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Adjustable Bed
“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times”

Eating nutritious food and spending quality time in fitness centers are not only the way to keep your body healthy and active. Our day-to-day activities also play an important role in keeping us fit. Due to our hectic lifestyles, out of every three individuals, one person invariably faces lifestyle-prone health hazards. From cervical problems, back pain, migraines, knee pain to spinal issues, the list goes on. And, these issues need utmost care as any neglect can intensify a routine pain to a threatening problem.

Have you ever wondered why we have become prone to these problems? Primarily it is due to our long hours at work without giving our bodies their much needed relaxation in between. No matter how much you keep giving your best to work, it is difficult to achieve optimum results unless we are absolutely healthy. In addition, through the course of a routinely busy day, we may not be mindful of our lifestyle, how we move or lift things, or even how we sit or sleep as we go about performing our regular tasks.

And, needless to say, it’s more important for our personal spaces to be designed in such a way that it brings alive the comfort and rejuvenates our body, mind and soul.

Hence, it is vital to address the solutions to the problems that can shape a better world through technology that can offer unconditional freedom whose boundaries are defined for people to attain. Here are some tips that will not only help you stay fit but also feel lighter at your residence.

Health and Lifestyle

Health which refers to both – physical as well as mental; and lifestyle, which is both- the means and the outcome of your vigor, are quite closely knitted concepts. And, in order to maintain both one needs to undertake few changes that can eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle.

As, every individual enjoy relaxing after a long day. We usually try to stack pillows against the headboards to get comfortable while we read, work on laptop or watch TV. But eventually after about 10 minutes the pillows are moved around and we end up in a very uncomfortable position. Our back seemed fine earlier, but now it hurts, because we gradually reclined our body in an awkward position. Now, our neck hurts, our shoulders hurt and most probably our back too.

As the bedroom is considered to be the most personal of all rooms in a household as we spend almost one third of our lives in the bedroom. It is precisely for this reason choosing bed that helps you attain a sound health becomes vital. And, according to the doctors those who enjoy a sound sleep at regular basis generally enjoy a great and healthy lifestyle.

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The lifestyle benefit of adjustable beds

Do you know that adjustable beds could actually make you healthier for many years now, adjustable beds were made solely for medical purposes. Now, these move-able sleep systems are taking over most of residential space. More and more people are beginning to recognize that getting this type of bed would absolutely help them improve their sleep and enhance their overall health and lifestyle. The benefits of using a mechanical/adjustable beds are not just hospital patients anymore. Today, men, women, and children of all walks of life are experiencing the profound health benefits of a good night’s sleep.

And while furniture’s (adjustable beds) comes in many types and pieces. Deciding on the one that suits you best may be daunting at times. As, these decisions and actions are tied to the things which go on in your personal space. It implies that one should act wisely while choosing. 


  1. The alleviation of back pain – When sleeping on adjustable beds, the contours of your body will more naturally match the position the mobility aid takes, meaning your back is flatter against the bed. This then prevents conditions such sciatica – a horrible condition whereby the sciatic nerve gets trapped near the base of the spine. The adjustability of the bed also means that you don’t need to pile up too many pillows to support your head, thus preventing further neck or back aches.
  1. For Apnea and snoring – Although snoring sounds humorous, it is no laughing matter for some people and couples in particular, with one partner suffering from little to no sleep if the other suffers from extreme cases of snoring. With an adjustable bed, users can prop themselves upright slightly, thus altering the direction of gravity so the weight of your neck does not obstruct your windpipe, which is one of the main causes of snoring. Altering your sleep position can also help in some cases of apnea – a condition where an individual wakes up intermittently throughout the night due to the stoppage of breathing. Although not beneficial in all forms of the condition, an adjustable bed can help with obstructive apnea.
  1. For digestion – Processing food through your body at night is an important task the human body must go through, although it is never advisable to go to sleep on a full stomach. However, if you have eaten a few hours before you go to sleep, adjusting your bed can help encourage a healthy digestion.
  1. Swelling – Elevation to prevent the pain of a sprain, pull or break of a limb is always encouraged by doctors and medical advisors. Although a stack of cushions or pillows may offer a temporary resolution, the chances are you will knock them off when shuffling in your sleep during the night. With an adjustable bed, you can provide a better and more reliable elevation for your limb and help reduce any swelling that may occur from your ailment.

