treatment and a different hair loss supplement, and it may work; but it won’t be as effective when the two products are designed to work with each other, like how Profollica is being manufactured. Most importantly, the results can’t be denied.


According to the clinical trials done by the company, 90% of the test subjects reduced the effects of hair loss, and most participants successfully regrown their hair. Here’s another thing to consider.

Profollica performs very well against male-pattern hair loss, is made of natural ingredients, and that means it’s a lot safer compared to prescription drugs. In fact, when it comes to effectiveness, you may read some reviews that Profollica doesn’t seem to agree with their hair, but you can hardly find any complaints about making the hair loss problem worse; a problem that is seen in some other male hair loss treatment products.

Also, when you compare it to some other hair recovery systems out there, Profollica is relatively cheaper. Then, there’s the money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the results of Profollica, you can simply notify the company about your unsatisfactory results, and they will send you your money back. Now, step back a little.

The best-case scenario is when Profollica hair loss supplement and gel work and you get your thinning hair and receding hairline back and your hair loss problem is a thing of the past. Or you get the worst-case scenario, in which you don’t get any satisfactory results, no further progression of the hair loss treatment, and you get to have your money back.

Think about it, the upsides severely outweigh the downside. Hence, that is why this article full heartily recommend that you try Profollica, one of the best reverse hair loss system for men.

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Prices, extra information about male-pattern baldness, more about Profollica you can find at official Profollica Website.

Profollica Review Summary and Overall Rating













  • Natural ingredients only
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • It works internally and externally for optimum results
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Can only be ordered online


  1. I have been looking at many different hair treatments for my husband and this is one I think he is going to end up getting it. Not only does it have great reviews but it shows why it works. Profollica is one of the few I never heard of but my husband knew of it before. Thanks for the information. I will share his results in a few months.

  2. I like that this has a 60 day money back guarantee. That actually makes me more inclined to try it. Not many hair loss systems or treatments offer that. I liked this review as well. Felt honest. I have been comparing a few different products on your site for a week now and I think this one is the winner for me.

  3. So you have to use the drops and the supplement for Profollica to work or? I am a bit confused on that. I am new to all these treatments. My hair started thinning out over the last few years and I am starting to become bothered by it. Looking for an easy solution and someone recommended me this system.

  4. The good thing about Profollica is it works externally and systemically inside the body, so it brings results quicker. And I believe the effects are more sustainable in the long run too.

  5. Getting bored of waiting for the regular minoxidil to show significant results, not to mention it’s costly with no guarantees. I’m going to swap out and see how Profollica works.

  6. You know what? With all of the hair treatments out there on the market, this is actually the best explanation of how hair loss occurs and how it can be helped that I have ever found. Thank you for that!

  7. I have been looking for things that can help with my hair loss. I know I will be bald at some point because my dad is, but if I can keep the hair I have as long as possible, I would be much happier. Based on what I read, I would give this a try.


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