Top Secret Recipes For Weight Watchers (You’ll Love Them)

recipes for weight watchers

We see you. Yes, we understand you are calculating calories for each meal you take, measuring your weight after every cheat day. Our recipes for weight watchers will help with this. Being guilty of that one donut you ate because you were craving for it so badly. However, the good news is that you are not alone. All of us watching our pounds are on the same boat.

Today the word “dieting” sounds like a nightmare. Most people think that it means to starve yourself to death or to eat what you do not like at all, and that too forcefully. But that’s not the case. Dieting can be a positive word, which means to eat healthy food and eat in an adequate amount. 

If You Want To Lose Weight, You Need To Eat In A Caloric Deficit.

It means that eating fewer calories than required. When you consume fewer calories, you will lose weight. Why stick to strict diets when you can eat anything, provided you are eating in a caloric deficit.

Diets like Keto, Atkins, Paleo restricts us from a lot of things and there comes a time when you cannot eat the same food every day and become irritable, crave for good food and you lose your focus, and you end up fulfilling your cravings. 

Such diets are not beneficial in the long run because, ultimately, you stop it and gain back all that weight you lost. Also, because you eat all those things you were craving. But it does not mean these diets are not suitable or adequate. They are useful, but for a specific period like maybe for a few weeks or a few months, that’s it and then you’re back to your routine.

These diets are not sustainable because a person cannot eat the same meal for the rest of his life. These diets have some side effects, as well. A study showed that the majority of patients who were on a keto diet complained of constipation. There is no intention of making you scared, but did you know that constipation is the mother of all disease?

The Best Diet Or A Healthy Lifestyle?

The best diet is the one which can be easily maintained, and you enjoy it too. A flexible régime is not a diet, and it is more of a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle. It is sustainable, plus you can add anything which can fit in your macros.

Macros or macronutrients make up the food we eat every day. It comprises of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. How do you calculate your macros? Don’t even worry about that because there are so many reliable and free applications that will do the work for you. For example, the famous McDonalds small fries serving, which no one can resist, contain 220 calories, 10g fats, 29g carbohydrates, and 3g protein.

Here are a few recipes for new weight watchers that you will not only enjoy eating but will also be guilt-free if taken a few extra bites because they are healthy, nutritious, and also helps in weight loss.

Weight Watchers Recipes For Two

Chia seed pudding

• ½ -1 cup coconut milk

• One and a half tablespoon of chia seeds

• 5-6 cashews

• 1-2 figs

• One tablespoon desiccated coconut

• 3-4 blueberries or any berry

This chia pudding recipe is very tasty! What does chia pudding taste like? It tastes similar to a real pudding and depends on what else you add to it. How to make it? Soak the chia seeds in the coconut milk for at least an hour. Top it with cashews, figs, fruits, and desiccated coconut. You can have this as your breakfast, as an evening snack or dessert.

Why chia pudding? Chia pudding is full of antioxidants. It provides us with a lot of nutrients and few calories, which aid in weight loss.

Chia belongs to the family of basil seeds and contains fiber, iron, calcium, and protein. They provide a massive amount of nutrients with fewer calories and can help lose weight.

Coconut milk not only helps in losing weight but also boosts your immune system. Figs and cashews are a great source of fiber. Figs are high in antioxidants, and cashews are suitable for your skin and hair. Berries are also high in nutrients but are low in calories and contain an enormous amount of antioxidants.

Matcha Smoothies

• ½ teaspoon matcha powder

• ½ cup coconut milk or regular milk

• Two teaspoons honey or stevia (sweetener)

• One banana

• 2-3 cardamom seeds

• 7-8 pistachios

• Ice

Blend all the ingredients and top it with ice and enjoy.

Matcha smoothie is an excellent alternative to juices, shakes, and other smoothies. It is super healthy. You can have it in your breakfast or even after you are done with your work out.

Matcha is Japanese green tea but in powdered form. It is high in caffeine; that means it can be used instead of coffee or tea. It helps prevent diabetes and heart diseases. Matcha tea also helps in weight loss.

Coconut milk helps in weight loss. But if coconut milk is not available, any regular milk will work too.

Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. It acts as a healthy sweetener too.

Banana is high in potassium and provides lots of energy. Cardamom seeds help indigestion. 

Pistachios are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. They also give a crunch.

These recipes for weight watchers will keep you healthy, and your cravings will be fulfilled. They keep you full for a long time, are fun and easy to make. And they do not even require a lot of effort. What else does one want?

These Recipes For Weight Watchers Work But There’s More

Always remember, you are beautiful the way you are. Do not diet or torture yourself because some people told you that you are fat. If you want to change yourself or if you’re going to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then eat clean and work out. It is okay to eat a bar of chocolate or a slice of pizza. It is okay to skip the gym because you felt lazy. But, my honest advice would be that if you want to achieve your goal, then stay focused, consistent, and work hard. Be your motivation. YOU MATTER!



  1. Weight is related to a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet and agrees with you. But I have a question, I can’t drink too much matcha, it will cause harm, I saw this message on, I do n’t know if it is correct


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