Features To Look In An Adjustable Bed For A Healthy Lifestyle

Adjustable beds have a variety of different features. Below are some standard features of most adjustable beds:

  • Wireless remote – Adjustable beds mostly comes with a wireless remote.However you may even find beds that have wires attached to it.
  • Massage feature – Adjustable beds allows you to control your massage intensity, or change the massage pattern, and include a massage-wake feature.
  • Ability to raise your feet and head – Assome adjustable beds models may elevate just your head,there are few other adjustable bedsthat allows you to elevate both your feet and head.
  • Memory feature – Adjustable beds comes with a memory feature that allows you to save the position you favor the most.
  • Whisper quiet – Most Adjustable bedshave whisper quite feature, which meansyou don’t wake your partner while adjusting your position.
  • Split models – Split models enable you and your partner to control each side of the bed separately, with two remote controls.
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How Adjustable Beds Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Adjustable beds are great since these beds allows us to correct the position of back and also helps us to eliminate other health issues that concern plenty of folks today and hence promoting a good and healthy lifestyle to people.

As adjustable beds comes in 2 style : standard or industrial quality. They’re made up of 2 main elements : the base and the mattress and are also really robust and can support weights of more than six hundred pounds.

Everyone knows about Stress and it is a silent killer and almost all of the cardiac arrests in the world can be evaded by looking after stress. This is where the adjustable beds can help fantastically. Flat beds have also been known to cause respiring issues and even stress. These complications don’t occur in adjustable beds. Flat beds can end up in muscle strain, back agony and general pain. Generally, adjustable beds are growing in appreciation and have developed into a substitute for the average flat bed.

As, adjustable beds are difficult to choose, If you don’t know what you are looking for, you could end up purchasing one that doesn’t suit your body needs and requirements. Here are few best adjustable bed reviews you might consider and keep in mind before you make a purchase. As sometimes in life you have to make a choice. Good VS evil, apple VS orange, storage VS comfort. Maybe, these comparisons may sound a little odd, but still, the choice must be made when it comes to your personal space and needs in order to enhance a healthy life.

  1. Air Technology Beds

Air technology beds are a great deciding for people of all ages and in varying states of health. Air adjustable beds are considered to be the best, as they have replaced ordinary mattresses due to the number of benefits it brings. Because of different features of this type of bed, especially with an option to adjust the right level of firmness, it has proved to be very convenient for people who spend long hours in bed.

However, adjustable beds even provides an individual air bladder control for a person to adjust the amount of air pressure to suit their own comfort level. Being able to actively adjust the bed to your own needs is of course extremely helpful in achieving the quality of sleep your body requires to enhance both physical and mental health. But today’s air beds have an added bonus: dual controls.

Dual controls mean both you and your sleep partner can achieve a level of customized rest. Wow, now that’s a health benefit to live a healthy lifestyle. Today not only can your mattress match your unique sleep needs, it can deliver your partner a perfect-fit, also.

So, for an attractive choice in new sleep technology, an adjustable air bed is well worth considering. And, once you have decided that you want to own one, it is not a good idea to just jump and get one. You have to get some researches so that you may know what to get and from where.

As reviews are important, discussing on the advantages of these products helps consumers on what they should be looking for when buying these products. They also help to understand the technology and what brands are the best, what types and what accessories required.

Many consumers are confused when deciding to buy this technology but with reviews through confessed witnesses from former buyers, this problem is resolved. Reviews help know what you should buy and what you should look for.

  1. Electric Adjustable Bed

Every person needs a good and restful sleep. As we spend one third of our lives in bed. So wouldn’t it be wise to make sure that we get a comfortable and healthy sleep during the night?

Of course it would.

