Sleeping cure for Fibromyalgia patients – How to select the best mattress?

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Nothing heals the body better than a good night’s sleep! While most people can be on the bed and sleep, others might need some help. Especially, people with pains and aches in the body, choosing the right mattress is essential. Today, many people have Fibromyalgia, and they need to think twice before buying a mattress.

Understanding Fibromyalgia and what it does to the body

A chronic autoimmune disorder, Fibromyalgia results in tremendous pain all over the body! This ongoing pain results in extreme fatigue and minimized energy. People who suffer from this disorder often can’t get a peaceful sleep at night. Most of the times, they wake during the night hours. It results in tiredness and makes your body drain.

Fibromyalgia patient’s also face extreme stiffness as they walk. They find it difficult to hold certain positions even while sitting or lying down while reading a book. Fibromyalgia patients get their pain cycles consistently, which affects their life quality. And since they have difficulty in sleeping, the ailments either stay stagnant or worse. Healing happens when there’s good rest. And that would come when other than medications; patients get the right mattress. It is essential to choose a mattress that helps patients to relieve body stress and alleviates pain.

Are you searching for the best mattresses for fibromyalgia? The following options can help:

  1. Memory foam, Innerspring or Latex mattress

You can select a mattress of any of these three kinds for Fibromyalgia, and they will experience the benefits. Latex is a great choice, as it is breathable and has good airflow. It is also hypoallergenic which works excellent for Fibromyalgia patients, as they face overheating issues during sleep. The mattress provides the correct bounce and responsiveness, along with the soft cushiony feel, making it comfortable for patients to sleep better.

Also, a memory foam mattress is a popular option today! It is either composed of polyurethane or natural memory foam. And that helps the Fibromyalgia patient to conform to his/her best sleeping posture. It is one of the favored mattresses that most doctors recommend for Fibromyalgia patients and others too who experience body aches because it provides the comfort and the necessary support. Also, cooling gel memory foam is a great option, as well.

You can also select from the hybrid innerspring models that also give the best support and comfort for Fibromyalgia patients. It’s always a smart count to choose the higher spring count that provides adequate support for the neck, head, and spine.

  1. A firm mattress providing support

Select a mattress model that helps to relieve the pressure from the joints. It should also help in the even distribution of the weight so that your body doesn’t face any discomfort. The apt firmness level for reducing Fibromyalgia pain in people is firm-medium. Most Fibromyalgia requires a mattress that will reduce their pain and also provide maximum comfort and support, especially where there’s maximum pain.

These are some essential aspects you need to consider when you are selecting a mattress from a Fibromyalgia patient. Be careful of the brand that you choose. It is always better to choose a high-end brand for a few extra dollars than choosing a cheap mattress and aggravating the pain.

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