The Must Have Nutrients Post-Workout


It’s important to re-fuel your body properly with the right nutrients after each workout, as this will enable proper muscle growth. We’ll show you the most important nutrients in this article.

After the end of each workout, the muscle fibers you’ve trained are now in a state dishevelment. They’ve now been beaten because of what they have been subjected to from the workout you have gone through. Your glycogen (what stores carbs) levels have been depleted, whilst in this state they’re breaking down the protein that they’re made of.

Luckily, for you, this means that they’re now ready to absorb any nutrients that are thrown at them. This will turn the state of dishevelment into a prosperous anabolic state of recovery and improved muscle growth.

It’s also food for thought to remember, that there is an estimated 45 minute “window” after each workout when muscles will absorb a higher amount of nutrients.
It’s crucial that you don’t miss this opportunity because your recovery and muscle growth will be effected. We have researched and compiled our list of must have nutrients post-workout.

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Whey Protein

Why protein is one of the most fast digestive sources of protein available, making this a definite must have supplement for after a workout. It can really take full advantage of the 45 minute window, when your muscles really need those nutrients.

Casein Protein

Whilst similar to whey protein in the sense it’s a good source of protein, it differs in the fact that it’s a slow digesting protein. Research has shown that whey protein can spike muscle synthesis but with the additional of casein protein it can prolong muscle synthesis and improve muscle growth. It’s would probably be ideal to find a protein powder that incorporates both whey and casein.


BCAAs – Branched chain amino acids; Isoleucine, leucine and valine. Are the most widely known amino acids that provide great muscle growth. They’re essential nutrients for anyone trying to promote muscle growth. Recent research and studies have shown that leucine as being the most important element that fuels the process of protein synthesis.


Essential for keeping creating levels maintained high after workout to aid in endurance and muscle strength, which in turn improves muscle growth. The most beneficial time to take creatine is right after a workout.


Beta-Alanine is an amino acid; it’s now widely known to be a critical part of maintaining muscle strength and muscular endurance. It has also been shown to help creatine benefits, which ultimately results in greater muscle growth.

Fast-Digesting Carbs

Not to be overlooked as part as your post-workout diet. It’s been said a quick spike of carbs post workout is a part of gaining optimal protein synthesis and muscle growth. Most carb based foods such as oatmeal, fruit and pasta won’t be digestive quick enough to regenerate glycogen levels within that 45 minute window. Adding dextrose to your post-workout is a great substitute for a fast digestive carb.

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