Vegan protein sources: where do you get your protein?

Vegan protein sources-Photo by V2 Osk
Vegan protein sources-Photo by V2 Osk

Vegan people hear this question very often. Admittedly, it is because it seems so strange that they can have enough protein and not consume any products of animal origin. In general, other people have no clue about the many alternative protein sources you can find out there. There are many facts to show the rest of the world!

In general, most vegans and vegetarians look very good, are very healthy, and are way more optimistic than many other people. Moreover, science has proven that people following a vegan diet have fewer risks of suffering from hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Besides, they have a lower incidence of heart attacks, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. In conclusion, vegans tend to be healthier and live a better lifestyle.


Vegans consume organicprotein

By now, it should be clear for us that, if well planned, a free-from-animal-content diet can be utterly complete. However, it is needless to be vegan to take advantage of the source of proteins found in vegetables. Taking into account that any healthy nutrition should have greens as a basis, it would be a mistake to consider meat as the only proper source of protein. Furthermore, everyone can benefit from organic proteins by balancing their diet and adding more flavors to their meals.

It is still very usual to find defenders of animal protein because they are complete proteins. Such a definition confuses people or can lead to misunderstandings.


Proteins are a fundamental pillar for life

Proteins are crucial because they constitute the central pillar of every living being. Moreover, they fulfill different roles, and our body is capable of producing them, but we still need to get them from various comestibles. Of course, these elements are amino-acids. And from those which are essential amino acids we must include the following ones in our diet:

Phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, and methionine. Additionally, items such as threonine, tryptophan, and valine —being histidine and arginine essential for kids— must also be present.

Animal proteins are complete because they contain all these essential amino acids, while in the context of vegetables, it is normal to find them distributed among different nourishment. For example, legumes have plenty of lysine but lack enough methionine. On the other hand, cereals such as rice or wheat have plenty of methionine.


 Mix different ingredients to obtain a proper amount of vegan protein

Since protein is present among different edibles in varying quantities, the key is in mixing ingredients. You can consume a wide variety of food that is not necessarily unusual. Indeed, there are some “superfoods” that contain high levels of proteins in a small dose, such as spirulina. Nevertheless, following a meal plan that includes traditional products, we can get all the necessary nutrients, even if we are vegans. But we will need supplements for the lack of vitamin B12.

A classic combination of lentils and rice is a perfect example of how to include all the essential amino-acids of proteins in one dish. Also, you can opt for multigrain bread with dry fruits, hummus toast, vegetable tagine, legumes and couscous, oat with dry fruits, and more. And it is not necessary to include all of them in one preparation. You can separate them in different meals during the day.

Besides, some vegetables contain complete proteins and high-quality ones. Soy, quinoa, or amaranth are perfect examples. Soy, being a legume, contains as many proteins as many types of meat, and it includes low levels of fat.

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Top vegan food with lots of protein!

Anyone who prepares or buys their own or their family’s food wonders what foods are a source of protein, even more so when their diet is vegan.

For sure, consuming a reduced number of products would be very monotonous, and we would lack enough nutrients to be in good condition. That is why incorporating a wide variety of edibles in our diet is crucial, mostly if we are vegans. Next, we will show you some products of no animal origin that are richer in proteins. Additionally, there are also some good ideas to include such in your daily meals!


Seeds and dry fruits:

In this category, you can come across pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. Moreover, nuts, cashew nuts, and almonds are also very rich in proteins. Some have a creamy taste, like sesame seeds and cashew nuts. On the other hand, others have a more earthy taste, such as pumpkin seeds and almonds. Use them in your salads, to cover your vegetable-based creams, to make vegan cheese, and to make seeds-based butter.


Lentils and other legumes:

In case you did not know, lentils are a great source of protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. Furthermore, lentils also provide starch while being very rich in vegetable amino-acids. Moreover, the remaining legumes have similar characteristics. Go ahead and make some soups with vegetables and spices such as turmeric and cumin! Other options also include salads, burgers, and even hummus.


Soy: a crucial source of vegan protein

Among the different top vegan edibles that provide us with high quantities of protein, there is soy. This legume is applicable in many recipes, as it is very rich in plant protein and many other nutrients. It is best to have it in a flour form since it provides with 37.3 g of protein per every 100 g of product. However, when soy is dry, it can provide 35.9 g of proteins, if raw.

Furthermore, textured soy, tofu, or soy-based vegetable drinks also provide significant amounts of protein. These ingredients let us play with different combinations, making our diet very varied, whether vegan or not. Moreover, there are plenty of delicious options to prepare with soy.

Have you heard of rice-made pasta with stir-fried tofu and pepper or Asian-style salads made of tofu, rice, and broccoli? So delicious! You can also prepare some vegan tacos of guacamole or vegan tacos with chickpea and soy. Finally, you can try spreading some Mexican spicy tofu on toasts as well.

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If you still want to check out more vegan edibles that are full of proteins and amino acids, enter this link:




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