The changing role of physical therapists in the time of COVID-19 pandemic

chiropractor and physical therapy
chiropractor and physical therapy

The global pandemic of the coronavirus disease or COVID-19 has affected almost the entire world. It has posed severe challenges for healthcare and medical professionals. These challenges include physiotherapists and physical therapists that are among the frontline workers battling the menace. Physiotherapists and physical therapists come in direct contact with patients infected by the virus. They need to understand their role in identifying, containing, reducing, and treating the symptoms of the disease.
They must learn how to implement methods to reduce the transmission of the virus. Initiating strategies for early identification and dealing appropriately with identified cases is mandatory. Whether in the home environments or clinics like Phyx Me PT Chiropractor and physical therapy.

Being familiar with COVID-19

Physiotherapists and physical therapists are at high risk during the COVID-19 pandemic as it spreads like wildfire across the world. They are in direct contact with patients infected by the coronavirus who might or might not show any symptoms. Being the first point of contact with suspected patients. They are responsible for the early identification of patients who are suffering from the virus attack and managing workload in primary care settings. Therefore, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals need to know well about COVID-19. In addition, they must to know how to prevent its transmission by understanding how they can be involved in workforce planning.

Balancing act

Physiotherapists and physical therapists are part of the health care system. They might not be combating the disease directly but still responsible for protecting lives by preventing its transmission. Chiropractors and physical therapy professionals must use their judgment to decide professionally on how and where to provide care. The understanding that the environment is not at all conducive for caring for anyone involved is required. At the same time, they must understand the crucial role they play in maintaining the health of our society. Professionals are responsible for maintaining health in the communities, which could get severely impacted if there is any care disruption.

How physical therapists should prepare

Physiotherapists and physical therapists must stay abreast and up to date about COVID-19. The WHO, CDC, and the local authorities provide guidance. They must realize their leadership role in the crisis. Patients and staff look up to them for information that helps to make decisions while reassuring them of all help during the crisis.
Their primary responsibility is to minimize exposure in the setting in which they work by strictly adhering to the safety guidelines and use PPE, masks, gloves, etc. to prevent transmission of the disease. Physical therapists must strictly follow the IPC guidelines about infection prevention and control. They should implement triage strategies, practice social distancing, consider digital service delivery, and reschedule non-urgent care. In some cases, they can even find closure due to the non-availability of safety items like PPE.
Education is vital to create awareness and physiotherapists, or physical therapists must ensure that they, along with the staff in the clinic, must have proper training in COVID-19 related procedures and strategies. They must also stay prepared to respond correctly by undertaking rehearsals of all possible COVID-19 scenarios that they might have to face. Visit Phyx Me PT. Chiropractor, and physical therapy.



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