The Gentleman’s Body


Many people become involved with fitness for one reason or another, whether that be the competition of a figure show, the thrill of winning a weight-lifting tournament, or just vanity reasons of wanting to look attractive. All of these are legitimate reasons to be involved in fitness, but it is only one piece of a larger puzzle towards maintaining a high level of health.

At Refined Gent, we pride ourselves on taking care of ourselves. We continue learning beyond the school years, we purchase and maintain quality accessories for our lives, and most importantly, we take care of our physical bodies. This is part of being not only a gentleman, but also a refined one. We present our best at all times, and that means we must exercise to be able to be ready to respond to the various situations that might arise, including playing with our children or friends, or rescuing a puppy in the street or a damsel in distress.

A gentleman is ready to give all to the family and to do that he must not only be capable, but he must also be alive to do make this a possibility. Working out with strength training and cardiovascular exercise can extend a man’s lifetime well into his elder age.

male-fitness-modelMy own grandparents are into their late 80’s, and unless an unforeseen accident occurs, they will continue going to the YMCA and being role models for the youth there. They will continue supporting their own adult children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! This is what being a gentleman and a gentle lady is all about. It’s about being present and giving. And exercise is a key part of performing this duty.

So get to the gym. Get on the track. You can’t just waltz in the gym haphazardly and start slinging dumbbells and free weights around. Study and learn the proper techniques, because others may be watching you for guidance. Wear the proper clothing and safety gear. Most importantly, set a regular routine in motion. Responsibility is a weight to carry and almost a form of exercise in itself!

I know many of us gentlemen are busy with work and family and it’s hard to tear away and go to the gym. You can always build a home gym, using adjustable dumbbells, a jump rope, or any other type of home equipment. Some people prefer a resistance-training machine such as a Bowflex. Some people like free weights or even just body weight exercises. There are resistance bands, treadmills, stationary bicycles, and more. You can get it done at home and provide a place for your family to exercise as well.

So be a gentleman. Keep in good shape and provide a home gym or a gym membership for your family. Teach them proper lifting techniques and to enjoy a good run or walk. Feed your family healthy foods and three square meals a day. If you snack, let them see you eating an apple or banana. This is the way of the gentleman who understands the need to maintain proper health and teach it to others.

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