How To Take Care Of Your Immune System Against All Types Of Viruses?


Immune Support Gummies for Kids

Elderberry with zinc and vitamin C

  • Helps support and strengthen the immune system
  • Suitable from 4+ years
  • 60 berry flavoured, easy to chew gummies
  • 150mg elderberry, 10mg zinc, 100mg vitamin C per serving

Immune System Support Lozenges Adults

Zinc lozenges with rosehip and acerola

  • Helps support the immune system and recovery from colds
  • Suitable from 12+ years
  • 120 aniseed flavour lozenges
  • 3.5mg of zinc and 2.5mg of vitamin C per lozenge

The information you will read below, allows us to answer the question, How can I prepare myself, in the presence of the virus and particularly, in the presence of the COVID-19, or SARS-CoV-2. ? 

The most common response derived from recommendations by governments and authorities suggests external care for COVID-19, basically through isolation and disinfection actions. Still, it does not prepare us biologically, in a preventive manner in the presence of this volatile and contagious infectious agent.

The complete answer to this question (which, of course, does not rule out the widely recommended measures), is to protect ourselves biologically, taking care of the health of our immune system.

How to take care of your immune system against all kinds of viruses?

Most people have tackled the problem of COVID-19 by stocking their cupboards with conventional foods, starting with rice and possibly oils and canned goods. Well, it is a natural approach, which, in our opinion, must be complemented with specific products that strengthen our immune system.

What is Immune Defence

They are natural nutrient capsules, which quickly strengthen the immune system, supporting the body’s resistance to highly infectious virus.

Swiss Research Labs Ltd manufactures Immune Defence. We specialize in researching and creating proven health and wellness products you can trust. The best scientific research backs our products.

Immune Defence is an incredible product developed in the United Kingdom; it supports your Immune System by providing a daily dose of critical nutrients that stimulate it.

Product summary: 

Zinc Pills with Rosehip and Acerola. 

Vitamins for immune system
Vitamins for immune system

These soothing aniseed-flavored lozenges are designed to dissolve on the tongue, bathing the back of the throat with zinc ions.  

There are several biologically plausible reasons why zinc can help alleviate the symptoms of the common cold.  

One is that zinc apparently combines with the negatively charged carboxylic termini of the rhinovirus layer to prevent it from entering cells.  

This prevents the virus from continuing to reproduce.  

The ingredients of immune defense have been supported by several studies, which show the effectiveness of ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E to help support and improve the immune system.  

There has been an increase in consumers looking for immune-boosting products and the trend is only growing. Recent events have raised awareness of how easily viruses can spread, and since many people fall into high-risk categories, now is the perfect time to educate people and help them find a solution to better protect themselves. themselves and their families.

Ingredients of Immune Defence

Most of the components of Immune Defense are natural and combined, produce an excellent result in boosting the immune system.

Rosehip powder: It is a medicinal plant known for its multiple uses in the treatment of infections, which has a high content of vitamins and antioxidant properties.  

Its high content of vitamin C, which found in concentrations ten times higher than those present in citrus fruits, makes it a high impact food supplement. The presence of Carotenoids allows it to act as Provitamin A, preventing chronic diseases.

After living with her husband (who had the COVID-19 Virus for two weeks), a person living in Germany made Vitamin C gargles, with Bicarbonate of Sodium and Vinegar every 20 minutes. Such a simple but effective procedure has cured her of the Crown Virus, giving negative his test.

Zinc Gluconate: Zinc Gluconate is a salt formed from the combination of Zinc with gluconic acid. It is a form of supply, given its faster assimilation than elemental Zinc.

Zinc is involved in the Immune and antioxidant function of the body. The rate of T-cells (which help protect the body from infection) is directly associated with zinc levels. Zinc has potent antiviral properties.

In the elderly, It has also been determining low levels of Zinc are present.

 Acerola powder: The Acerola is a fruit native to the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The Acerola is a steadfast soldier against bacteria and viruses. And it has a very high source of Vitamin C.

Bulking agent: This let to give volume to a food product. Usually is used The Saccharose for that, but to avoid it, Immune Defense uses Magnesium Stearate.

Aniseed oil: Antiseptic, when used to clean wounds and protect against infection.


Don’t forget; time is running out. Consumption of Immune Defense is soon key given the low concentration of Vitamins and Minerals naturally present in food and the proliferation of Viruses and Bacteria.

Let us defeat the Invaders before it is too late.

Get Immune defence

Immune Defence Benefits 

  • High “beneficial” dose of zinc per pill 3.5 mg per pill / 14 mg per daily dose
  • Immune booster Studies show 50% reduction in cold / flu symptoms
  • Source of vitamins A, C and E (rose hip, acerola) Contains rose hip and acerola
  • Vegan and Vegetarian friendly Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Suitable for ages 12+ A proven supplement to protect the whole family
  • 100 day money back guarantee Risk free order
  • Available in individual and family packages Save more when shopping for the whole family
  • Great flavor Sweet and aniseed flavor
  • Quick dissolving tablets are quick and easy to consume
  • Made in the UK Ensuring high quality products

Benefits of Elderberry

Elderberries are the dark purple fruit of the elderberry shrub. A rich source of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, elderberry is reputed by some to be  effective in treating the common cold, flu, constipation,  hay fever, and sinus infections. Many of the health benefits can be attributed to anthocyanin. As an antioxidant, anthocyanin works by clearing the body of free radicals that damage cells at the DNA level.
It also has antiviral properties that may prevent or reduce the severity of certain common infections. Elderberry also exerts anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling and
pain by tempering the body’s immune response.

Side Effects

Made with 100% natural ingredients. No known side effects. Exceeding recommended intake may cause abdominal pain, nausea/lethargy/anemia, and copper deficiency, as it prevents its absorption. 

How to Use Immune Defense

Take only the recommended dose. Suck on one tablet every 2 hours when needed. Do not take more than four pills a day.


Of course, having some of the symptoms described in the section “Benefits of Immune Defense” does not conclusively indicate having these diseases. The list of symptoms is a warning guide for an immediate consultation with a physician and appropriate testing.

Your doctor may suggest, among other things, some of the following:

HIV testing 

Immunoglobulin levels in the blood

Protein electrophoresis (blood or urine)

T-lymphocyte count (thymic derivatives)

White blood cell count.

Where to Buy Immune Defense

Online using our sell buttons on this site now 

How to Buy Immune Defense Safely

Use personal criteria derived from responsible documentation. Some of it is on this site. Please read the information provided completely. If you have conceptual gaps, consult your doctor. 

Quality assurance.

Our products are subject to a rigorous quality guarantee, and our commitment to quality is the highest in our industry. We guarantee that every product you buy from us is made from the purest, highest quality ingredients, and meets the highest quality standards.

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