The TRT Health Tips for Canadian Men

TRT Health Tips

This year, the Canadian men’s health week was held from 11th to 17th of June, 2018. The recent research that was released showed that 27% of the men’s population in Canada showed at least two unhealthy habits. Some of those habits include drinking problems, lack of enough sleep, poor diet, not working out, and smoking cigarettes. A more detailed finding from the study showed the following results:

In general, 72% of the Canadian men population lives an unhealthy lifestyle.

A detailed breakdown of the 72% was represented as below:

  • Unhealthy diet (62%)
  • Lacking enough sleep (54%)
  • Undergoing strenuous workouts (59%)
  • Unhealthy alcohol intake (39%)
  • Smoking cigarettes (20%)

From the sample population, only 6% of the population showed unhealthy behaviors that were still considered “healthy.”  The men who suffered from only one unhealthy habit were deemed to 22% unhealthy. Those with two habits were at the borderline being graded to be 31% unhealthy. The men who had three or more habits were classified as 42% unhealthy. With these findings, it is important to make sure that the Canadian man is given the necessary TRT tips to improve his lifestyle and, hence, improve his overall health.

Pointers from TRT On How to Leave A Healthy Life

It is very common for men to ignore going to the doctor. Unless they are very sick or injured. Most of them believe that there is no need to fix something if it is not broken. But then, how do you improve your vitality as a man and protect yourself from health issues? Below are health tips that every man should have if they intend on living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. A doctor

Look for a doctor that you are comfortable with. The one you will share with any health issues you have. The other benefit of dealing with one doctor is that it makes it easier for the doctor to refer to your medical history without making too many inquiries. The doctor can also be your family doctor. Let the doctor be aware, at a professional level, of your mental and physical health. Most people fear to go to the hospital to avoid interacting with a stranger about their health. You can avoid an uncomfortable visit to the doctor by having one doctor for all your consultations.

  1. Have Check-Ups

Late diagnosis of terminal illnesses has been attributed to the fact that many people ignore the importance of going for health checkups. After you settle down on which health facility and physician you will be talking to, it is best to come up with an annual routine of checkups. We tend to assume we are well because we feel healthy. Men tend to ignore even the slightest indications of the body not functioning properly. Simple things like chest pain can turn out to be hazardous to your health if they are not checked. You can come up with a yearly schedule of going for a health checkup after three months.

  1. Eating Habits

What we ingest into our body system tends to do more harm to our bodies than anything that is inside our bodies. Consult with your doctor and nutritionist on the best diet that you should take. Bad eating habits put you at risk of suffering from a terminal illness like diabetes or cancer. Your diet should have low quantities of fat, salt, and cholesterol. Instead, focus on eating more vegetables and fruits. Improve your general health by taking more fibers and whole grains. Below are the six important nutrients that your meal should have:

  • Protein; sources: beans, eggs, meat, sot, fish, nuts, etc.
  • Carbohydrates; sources: wheat
  • Fats; sources: seeds, vegetable oils, nut, and fish.
  • Vitamins; sources: vegetables and fruits
  • Minerals
  • Water

The whole aspect of having a healthy eating habit is to make sure that your body gains maximum nutrition from what you eat. When planning your diet plan, it is good to focus more on nutrition instead of burn calories. Do not fall for the common misconception most people believe that you need to eat a lot to achieve maximum nutrition, with your limited resources you can still enjoy a healthy diet plan. The final thing is to have a menu and stick to eat. Set aside eating time, avoid eating in a hurry and make sure the eating environment is relaxed with zero distractions.

  1. Working Out

Good eating habits go hand in hand with working out. This does not mean you start doing the strenuous weightlifting workouts; instead, you should pick something that will put your body’s physical fitness to the test. Workouts are necessary for every person; even those who have disabilities tend to go for workout sessions to strengthen their muscles. If you are a beginner pick something light as you consult with a fitness trainer and your physician. Plan to have a minimum of 30 minutes of physical workouts daily in a week. This can include simple workouts like jogging, walking, cycling, etc. Avoid doing the same workouts routine, since your body will soon get used to them. Make it a routine to change your workout routines after a period. When picking up your workout routine make sure they include aerobics, stretching and muscle training. You can even consult with your gym instructor on the best workouts that can suit your body goals.

Also, those with any health condition should pick a workout session that does not put their health at risk. Workouts need consistency, and therefore you should not stop working out, putting the body into a long rest will take you a few steps back. The other thing is to protect you from peer pressure in the gym. You will find people who have more training experience and can survive many hours of physical training. Don’t feel intimated; when it comes to achieving fitness goals, you need to be very patient. Follow the instructions of your trainer, eat healthily, and be consistent in your workouts soon you will have a healthy body and meet your fitness goals.