And to help you gain a comfortable sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle, Electric adjustable beds are the most comfortable piece of furniture that you can find in the list of adjustable beds. You can use it for health reasons, for a healthy lifestyle, better sleep, watching TV or plainly for pure comfort. The best feature of this type of bed is that you have control of your bed. One can electrically adjust his/her back and legs to any position as it can be automatically adjusted at the touch of a button. In fact, the users can operate it without any assistance.

For people who cannot move out of bed frequently, these electronically adjustable beds are a boon. As, adjustable beds can be managed electronically through a far flung control, various parts of human body can be well positioned by modifying the parts of the bed.

Consumers who have used electrical adjustable bed said that it provides utmost comfort to the sleepers. And, as these beds can be programmed with a memory controller, functions like the massage, elevation, coming back to one’s favorite position can be easily monitored electronically.

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  1. Memory Foam Adjustable Bed

Individuals who have slept on an adjustable memory foam bed knows that it is the best night’s sleep one can ever had in order to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that most doctors, including chiropractors, have recommend that this is the right bed people can opt for who suffers from sleeping problems. So if you suffer from snoring, insomnia, or any other type of sleep disorder this bed is the perfect solution for you.

The additional element of the adjustable memory foam bed is the elimination of pressure points in which the foam conforms to every contour of your body. Instead of pushing back on the heaviest parts of your body (such as your head, shoulders, legs, and hips) the bed gives way.

Because of the fact that it gives way you do not have the need to toss and turn to alleviate pressure on the aforementioned parts, it has been one of the most preferred choice of people.

  1. Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds can alter your life for the better. They can help you find a suitable position to lead a healthy lifestyle, on which one can greatly soothes his/her body by allowing themselves to fall asleep faster and longer.

As, sleep mechanism is considered to be one of the most vital aspect in building healthy body and agile mind. Zero Gravity adjustable bed helps you to loosen up easily and appropriately. In fact, the Zero-Gravity adjustable bed permits individuals to elevate their head and legs concurrently to a impartial body position, giving them the sense of weightlessness which is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Elucidating it further, Zero Gravity is b est considered to be the best medium to relax so that one attain a lifestyle that enhances health. Consumers who have used it cherished it as it permits the central part of the body to properly angle with the thighs and lower legs.

  1. Latex Adjustable Bed

The new, hot product in the bedding industry is the latex adjustable bed. As the industry shows over the last few years, latex adjustable beds have shown up more in bedding lines.

This allows the bed to have different zones, meaning it is softer under the shoulders and feet and firmer under the hips. Finally, many latex beds layer other materials, whether softer latex or memory foam or something else, on top of the core to give the bed a softer or more yielding feel. Latex adjustable beds have a nice bouncy feel and they are very supportive. Latex makes a great core and is a big improvement over inner springs and denser and more substantial than foam cores.

  1. Eco Sleep Adjustable Bed

Fortunately there are alternatives to the most popular air beds that offer a nearly identical construction and the same adjustability but at a fraction of the cost. Many of these beds offer you even more choices in both the build of the bed and the materials used in construction that greatly impacts health for a better life.

Eco Sleep adjustable airbeds offer multi-chamber air cores and integrate layers of all natural botanic talalay latex and/or eco-friendly plant-based memory foam. Plant-derived memory foam is made with polyoils derived from soy or other so-called oil nuts that replace a large proportion of the petroleum oil that used in Tempurpedic memory foam.

As EcoSleep air beds offer several models with 4 independent air chambers. Consumers who used it found it to be very convenient as it offered more support and firmness.

  1. Dual Adjustable Beds

The dual adjustable bed gives the users the ability to sleep well independent of the others needs or preferences. The bed allowed the users to adjust their individual sides to the desired settings with the assistance of the remote controls. The freedom that a bed provides is unrivaled even by standard adjustable beds.

The dual adjustable bed answers the dilemma of how to achieve the comfort and freedom sought for in the sleep arena. The dual adjustable bed (DAB) includes all the characteristics and benefits of the typical adjustable bed but has the added feature of each side getting the freedom to choose its own settings that is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. A standard adjustable bed raises and lowers the entire bed exactly the same. It is uniform for both people sleeping on the bed.

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