Technology and fitness can be a perfect combination: trying an online personal trainer

Online Personal Trainer Photo by Bruce-Mars-
Online Personal Trainer Photo by Bruce-Mars-

In this 21st Century’s world, when nobody seems to have enough time to do anything, exercise is not an exception. For many years people have blamed technology and computers as being the reason behind a sedentary lifestyle. However, it is more about a lack of availability and, in some cases, commitment. 

On the other hand, there is growing awareness about how healthy nutrition and physical activity can significantly improve the way we feel and see ourselves. Moreover, that is why professionals of physical wellbeing have developed alternatives to on-site training. And let’s be realistic, who does not have a computer or a smartphone nowadays? You only need that to start moving your body!


Training whenever you want to and not dealing with schedules

During the whole week, people run from one place to the other, and not precisely to exercise. Honestly, routine takes most of everyone’s time and hampers the chances of finding a fixed schedule to train. Going to work, taking care of the children, and more responsibilities are true discouragers.

However, as awareness about being in better physical condition grows, so does the number of people who want to improve their appearance and the way they feel. And guess what, having an online personal trainer is the most exceptional solution to many of these issues. Moreover, it will mean spending less money as well.

For such reason, trainers have adapted their services to make them available online. Such a digital alternative allows them to assess clients, even in real-time. And of course, they can do it without having to be anywhere near them. But how does this kind of training work?


The first phase of online training

When the customer gets in touch with the trainer for the first time, the later will ask the person to set up some needs and goals. In other words, whether the person wants to lose weight, gain muscle, improve his/her body posture, developing resistance, etc.

Afterward, the professional will study the client’s current situation. Such evaluation consists of a questionnaire for determining the person’s physical status. Moreover, other factors, such as his/her availability regarding time, space, and resources, are also important. 

It is worth mentioning that a professional will exchange information with the client’s physician to keep him/her always safe. Please, beware of this crucial consideration.


Setting up a personal online training plan

Once the first step is complete, the online personal trainer elaborates a plan based on all the information he/she has collected. Such a training program has to adjust to the client’s needs and body conditions. Furthermore, it has a specific duration that relates to reaching the goals defined before.

Even though this kind of physical activity works remotely, the customer makes direct contact with his/her trainer, via skype, phone call, or also WhatsApp. Then, the professional continuously assess whether the individual is progressing adequately. Thus, every time a stage of this plan ends, the trainer intensifies the necessary parameters to reach the client’s objective. In short, every training plan is a dynamic routine that needs permanent adjustment to suit the athlete’s evolution.

Set Your Online Personal Fitness Plan


Differences between an online personal trainer and apps

As regards apps or devices versus online coaches, the later ones adapt the training to any adverse conditions that may present. What does this mean? Such adaptation includes personal issues like stress or tiredness, changes in weather, and more. And this is something apps are not able to contemplate.

Moreover, a professional will give you enough variety of exercises of your preference, so you do not get bored. And with variety comes motivation.

Of course, prevention of injuries is also crucial and is another factor that your physical instructor will take into account. He/she will teach you how to use the right techniques to train safely.  


Benefits of online assistance for instructors

It does not matter if you are either a coach or a potential athlete, using online personal training assistance represents benefits for both sides. Thinking of the athlete, we have already mentioned how this option can help fight lack of time. Conversely, if you are a personal trainer, providing this kind of service will significantly improve how you connect with your clients. Employing such technology can give you a high hand in expanding your business!

Certainly, specialization plays a fundamental role here. The more you define the characteristics of your perfect athlete, the more useful your services will be for that kind of person. Such a definition applies to people who practice sports, martial arts, functional training, bodybuilding, etc.


But having an online personal trainer is useful for some cases only

There is no doubt that technology equals evolution. But for planning both training and nutritional routines, it can be helpful on some occasions and not all. The main flaw in using apps or implementing online coaching is that these methods do not always achieve the client’s fidelity. Thus, the person eventually stops using the app and therefore quits training also.

A trainer who is present and next to the individual in question will provide him/her with psychological and nutritional support. Therefore, such assistance comes with aid in muscular performance and encouragement. When referring to training apps, no machine can give you all that.


Take advantage of technology always to stay active!

However, some apps can be an excellent complement for cases when the client has to travel often and does not count on enough availability to assist a gym. Besides, using online methods can also apply for those who go on vacations for long periods and want to keep up with their physical activity. 

Finally, it does not matter what your particular case might be since it is always good to stay active. Training has a remarkable impact on both physical and mental health; it is never late to start doing it!

Set Your Online Personal Fitness Plan

If you still have curiosity on how a personal trainer may be great for you, check out this link:





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