Vegan weight loss: an alternative you might not have thought of

Vegan weight loss-Photo By-Alyson-Mcphee
Vegan weight loss-Photo By-Alyson-Mcphee

Weight loss, here we go again! One of the most mentioned topics related to nutrition, of course, with all the myths and speculations it implies. There are as many diet plans as “magical” solutions out there to lose weight. It seems like everybody has the answer to such a complex issue. Still, professionals are sure about two things: focusing on caloric balance is worthless, and we are far from knowing everything we need to know. And then, we add a vegan person who needs to lose weight to this mathematical formula. In these cases, it is usual to hear, “you will not be able to lose weight because your diet contains too many carbohydrates.” Although it may seem unbelievable, sometimes, this statement comes from health institutions.

According to such declaration, vegan or vegetarian people should suffer more from overweight than the rest of the population. Contrarily, the reality is not like that; it is quite the opposite. Vegans and vegetarians have a lower body mass index and less prevalence of obesity than the general population. Wow! So, is it possible to lose weight in a vegan way? Yes.

Reasons why a vegan meal plan can work

In the first place, when people turn into a vegan, they tend to lose weight in little time. There is one word to define this phenomenon: FIBER. As you consume food rich in fiber, it washes all toxic substances away from your body to the outside. Giving your organism a constant supplement of fiber makes your intestines to be clear at all times.

On the other hand, products of animal origin contain no fiber at all. Moreover, edibles such as red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese fit into this category. If you keep consuming too much of them, it will be harder for you to lose weight.

Usually, standard diets imply the removal or significant reduction of many animal products during the time a person follows it. But when such a plan ends, these come back, and weight does so as well. Conversely, a vegan diet is pretty easy to follow, and the changes it carries are significant both for your health and lifestyle. These changes are incredibly positive, and, surprisingly, this nutritional plan WORKS.

The vegan food pyramid: dividing nourishment into groups

Before thinking of starting up a vegan diet, it is crucial to identify the basis upon which such a menu has its nutritional elements. Thus, a vegan food pyramid consists of 6 indispensable groups of edible items and nutrients that have to be present daily to have balanced food consumption. Next, you will be able to visualize which food items belong to which group and how much of each you should ingest. Note that all this can vary according to your age, weight, if you exercise, etc.

The different parts of the vegan pyramid

First, we have the basis of the pyramid. Here, all regular comestibles are present, that is to say, the ones that we eat most often. Among such, there are many vegetables, cereals or grains, and fruits. And opposite to what you may have thought, quantities are not as high as everyone imagines. For instance, a slice of bread is equivalent to one serving of the six recommended per day. Moreover, some comestibles can belong to two groups, such as vegetables and calcium-rich food —broccoli, spinach, kale, and more—.

 At the very bottom of this figure, we find cereals or, as we also know, grains. Therefore pasta, rice, bread, muesli, oat, quinoa, corn, wheat, and many more belong here. Remember, it is always better to eat whole grains.

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Moving to the middle and almost the top of the vegan pyramid

Moving on to the middle of the pyramid, we can find vegetables, natural fruits, and dry fruits. Besides apples, bananas, strawberries, and oranges, there are also raisins and dried figs. Do not forget, to avoid oxidation of citric, eat them in one piece and not squeeze them up.

Near the top, there are legumes and similar elements, as well as edibles rich in calcium, like the vegetables we mentioned before —broccoli and spinach—. Such plants belong to both the bottom and this section of the pyramid. Additionally, there are items like almonds, seaweed, sesame seeds, chia seeds, tahini, and more. Furthermore, in the case of legumes, these include chickpeas, lentils, soy, tofu, and green beans, among others. Curiously nuts, peanuts, pistachios, and other similar items are alternatives to legumes.

The very top of the vegan pyramid!

Last but not least, we have the final group: essential fatty acids. These acids constitute a crucial element of proteins because they contain nitrogen. And what edibles do we have in this category? Olive oil, linseed oil —very rich in Omega-3—, nuts, and products enriched with B12 such as breakfast cereals. Additionally, there are also supplements of vitamin B12, vegetable drinks, burgers, etc.

A balanced vegan diet equals reasonable servings/rations

Now that you know what kind of food is part of vegan nutrition, it is time to think about quantities. Besides, controlling them is decisive if you want to lose weight or maintain your current one. Of course, servings differ depending on which food you mean to eat. Here we provide you with a quick overview of how much servings per group you can take:

Six to eleven servings of cereals and three or more servings of vegetables. Regarding fruits, you can take two or more rations. Moreover, six to eight servings of food rich in calcium are ok.

Then you can have two or three servings of legumes, and one or two rations of essential fatty acids.

In short, following a balanced vegan diet will bring you plenty of satisfaction while making you lose weight as well. But always consult with a registered dietitian to elaborate the appropriate vegan meal plan for you.

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