Tricks to Top the Fashion Game without Looking Overdressed

Running store-Photo by freestocks
Running store-Photo by freestocks

For women keeping themselves high on the style meter is not an easy feat. This is partly because they know they are constantly being judged in the manner in which they present themselves. However, despite this, some women always know what would look good on them and some fail miserably. Here we share with you some tips to stay on top of the fashion game without looking overdressed.

Pay attention to quality

Instead of picking up the first dress you come across in the store pay some attention to the quality of material used. Sometimes we buy impulse products seeing a lot of females already vying for it. Instead, analyze how well that dress would look on you and whether that material is going to accentuate your curves or not. This goes for even bags and blazers as they are indirect contributors to making you look good.

It is worth remembering that the running shoes store, the dress shop or any other store, what they are interested in is that you buy from them, not so much that they fit you. That’s the trade.

Footwear matching

It is easy to ignore the footwear and only focus on the overall dresses we are wearing. You should choose your footwear carefully as they ensure that you have a steady balance and add up on the glamour too. However footwear choice depends on the occasion as well. For example, when you are out trekking womens Adidas running shoes would give you more comfort than an average sneaker. 

Similarly, the purchase of shoes or sneakers can be well evaluated before buying. Depending on the running shoes store, usually on the Internet, they show the model through different images. The idea is to assess the quality of materials optically. You are comparing them with what you already know so that you approach the successful purchase.

Choice of accessories 

The accessories you choose grants a subtle feel to the entire appearance. In case you have made a fashion faux pas in your dresses the accessories can help in toning it down. You might add customized bracelets if you wish to make it look personalized. But too many of them can again play spoilsport and make you look out of the place. If you are going for a party make your accessories are elegant and add grace to your look.

Classic dresses 

Investing in some classic dresses is a trick that always works. When you are unable to think of anything to wear these dresses come to your rescue. You may always modify the look as per the occasion and make sure that you rock the event. However, remember that there is a limit to which you can do so and this is one limitation to this trick.


Your make-up can indirectly contribute to showing your real essence to people. When done in an appropriate manner it highlights the most beautiful parts of your face. On the other hand, if you have dressed well and not managed the make-up portion well your other efforts are going to get wasted. Remember that the first look people have of you is the face and makeup done correctly can help you make the right impression.

The beauty of a woman is multiplied when she pays attention to all facets of her personality. These tips are sure to help you look stunning without going overboard. Maintaining a happy and satisfied personality would make people notice you but if the dressing is tacky the attention may quickly wear off. Once you learn the art of balancing the two you are sure to rule hearts for long.




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