  1. A Healthy Weight

When it comes to weight, then you have heard about BMI, also known as Quetelet Index. BMI (body mass index) happens to be a calculated value that is used to determine how healthy your weight is. The BMI is calculated by dividing the body mass of an individual by their height. The BMI measuring unit is kg/m2. The body mass must be in kilograms and the height in meters. Maintaining a healthy body weight happens to be one of the core aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. BMI is a tool that is used to make sure that you have the correct bodyweight. As a man, you should avoid having excess weight, especially around your waist. This will have a very negative impact on your health. People who have too much body fat put a lot of pressure on their hearts. This means your hearts do more work hence high chances of suffering from heart attacks or stroke. The best way to avoid all these is by curbing and regulating your weight.

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BMI Formula:

To calculate your body mass index (BMI):

  • Divide your body weight in (kg) by your body height in (m)
  • Then divide the answer by body your height again.
  • The final figure is your BMI

Below is a guidance chart for men’s BMI from UPMC. Use the chart below after you have calculated your BMI using the above formula.

Now, refer to the below chart to determine your result.

Weight Status Body Mass Index
Underweight Below 18.5
Normal 18.5 to 24.9
Overweight 25.0 to 29.9
Obese 30.0 and Above


If you are obese, then you are at a higher risk of suffering from diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart attack and depression. In case your BMI falls in the underweight, overweight or the obsess category then you need to for consultation from your doctor. Your physician will then determine how severe your condition is and then recommend to you the best plan that will help you achieve better health. 

  1. Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol should be moderated. The effects of excessive alcohol consumption have been known for many years to have severe health problems and societal problems. Below is a list of some of the health problems you can develop from excessive alcohol drinking:

  • Liver diseases
  • Pancreatitis’
  • Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal issues Ulcers
  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Brain damage
  • Malnourishment
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Osteoporosis
  • Poor cardiovascular health
  • heart disease

If you must take alcohol, then you should limit your daily consumption to two drinks. One drink means one bottle of 12 ounces of beer and four ounces of wine. If you suffer from chronic alcohol consumption, then you should avoid scenarios or occasions where you are sure you might be tempted to drink too much alcohol.

  1. Smoking Cigarettes

Research studies show that smoking tobacco is one of the unhealthiest habits being practiced by men all over the world. Smoke from tobacco has more than 4000 chemical components that are known to cause cancer. Apart from those people who smoke tobacco are at a higher risk of suffering from lung problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure and other diseases related to the heart. Smoking tobacco, therefore, subjects you to a lot of health problems. What about chewing tobacco then? Sadly enough, the consumption of tobacco through chewing has been documented to be one of the causes of carcinogen (a type of cancer). Those who chew tobacco also suffer from gum diseases, tooth loss and some even suffer from fertility problems. In case you want more information about chewing tobacco, then it is best to talk to your doctor about the health impacts of chewing tobacco before you continue with this recreational activity.

  1. Having A Healthy Sex Life

When it comes to sexual health, many men tend to shy away from the topic. The first thing to always do is have safe sex in case you do not have a long-term partner, and you are sexually active. The number of STDs keeps growing each day, and the scary part is that most men do not know they are suffering an STD until the illness reaches an advanced stage. To make sure you have a healthy sex life, consider the following pointers:

  • Get frequent health checkups especially related to your sex life
  • Stay active sexually
  • Have a healthy diet
  • Reduce stress
  • Get some fun
  • Masturbate occasionally
  • Seek medical help whenever the need arises.

Most fail to enjoy their sex life to the fullest since they do not pay much attention to their sexual health. It is not only beneficial to you but also to your partner when you have your sexual health in check. You will realize that you are protected from suffering any form of sexually transmitted disease.

  1. Stress

In the current world most of the men you will meet tend to define themselves by the kind of profession they are in. Either way, all these job descriptions have their hurdles that can affect anyone, or hence a person becomes stressed. If not dealt with in its early stages, stress has been to affect the emotional and physical health of an individual negatively. Below are some of the early signs and symptoms of stress:

  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Grinding teeth
  • The tension in a person’s neck and shoulder
  • Clenching hands into fists

When you can identify the stress indicators at an early stage, then it is good to seek some of the simple stress management practices like yoga, talking to a family member. However, the best way is to make sure you avoid stress; there are many effective ways of handling stress depending on the cause of stress.

The above tips can be most effective if you talk to your partner or family member and let them help you in integrating the tips into your everyday life. The beautiful part about these tips is that they can be used by any man, and has no age restrictions. There are other factors that you can also focus on like getting enough sleep, checking your mental health, taking good care of your prostate, etc. When it comes to your health as a man, you should look for all the health tips talk to your doctor which are the best for you and then start practicing them. Good health will give you the motivation to look forward to every new day with a higher confidence level and morale.

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Alisa Wu is a health and fitness writer and works at Cusabio, a biotech company that serves the field of life sciences research and offers protein production service. She shares articles on how to live healthier.


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