Vegan for beginners: learn the basics of veganism and vegetarianism

Raw Vegan Diet-Photo By Louis-Hansel
Raw Vegan Diet-Photo By Louis-Hansel

These days, many people find it challenging to identify what veganism is about; here, we will explain its basics. We call vegan to a person who does not eat or makes use of any product of animal origin. Moreover, by making use, we refer to wearing items and clothes of leather, wool, and silk. As regards nourishment, vegans do not consume meat —not even chicken and fish—. Also, they stay far away from eggs and dairies as well, such as milk and butter. Besides, they avoid eating jelly and honey.

Instead, vegans opt for vegetables, legumes, fruits, and grains. Regarding fats, they get them from coconut and olive oil, seeds, and nuts. Imagine how many recipes you can elaborate from all these ingredients!


What about vegetarians?

On the other hand, vegetarians do eat products of animal origins, but only dairies and eggs. In other words, they reject meat consumption. What do veganism and vegetarianism share? Both groups of people prioritize vegetables and fruits, seeds and legumes, and nuts and oils. But vegetarians also have milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, eggs, and more.

Staying well-fed is a crucial aspect when talking about vegan beginners. It will prevent you from deficiencies in your organism that may lead to weakness and more.


And how do vegans stay nourished?

Among the main elements of vegan dietary plans, we have fruits and vegetables, grains and dry fruits. Furthermore, beans, lentils, and soy provide the necessary proteins. Thus, it will be possible to have balanced nutrition. On the other hand, vegetable oils, avocado, and dry fruits give us a nice amount of fats and calories to stay healthy.

Nevertheless, whoever wants to try this meal plan has to inform him/herself about nutritional needs. Such a thing refers specifically to our body’s demands of fats and proteins. Also, this dietary plan produces a deficiency in vitamin B12. However, veganism, if you consider all these factors and practice it properly, can suit you perfectly.

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Vegetarians do eat some animal-origin products

For their part, vegetarians avoid any meat as well, but still, they consume animal-origin products that do not imply the sacrifice of the living being. Therefore, a vegetarian diet can include edibles such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, and honey, among others. Many vegetarians slowly turn into vegans, and others stop their dairies consumption and ingest only eggs. Likewise, many vegans go back to vegetarianism, since carrying out a vegan life, though possible, not always fits everyone’s needs and tastes.


Raw veganism, another branch of this practice

Raw veganism originates from veganism, and it is a variant in which people do not eat anything cooked above 107.6 F.

Among the different edibles you will find in a raw vegan diet there are sprouts —both of legumes and grains—, as you can ingest them uncooked. Besides, such a nutritional plan includes everything else present in a vegan diet that does not require any cooking.

What is right about the term veganism is that it is comprehensive. Thus, it does not always mean that if somebody is vegan, that person is fully healthy. If you think a little bit, you will realize that ordering a glass of soda and some fries is a vegan menu. That is right; these do not contain animal-origin products but have plenty of sugar and saturated fats. Consequently, many processed foods like cookies, are vegan, as well as milk, dairies and meats substitutes.

As you can realize, a vegan product is everything that does not contain animal-derived ingredients, but it is not always a synonym for healthy.


Plant-based veganism: the right way to go

Due to the many unhealthy vegan products that are available, people have opted for the “plant-based” method. As a result, individuals nourish themselves from vegetables, more specifically, unprocessed foods that are as natural as possible. Therefore, a menu consisting of brown rice with chickpeas and some spices is plant-based. On the other hand, a processed burger made of bean with fries and precooked sausages is vegan. The first option is healthier, whereas the second one is a good option for some occasions only.

To finish the idea, please remember that you may have to take dietary supplements. Vitamin B12 is not present in plant-based edibles. Therefore, no vegetables or seaweeds contain this vitamin. Supplements are vegan, and vitamin originates from bacterial synthesis.

Achieve Exemplary Physique Without Meat

Finally, there are more things you need to consider before going vegan, so please do not hesitate to take a look here:




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