Top 7 Benefits of Hemp Seeds You Must Know

Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Hemp plants are being cultivated for almost 12,000 years. They are known for their out of the ordinary economic significance. Hemp seeds are also referred to as hemp hearts. A wide array of people considers them to be a superfood. In addition to having an enriched nutritional profile, they confer a wide array of health benefits.

What are hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds are recognized to be brown seeds of small size which are enriched in fiber, protein and a bundle of healthy fatty acids which are inclusive of omega 6 fatty acids and omega three fatty acids. They are known to have antioxidant properties which are crucial in reducing the prominent symptoms of several diseases. They are also effective in bringing an improvement in the health of skin, heart, and joints.

Misconceptions about hemp seeds

As hemp is closely associated with marijuana, several people have a negative opinion about these plants. Though there is no doubt in the fact that both marijuana and hemp come from Cannabis Sativa L, the same plant species, there are few crucial differences between them. It is the leaves and the flowering tops of the Cannabis plants which comprise of different psychoactive elements along with tetrahydrocannabinol, which is related to marijuana.

However, the seeds of the hemp plants contain THC in minute amount. THC is present in hemp seeds in less than 0.3%. Thus, you can be ensured that you are not going to get high after intaking it. There is a difference between the purposes of cultivation of marijuana and hemp leaves. The cultivation of marijuana plants is done for the THC content whereas hemp plants are cultivated for their fiber and seeds.

Benefits of hemp seeds

Here is a list of few of the nutritional benefits of the hemp seeds

Presence of unsaturated fats

Hemp seeds contribute to being an integral source of the essential fatty acids like omega three fatty acids, alpha linoleic acid. The human body does not have the ability to produce essential fatty acids and hence it is a prerequisite that the body should be absorbing the same from the diet as they are vital for ensuring optimum health. In addition to this, the proper ration of omega 3 fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids are also important. Addition of hemp seeds to the diet is useful in the promotion of balance.

Bestows protection to the brain

In accordance with a research, which is published in Food Chemistry, the extracts of hemp seeds have antioxidant effects. CBD and other compounds, present in the seed are known to possess anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective impacts. They are useful in the regulation of the immune system. The CBD, present in the hemp seeds is useful in fighting a series of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Boosting cardiovascular health

Several studies reveal the fact that omega three fatty acids are beneficial in bringing a reduction in the risk of diseases like cardiovascular issues, arrhythmias. They are also effective in improving heart health. Seeds of hemp plants comprise of omega three acids in high level.

In addition to this, they also contain a healthy ratio of omega three to omega 6 fatty acids. The IHF Hemp Seeds are known to consist of a high level of arginine. Arginine is recognized to be amino acids, which are useful in turning into the nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is useful for vein and artery dilation. It also plays a vital role in keeping the walls of blood vessel elastic and smooth.

Improvement in the skin conditions

Chronic inflammation can lead to acne and atopic dermatitis. Hemp seeds comprise anti-inflammatory compounds which are useful in the improvement of skin conditions. The high omega three acids, present in hemp seeds play a vital role in the reduction of symptoms of acne and managing them. Hemp seeds are considered to be the enriched source of plant fiber which is useful in the management of the symptoms of AD.

Promoting weight loss

Hemp plays an indispensable role in suppressing appetite. Thus, by intaking hemp seeds, you will find a reduction in the cravings for sugar. You are going to feel full for a longer time session with the intaking of these leaves. It is recommended to intake 4 teaspoons of these seeds during breakfast for reducing the intake of the excess curb for the whole day. It is owing to the presence of fiber in the hemp seeds that promotes the satiety and helps in promoting weight loss.

Improvement of digestive health

Hemp seeds are enriched in soluble and insoluble fiber. The high content of soluble and insoluble fiber in the hemp seeds plays a vital role in keeping the gastrointestinal system regular. In addition to this, the combination of the roughage is beneficial for the good bacteria in the gut. This helps in improving the immune system. One of the prominent benefits of the hemp seeds is its capabilities for conferring relief from constipation. Hemp seeds are used on a wide scale in order to procure relief from constipation.

Effective for skin disorders

Hemp seed oil is considered to be a perfect treatment for skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. You can also prepare a skin cream at home with the combination of shea butter, hemp seed oil and essential oils such as lavender.

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