Simple Ways To Decarb Your Weed At Home

decarb weed

It might be the first time you’ve heard the term, but decarboxylation is the first step you take when cooking weed. While most people know that THC is the psychoactive agent in marijuana, the substance is not naturally present in your standard raw marijuana plant. What you will find, instead, is THCA. 

Therefore, decarb weed is what gets you high in the first place. 

Before anything else, federal law prohibits people from growing marijuana at home. However, some states, such as Alaska, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont, allow residents to cultivate a plant at home. The number of plants will depend on the state. 

The distinction is important even if the federal government prohibits it, arrests are made at the state level. The states are not mandated to enforce the federal rule on marijuana cultivation and use.

If you are looking to decarboxylate your cannabis at home we’ve got you covered.

Ways to Decarb Your Weed at Home

1. Decarboxylation In Convection Oven

Can you decarb weed in a convection oven? Yes. For this you can use a baking sheet on a conventional oven.

At what temperature does the decarb weed start to process? The THCA present in the marijuana plant starts to break down after about 30 minutes when you put it in the oven at 220 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you cannot expect the full decarb process to finish after just a little time. 

While 220 degrees is the accepted standard, more people have found that cooking cannabis at a lower temperature for even more extended periods will produce even better results. For instance, you can preserve the terpenes using this method. The compound is highly volatile, and when you expose it to high temperatures, it tends to evaporate. In its place would be unwanted aromas and flavors. 

So, whatever you do, never cook cannabis at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Decarboxylation Without Heat

Another way to cook your weed is by using a mason jar. One advantage of the method is you preserve the terpenes, which stick on the glass surface.

Before stuffing your cannabis into the jar, you need to break them up into little pieces – think a grain of rice. Get a wet kitchen towel and lay it on the baking sheet. Place the mason jar sideways on top of the damp cloth. You cook the weed between 220 and 240 Fahrenheit for about an hour. Turn off the oven by the end and let the jar sit for another 30 minutes.

3. Decarb Weed With The Use Of An Immersion Circulator

Okay, this method will require that you fork over $100 for the immersion circulator. However, it’s a technique to decarb weed that is ideal for beginners, since it leaves almost no room for mistakes.

The immersion circulator will help you cook the cannabis on an exact temperature so that you can preserve the flavor and the terpenes. Another advantage of this process is that the final product does not have any odor.

So, you break down your cannabis into little pieces, then stuff it into a zip-lock bag. Set your machine to 203 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not have to worry about burning your cannabis because of the precise temperature. 

Those are simple ways to decarb your marijuana plant. Now, you can enjoy your weed at any time you want in the privacy of your home.



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