Turkey Has Revolutionized Hair Transplant Industry

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It is unbelievable that in such a short span of time Turkey has become the hair transplant capital of the world. Such is the aura of this achievement, that now anybody who is planning to have hair transplant anywhere in the world does check Hair Transplant in Turkey in order to find the best deal.

Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya are the most popular places for hair transplant in Turkey as each of these places have hundreds of clinic which offer hair restoration and the patients are spoilt for choice.

Each month there is a high influx of international patients coming here for medical treatment, especially for hair restoration. And such is the demand for hair transplant that it has become a 1 billion dollar industry in Turkey.

Why is Turkey such a favorite with Hair transplant patients?

Well, this is the general query which usually crosses your mind. It’s no secret that cost is one of the most important factors that works in its favor.

Hair transplant is an expensive surgery in the USA and UK where the average cost is around $15000 to $20000 whereas hair transplant Turkey will set you back by approximately $2100. Yes, it cost only around 2100 dollars here!

However, there are different parameters which will be taken into consideration while deciding the cost like the extent of hair loss, preferred density, texture and color of the hair and the number of hair per grafts.

All this will affect your final cost, as no two people are similar and everybody has different requirements. Also, you may have to pay more if it is a well-known clinic and the surgeon is a renowned one.

Even then the overall price for hair restoration in Turkey is very less when compared to the developed countries.

So you see why people prefer coming here for this procedure. They save a huge amount of money.

That’s not all; there are many other factors that propel Turkey to the top spot for hair transplant.

  • Be rest assured that low hair transplant cost in Turkey does not in any ways mean sub-standard treatment. On the contrary, the result of this surgery is very impressive and there are millions of satisfied patients all over the globe. And the word of mouth advertising by these patients has a great hand in Turkey’s popularity.
  • Also, many of the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have been trained abroad and are well-versed with the latest technology and techniques in hair restoration. They keep themselves abreast with the latest changes through seminars and presentations.
  • Apart from this, the clinics offering this procedure are world-class having the most advanced equipment and technologies at their disposal. A high number of hospitals and clinics in Turkey have foreign accreditations such as JCI.
  • Obviously, it can be very unnerving for patients who come from a distant land as they are worried that they may be cheated. Be put your fears to rest as the Turkish government has strict rules and regulations regarding medical treatments which the clinics and hospitals have to adhere to.

Let’s briefly update you on why FUE is the most preferred technique for hair transplant?                                          

Nowadays, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is widely used for hair transplant in Turkey rather than Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) as it does not involve any sutures and there is no scarring.

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure where hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area and transplanted to the affected area.

On the other hand, during FUT procedure a strip of skin containing hair is removed from the back of your head. The grafts are then obtained from the strip and implanted in the recipient area.

As FUT is a surgical procedure there are more chances of complications and it takes a longer time to heal. Also, there is a permanent linear scar at the donor area because of which it becomes difficult to wear your hair short.

Luckily, the advent of FUE has brought about a great change in hair transplant procedure as this technique has relatively no major side effects and the recovery period is very short.

The hair grafts are extracted with a modern punching tool which is less than 1mm in diameter due to which scarring is mostly undetectable. Also, the hair is evenly extracted from the donor area so that the hair in the donor and the recipient are well distributed and creates an illusion of a head full of healthy hair. 

Added advantages of getting your hair transplant in Turkey

If you are still not convinced then read along to know what attracts patients in droves to Turkey for hair transplant.

You will be surprised to know that most clinics offer hair transplant packages which along with the surgery include several add-ons such as pick-up and drop to the airport and clinic in luxury car like the limousine or a BMW, free accommodation at 4/5 star hotels and the service of a translator. That’s not all, as some clinics also offer sightseeing and spa therapy along with the package.

This is a wonderful offer for patients as they get a lot more for a very basic cost of surgery.

And not to forget the marvelous opportunity to explore a fantastic country which is a top tourist destination. Out of the world beaches, exotic bazaars and mind-blowing architecture all can be covered along with the hair transplant surgery.

It’s so common to find men with bandages at tourist places or roaming the markets.

Furthermore, these packages provide transparency in payments and you do not have to pay for any hidden cost.

All this makes Turkey the Mecca of hair transplant industry. But on a note of caution, always remove time for research before committing to a clinic. Check for the creditability of the clinic and the surgeon and always refer to the reviews and the success rate of the clinic. Do not be fooled by clinics which offer this surgery at a very low cost as they may be compromising on your safety. Be aware and informed before deciding the clinic for hair transplant.

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